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Day 2 of vacation

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After seeing my uncle play with himself the day before I couldn’t get him out of my mind

As normal everyone staying at our vacation house heads to the beach in the morning, except my uncle. Yesterday I found out why, he must stay back to have a nice quiet beat it session. I could not get his big cock out of my mind. I came up with an excuse I had to go back to the house, I forgot my sunglasses.

When I got to the house I checked there was no one there but my uncle. His bedroom door was open a bit more than it was yesterday. He was lying on the bed naked rubbing his cock. Damn I can’t believe my aunt can take all of it. I couldn’t help myself and slid my hand into my bottoms and started rubbing myself. I was starting to loose myself in the minute when the door opened with my uncle standing there “Sara I’ve been waiting For you”. Next thing I know we were in his room. “You don’t have to hide, it you want to watch all you had to do was ask”. He laid back on the bed and started stroking his cock again looking at me. I was so nervous scared and shy but soon realized he’s staring at me thinking about fucking me and I started to get very turned on.

“Sara why don’t you take you suit off so I don’t have to imagine how sexy you are”. I didn’t hesitate and before I knew it was keeping naked next to my uncle. I was so exposed my stomach was in knots but all I wanted to do was to touch his cock. Just the he took my hand and guided toward his cock and helped me get a rythmn Before pulling his hand away so I was stroking him. I made eye contact with him and he said “you can suck it if you want”. As he slid a finger into my pussy. This is only the second cock I have touch I was feeling very intimidated, but conjured the courage to kiss the top, which was already a little creamy. After licking the tip of his cock for he pulled my head away from His dick.

“Lay back for me I want to see your pussy”. So I laid on my back opened my legs exposing self to him. He put his head between my legs and felt a little flick on my clit, then he was sucking on it and sliding a couple of fingers in me. “Sara you have a beautiful pussy” I hear him say. It wasnt long and I started to feel a rush of energy and pleasure flow through my body. Once I was able to catch my breath and regain my surroundings. My uncle was kneeling between my legs.
“Have you ever had sex?”
“No I’m a virgin” I responded kind of embarrassed
“Do you want me to fuck you?”
“Yes” with out hesitation I responded.
“I defiantly want to fuck you” As he put his dick on my pussy and was teasing me with. When he said “well we better get to the beach so no one is suspicious as he shot his cum all over my pussy.

“If this is what you really want we should wait until we get home and we know we won’t be interrupted and you don’t make a decision you’ll regret”.

That night I could hear him fucking my aunt and all I wanted was that to be me

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  • Reply 13

    this is really sexy

  • Reply Pete

    I don’t know how he didn’t just slam his cock into you. Nice story

    • Sara

      Thank you and I wish he would have

  • Reply Rico

    I’m curious did you clean up or did you go to the beach with his cum all over your pussy that would be sexy

    • Sara

      I went right to the beach. Nice reminder the rest of the day

  • Reply Fred

    Honey you have a great start to becoming a world class slut. To drop down and taste his cock means you may be a natural born cock sucker. It won’t be any time until the sweet uncle brings a friend with him and just do what he says. He will have you double fucking and sucking within the next month or so. Did you cum when he fucked you – if not maybe next time and don’t worry he is going to be fucking you and letting you suck his cock every chance he gets. Learn to swallow as that really turns guys on and you may cum doing it – lots of gals do. When he suggests you do more than one guy with him, he is doing it for you and believe me, as my wife proves, you will love it. Don’t worry that you are becoming slutty as it will make you very popular.

  • Reply Matt

    I want to hear about when you two get home