Fuck or Get Raped – Your Choice

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Fucking all those I want to one way or the other

I was gifted to have a 9″ x 2-1/4″ cock by the time I was 16 years old. It was good and bad. The good was I could use it on older women and they loved it. The bad was none of my girlfriends in high school could take it in their cunt and most complained about sucking it off. All that changed when I was a senior going with my cock sucking wife who finally let me fuck her and she got knocked up. I had to marry her and after the kid was born her cunt could handle my huge cock with no problem, but she was a cock sucker and preferred that to fucking – so maybe once a week I got to use it in her cunt and the rest of the nights was in her mouth.

For a couple of years I did not mess around too much as it was the same old problem, all the gals my age ended up telling me it was too much cock for them to enjoy. I soon found out the ones with 2-3 kids could take it all with no problem. I also found out the 35+ dreamed about a cock like mine.

So I did the obvious and started hitting on the older women – raping them if necessary. My common practice was to get them alone and do what I had to to Big Boy in them and most of the time, 9 out of 10, they would quit fighting and start fucking. My only problem not knowing who was on the pill and who was not. So many of them did not work and was home all day so the selection was good. Once I picked one out I either made friends with the husband or she was a friend of my cock sucking wife. Yeah she sucked some others cocks that I did not know about at the time.

Common practice was to go to her house during the day for excuse and once inside, get them down on the couch and get their hand on my cock and most of the time that’s all it took for them to start shedding clothes. If they were not too cooperative, them I forcible removed what ever i needed to to lay that pussy bare and get the head of Big Boy in her cunt lips. You would be surprised the number that quit fighting at that point.

If they continued on resisting at that point I just keep slipping more cock to them until they quit fighting and started fucking. Yeah, maybe 1 out of a dozen or so would not stop fighting and at that point I would back off. Even then a couple of them told me it was OK and only 1 out of 31, actually told her husband. He wanted to whip my ass but when I told him she invited me over (a lie) he picked up and left.

The older the cunt the easier it was to fuck, most of them many times after the first time, but some of them were not worth fucking and none of them except 2 could suck cock like the wife did. But she would cum off sucking cock and only one of the two did. Most of the time it was too much in their mouth to do it right.

I remember one gal that fought like a tiger but i finally got her stripped and on the couch and got my cock about half way in when she said stop for a minute. She then said she need to lube herself as it was too much and so I let her up. She went to the bathroom to lube I figured and came back with a gun. Oh shit, I thought, She then told me to get on my knees and I figured she was going to shoot me. But she then walked up to my face and told me to lick her box. That she was too dry and I was going to lube her. I told her to lay down which she did and i proceeded to eat her pussy and she came off. Then she told me to mount her and i did for the first of many times.

However that scared the crap out of me so I changed so if they said stop after I got my cock in them I did – but most of the time come to find out they did not want me to. Truth be know women like to fuck just as much as men and only 1 guys in 4,000 has 9″, and show me a woman that does not want a Big Cock in her.

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    Mmd sage what’s ur snap

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    I have never fucked anyone in the ass as I am not into that. One rich farmer offered to pay me to fuck his wife with him watching and she was not bad looking so I did it for fun – many times. Surprising how the word gets around on who has a Big Cock and the results of it is all the cunt you want but I still get mostly turned on by taking it away from someone I have not fucked before especially if they fight a little until I get it into them and they melt. Different women like it different ways – some want me to bottom out and others tell me to keep the last inch or two to myself. They are the ones I like to work it in all the way as they cum off. When I cum it’s 2 ounces as the wife had me cum in a shot glass just to see how much I did. She then bottomed up it and down her throat it went with her saying “No need to waste it”. My step daughter got PG while gang banging and wanted me to sign for her abortion, I agreed if she sucked me off and fucked me, she was 17 but I finally got it all in her and never stroked as she worked her cunt until I came off. She still does that but after 2 kids, not all that tight. Even did the mother-in-law after she saw my cock. Do her often.

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    Yeah but can you handle 9″ of big around cock – so do you have kids? Do you cum off getting face fucked and when it gets shot on your face, do you use your fingers to get it in your mouth – my wife does and she eats other guys cum out of her cunt, but then she is a cum addict. Actually froze some of mind into popcicles to suck on when she needs the taste. She also can tell if a guy is a smoker from the taste of his cum. I recently did try to fuck a 17 year old and it was impossible and she was a chubby gal. Could not get the head in as it hurt her too much. This was after 2 others guys had just fucked her.

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      My asshole has been stretched to hell and back! I had taken BBC back in high school when I was 15. Yes, I cum off getting face fucked, and I am a huge cum addict! Just like your wife.

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    I have no preference, I let any dude shoot their load in my ass or I suck them off and they cum in my mouth or on my face!

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      Do u have Snapchat