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I was now the bitch of a man and his two sons

I was in a vehicles boot with my hands bounding with ropes my mouth closed and my head full bald.Yes they have kidnap before one week for to sell me to people that give money for special hours with teen girls like me i was 11yearsold.Before 2hours i was closed in a basement until my kidnaper come and tell me that he sell me the client want me exactly with the blue dress i was wearing here and one week that the stranger had kidnap me but the client say my kidnaper want me a liitle different to my appeareance with the help of another woman keep me stil he turn on one shaving machine when i see that i aske him what he is going to do with this dont worry he aswere very simple he want you bald strange fantasy but we have to do it real.
So he start shave my head i beg him to stop and let me go but he continue in my face tears running while i could see my beautifull blonde long hair fell in floor and some minutes later he finish with violence and some strong slaps he put me to look myself to mirror i couldnt reconighe myself i can understand why he want you bald and he with his tongue suck my bald head doing me scream of despair your head is so soft now it will be perfect as disk for a lot of cums and then he and woman put me in car and we start for unknow place after hours of driving we stop we were in a house somewhere inside woods they hit the door and reveal hisself one tall thin man he was looking be around 35yearsold here is your girl sir exactly as you want her say my kidnaper the stranger aswere my god she is perfect even more beautifull i had her in my fantasies and with his also tongue start suck my bald head what the hell is going on with them and bald heads i think but this wasnt my big problem now here is the money they take them and they left me in stranger hands.
He take of my hands and we go to second floor and we get inside in a bedroom where inside we found two small boys nude laying down in a big bed masturbate with their small hairless cocks for sure they were younger of me come boys here is your gift come to have fun with it and they come near me then stranger with a knife cut the ropes of my hands set them free same with my mounth and he set me at knees now i have their cocks in my face the stranger order me to suck their cocks i hadnt suck again cocks i only had see it in some porn i had see with my big sister.

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  • Reply woody

    Hi baby girl have you got to enjoy your man’s cock yet? [email protected]

  • Reply Anomalously

    Did you wear a trainer back then what was the size did you wear cartoon panties what were the size?

  • Reply 13 year old

    I’m sorry, but was this meant to be in English? Because the fuck is wrong with your writing?

    • T

      Come on boy she’s 11 years old dumbass

    • woody

      Hi 13 are you a boy or a girl ?