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It was a dark lit night in downtown. Amy was making her way home on the city bus while visiting a friend. The connection center in downtown wasn’t very well lit and to get to the nearest restroom she had to walk through a dim lit parking lot and between 2 buildings.

Any other person would have waited till they got to a better location. Not Amy. Amy is not the brightest. As a matter of fact, she is a bit mentaly retarded. That mixed with the fact that she is 5’3 and wieghs heafty, she has not had any sexual expieriences.

As Amy walks or wadles accross the dim lit parking lot from the bus stop, she doesn’t notice the beefy tall black guy falling her. She rounded the corner taking her in a dark alley between 2 buildings where the bathroom was located. She continues to walk with no one else around.

Suddenly with ten feet till to go, a hand covers her mouth tightly and a knife to her throught. A voice from behind says in a stern voice “Keep quiet or I will hurt you do you understand fat fucking retarded bitch.” Amy frightened shakes her head. Her unknown would be attacker takes his hand off her mouth and takes her by her left arm, stillwith knife at er throught.

Amy stays quiet as she is guided into the restroom. She notices how quiet and dark the restroom is with no one around. The door closes behind them and is quickly locked. The guy lets go of her arm and she starts to cry. He tells her “Ok fat retarded bitch take off your cloths.” As she is still crying she does what he says and takes off her cloths.
Now fully nekad, Amy begs “Please don’t hurt me.” He tells her sternly “shut up I told you to keep your fat retarded mouth quiet.” She whispers “I’m sorry.” “Good now lay down and remember keep quiet or I will hurt you.” He reminded her.

She did as told. The floor was cold and somewhat damp from the dark and lateness of the night. She starts to shiver in fear as the tall musculer black man pulls out his cock. It certainly lived up to the myth that black guys cocks were large. This perticuler one was 10 inches long and an inch thick. It had already gotten hard while he was stalking her. He had to do everything to keep from cumming just thiking of taking his victim. As she is now on the floor, he bends dound and sticks his cock in her never entered before pussy hole. She lets out a low noise. He quickly puts his hand over her mouth. “Shhhh quite.” He sticks it in as far as hcan and pumps it lightly. He knows if he tears her up she would probably screem. Slowly and lightly he is in and out. “Yeahhhh bet no one has ever fucked you like this before have they fat retarded bitch?” She shook her head no. “”I bet no one has ever fucked your fat retarded pussy before have they.” Again she shook her head no.

He continues for about an hour till he cums inside her. Amys pussy now wet from his cum as well as her own. He pulls out and gets dresed. He told her “If you open your fat retarded mouth to anyone about this I will find you do you understand fat fucking retarded bitch.” She shook her head. With that he left her laying there scared wet and nekad. She laid there crying till sosmeone came in and found her. For Amy that night will be a trip downtown she will never forget.

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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:4s0ccfyv2

    Love the way he kept calling the fat bitch ‘retarded’. Yes, I’m a sick perv!

  • Reply Clay ID:1hr6f15bfia

    A bullshit story if I ever heard one. !0″ x 1″ give me a break as my wife would tell you with 10″ it will be 2″ or bigger and she should know from the 100’s she has had in her mouth and cunt.

  • Reply Dip shit ID:1i2l1j55zrb

    Wtf is wrong with this English?