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Daddy’s Deal

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“If you have sex with Lana and let me watch, I’ll finger you until you squirt all over~”

When I was 11 my mother left me, my daddy, and my younger sister, Lana, alone. It wasn’t until I was 13 that I had really moved on, but Daddy has been acting weird lately. He’d been very touchy and hugged me whenever he could. One day I was in the kitchen leaning against the counter when he walked in the room. He walked over to me and grabbed my hips before pulling me against him. “Daddy?” I asked. He stayed silent before he started to rub my cunt through my shorts. My eyes widened but it felt so good that I started to grind against his big, warm hand. He stopped abruptly and I pouted. “Daddy, why’d you stop?” I asked as he rubbed my ass. “You’re going to have to do something before I touch you.” He whispered. I bit my lip. “What do I have to do?” I asked, practically feeling his smirk as he looked down at me. “If you have sex with Lana and let me watch, I’ll finger you until you squirt all over~” He whispered. “What?” I asked softly. “But she’s 9.” I said as I turned to look at him. “And she’s horny for a 9 year old.” He informed me. “I caught her humping her bed the other day, completely naked, like you used to do.” He whispered. “I’m sure she’d love it if you gave her a hand.” He smirked. I blushed before nodding. “Ok Daddy.. but on one added detail.” I smirked. He smiled and nodded. “What detail?” He asked. “I get to come into your room and have you touch my pussy whenever I want.” I told him. “Okay.” He nodded. “But only if you eat out Lana once a week and I watch.” I nodded before shaking his hand. “Deal.” I whispered before kissing his cheek.

The next day I was home alone with Lana for a few hours. A few minutes before I knew Daddy was coming home I walked into her room. She was completely naked and humping her teddy bear. “Lana?” I asked. She jumped and quickly got under the covers. “Anna, I thought you were out with Daddy.” She mumbled, not looking at me. I walked over and sat on her bed. “Nope, been here for hours.” I told her. “Don’t Tell Daddy.” She begged. I laughed softly. “Why not? Don’t you know Daddy loves to see us do that?” I asked. She looked at me. “Really?” She asked. “I thought he would be mad.” She spoke softly. I shook my head. “No.. in fact..” I paused and moved closer before I took off my own shirt. “Daddy wanted me to make you feel good.” I said before touching her small tits gently. I heard Daddy walk inside the house and start to come upstairs. He stood in the doorway and smirked, Lana’s back to him. “Really?” She asked again. I nodded. “Mmhm.. Daddy loves you and he’d love to make you feel good himself, but he wants me to show you first.” I said as my hands went to her legs and forced them open. “Just lean back and close your eyes.” I said before she listened to me. I pulled the covers off before I quickly stripped down to nothing. I looked at Daddy, who was stroking his cock as he stood in the door way, and smiled. I gently licked Lana’s bald little pussy before she let out a sharp moan. I smirked before rubbing her clit, my tongue sliding into her tight, wet pussy. She tensed up and moaned loudly. I rubbed her clit fasted before I stood up. I moved one of my legs over hers, then I pressed my pussy against hers and started to grind against her. Our clits rubbed against each other’s and pleasure shot through our bodies. She moaned loudly and she squirted all over me. She collapsed on the bed and panted, her eyes stil closed. I slowly got off of her before tucking her in. “Sleep well, Lana.” I whispered before walking over to Daddy, who immediately picked me up.

He took me into his room before he set me in his lap. I looked up at him and smiled. “Did I do good Daddy?” I asked before he reached down and started to rub my cunt. “So so good Princess.. just what Daddy likes to see. Go on then.. hump my hand like a bitch in heat.” He whispered. I immediately followed his instructions, my pussy just rubbing against his hand. I moaned loudly and started to hump against his hand faster. “Good girl.” He whispered as he stroked his cock with his other hand. I loved the feeling of his hand against my pussy and I could help but get addicted to the feeling. I knew I would want this even more, daily even. I leaned my head back as I moaned and came against his hand. “Daddy..” I whispered. “Yes baby?” He asked. “I’m going to keep this going for as long as you’ll let me.” I promised. He smiled before kissing my gently. “Good because I have more plans for you.” He smirked.

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