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Carlos Garcia Governor of The Paradise Club Women’s Prison (part 3)

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Assigned’ to an all women’s prison Carlos Garcia assumed he would be transferred to the local men’s prison when he reported for work, but he wasn’t.

Carlos Garcia left school after seeing the careers master ,who suggested a position of oil change boy at speedy lube, and left him and his Mother Luciana sitting at a table looking dumbfounded at the lack of interest he showed in her sons future.
The following week Carlos applied for a job in the Prison Service, where a 6 foot 2 inch, 200 plus lb man was gladly taken on, to say it came as a shock when Carlos received a letter in the mail on the Friday informing him he had been assigned to The Adora Hermia WOMENS prison as of Monday morning. His Mother advised him to go she felt sure they would sort out the confusion when he got there
The prison had been built 50 years before for 120 inmates but was housing close to 350 that Monday morning when he first turned up and was shown into the conference room , three other male prison guards were there ,they were on loan from the local men’s prison , so the Prison Governor Sofia Lopez assigned Carlos to work with Isabella Munoz a woman that had been working there for 10 years and was now the prison Behavioral Clinician.
“Coffee” said Isabella to Carlos after the others had been assigned to floors and left, ” thanks” he said sitting back down when she gave him the mug.
“OK first we will go and find you a uniform, we have a few prison officers who look like men so we can find you a jacket and pants I am sure”, she said laughing,” they will button up on the wrong side but no one will notice, then Monday morning is Court Morning, thats when the inmates who misbehaved during the previous week plead there case to Governor Lopez , and they are dealt with there and then, have you got a strong stomach Garcia “she asked. ? “Strong stomach” he said quizzically, “don’t worry about it” she said “come on lets go get you fitted out”.
Court Morning took place in the bowels of the prison ,along a dark corridor they walked before finally coming to a door which led into a large well lit room, where Governor Lopez sat behind a desk looking through a pile of papers. A bout a dozen women sat in seats along one wall ,a female prison guard sat between each one, they had there wrists and ankles in shackles attached to a metal loop on a leather belt around there waists.
Munoz pointed at a chair and Carlos Garcia sat down, she walked over and spoke to Governor Lopez, who gave her a stack of papers. Munoz walked back to a table ,took the first sheet of paper and called out “prisoners 1327, 1832, 1980 up ,stand in front of Governor Lopez”. Isabel Munoz walked behind the three women and said “Governor these three women refused to leave the dinning room after dinner on Sunday, how do you plead “? All three said “not guilty,” and Governor Lopez said “explain “.
One of the women said “we had been on duty at the infirmary and our relief didn’t arrive until 10 minutes late, by the time we got to the dinning room dinner was almost over, we hardly had time to sit down when the bell rang and we were told to leave, we just needed three or four minutes to eat our soup and sandwich but the guards would not give it to us and marched everyone else out and left us sitting there, then we were put on charge.
“Were you told to leave “asked Governor Lopez, ” yes Ma’m” said the women who had done the talking “but” she started to say before she was cut off by Lopez. She looked at the woman who had done all the talking,” Prisoner 1832, this is the third time in a year you have been bought before me, you never seem to learn, 50 strokes of the cane, Prisoner 1327 ,it appears you have never been before me, 25 strokes of the cane and prisoner 1980 you are new here am I correct”, “yes Ma’m” said the woman,” well in that case I would suggest you find a different group of friends to hang out with , 25 strokes of the cane, dismiss.”
Three prison guards stood up and escorted the now tearful women from the room,eight of the remaining women pleaded not guilty to a variety of charges ranging from fighting to theft, all were dealt with in five minutes and sentenced to between 25 and 50 strokes of the cane.
The final woman prisoner 1673 was called to stand in front of the Governor, she was a pretty young girl looked maybe 21 or 22 at the most. “So “said Lopez” it seems you can’t keep your tongue in your mouth, you have to have it in some other womans cunt is that right ” ? “No Ma’m” said the girl looking down at her feet, “I had to do it,I was told I would be put on charge if I didn’t “, she said softly.
Governor Lopez looked at the lone guard sitting against the wall,” is that true Officer Campos” asked Lopez. The officer jumped to her feet, “no Ma’m” she said in a loud voice, “I went into the laundry room to take my break and have a 15 minute lay down, prisoner 1673 must have seen me go in I was laying on the sofa after taking off my uniform so not as to crease it when I woke up in a start with this woman between my legs trying to do oral sex on me, thats when Deputy Governor Diaz came in and rescued me by pulling this prisoner off me.”
A rye smile passed Lopez’s lips, you lying bitch he thought to her self. ” Fifty strokes with the cane” said Governor Lopez, “take her away.”
The court room was now empty , both Governor Lopez and Officer Munoz were writing on the papers before them, Governor Lopez said “leave that last prisoner till the end ,I will take care of her myself,I need the exercise.” ” Of course Ma’m” said Officer Munoz, and crooked her finger towards me telling me to get up.
Walking along the passage she started to laugh,” whats funny” said Carlos Garcia ,”oh nothing,I just feel sorry for that last poor bitch, by the time Lopez has finished with her she will be lucky to still be able to walk”, and she laughed again, “come on in here” she said pointing at a door, “you want to see what happens to naughty girls,” and again she laughed.

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