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Dog wife part 2

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In last part rose was raped by boxer now it’s Wolfe’s turn

Rose is lying naked on the floor exhausted and unconscious, the boxer the bull dog is licking juices from her pussy and Wolfe is looking with confusion.
After getting finished with her pussy boxer kicks her and her body flipped reviling her bruised and scratched up boobs and titts, which were still bleeding and boxer started to lick them to, after some time Rose started getting into her senses and she tried to open her eyes and move. When she was able to open her eyes she was shocked to see herself naked , scratched and bruised, and a dog was licking her blood from her wounds. She tried to scream and get up and dragged herself away, which annoyed the boxer. The dog growled and took her neck and dragged her back. The Rose with her neck in boxers mouth submitted to his wishes and started to cry from humiliation, as she started to remember what had happened to her. She never thought she would be raped by a dog but now she was not just raped but was a slave to his wishes. The boxer threw her in front of Wolfe and invited him for it was his turn to rape the Rose. The Rose was frightened and thought one dog was not enough that she had to do another dog and cursed her self that she bought them. The Wolfe came behind her and growled and she like a good slave got on all four thinking what can be worst than this. Wolfe was having some problems with finding her pussy, and after some time he found a tight hole. To the shock of Rose the dog had found her ass hole instead of her pussy and was trying to enter his huge doggy dick into her small ass hole. The Wolfe had found his target and forced his dick in her ass hole. The Rose Screamed with pain but it didn’t stop Wolfe from fucking her. After some time of this painful fucking she remembered the boxer knotted her so that she couldn’t move, she was now really frightened and was crying. Wolfe was enjoying her was now ready knot her with his dock straight and big balls to fuck her he with full force he Penatrated her ass hole. The Rose Screamed and she was now knotted and the Wolfe was filling her ass with his sperms. After some time of painfull rape the Rose was exhausted and fainted but Wolfe was not finished with her and fucked her and dragged her in the room. The Roses body was being dragged in the whole room and started to bleed again with fresh wounds.
After some time Wolfe was finished with her his dick came out with plop and he and boxer who was watching patiently came and they both started to lick her.

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  • Reply Cumgulper

    I k ow how she felt with that going up here ass….feels like someone is pushing a 2×4 up your ass sideways,but after awhile it begans to feels wonderful and once he knots you and fill that hole you are in heaven even though you have that feeling of wakefulness and humiliation.

    • twinkle

      bro stop being a pedo

  • Reply Jimmy

    Nice story… I have a fetish maybe you ladies could help me out with I love to smell dirty sweaty panties..
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