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Carlos Garcia Governor of The Paradise Club Women’s Prison (part 2)

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Carlos Garcia punishes his Mother, and that’s when he realized he loved causing pain.

Crawling around the floor on her hands and knees naked with her son holding the leash attached to her collar Luciana Garcia was begging her son to stop and let her up. Carlos squatted down in front of his Mother and said “listen whore if you want you can get up get dressed and go and tell Aunt Valeria your sister you were fucking her husband this afternoon, and if you don’t want to then I will, or you can stay here and take your punishment, your choice whore”
Carlos stood up, “well “he said standing over her, “what are you going to do”? His Mother knelt there and said nothing, he laughed and said ” I thought so, now lick my shoes and apologize to me for being a whore “.
Slowly Luciana’s head started to drop towards her son’s shoes. She licked his shoe and whispered , “I am sorry for being a whore”, “say it again bitch” said Carlos pushing his other foot towards his Mothers face, she licked it and said “I am sorry for being a whore.” and Carlos burst out laughing.
Stay there he barked , leaving his Mother with a tear running down her face on her hands and knees while he went into the garage, when he returned she had not moved ,he smiled ,said ” get up “and she got off her hands and knees, standing there she bent over to rub her sore knees.
Carlos was standing by the dining room table ” come here” he said as he put a towel on the table, he turned her around put his hands under her arm pits and easily lifted her so she was sitting on the table. Taking hold of her throat he slowly pushed her backwards so she was laying on her back . “Hands” he said, she put her hands over her head and he pulled her up the table, she felt the rope going around her wrist and he tied it tight before tying it to the table leg , doing the same to her other arm he walked to the other end of the table took hold of her ankles and bent her legs so her knees were facing the ceiling and pulled her legs apart.
“Carlos “, she said softly “,this is wrong Carlos I am your Mother, don’t do this to me” . “No your not my Mother your a whore, nothing more nothing less” and his hand grabbed her cunt lips,one hand on each lip and he pulled them apart. “So whore he said ” how many other men have fucked this cunt since my Father left, how many stinking Franks have pushed there dicks in here ” he said angrily ?
None Carlos, none ,Frank was silly drunk , he was just there and one thing led to another it was nothing,it didn’t mean any,” she stopped in mid sentence as she felt his finger slide into her snatch.
“No Carlos, NO NO NO” she screamed as she felt another finger slide into her twat, she closed her eyes to try and block out the site of her son with his fingers in her cunt. Three fingers were now in her
and he was rubbing her clitoris with his free hand, and laughing at her ,she felt his hand slowly withdraw but not entirely leave her cunt,she could feel his whole hand now scrunched up between her pussy lips, “did Uncle Frankie have a big dick” he said laughing, “what about all those other cocks you have had in here were they big like my hand”.
Luciana didn’t answer him, “cat got your tongue cunt” he said to her ,again she didn’t answer him and he laughed and started pushing is whole hand into his Mothers cunt. “Oh God “she said as she felt his fingers stop at the knuckles, “please don’t son” she cried out, but he started pushing hard moving his hands from side to side until it disappeared completely between her pussy lips, Luciana let out a scream and tried to kick her son away but he slapped the inside of her thigh hard with his free hand and she laid there crying.
Carlos Garcia stood there hammering his fist into his Mothers cunt, filled with rage he pulled his hand out and his Mother screamed, unzipping his fly’s he pulled his pants and under shorts down climbed onto the table held the head of his dick against his mothers cunt lips and fell forward onto her tits, his cock sinking all the way into her hot wet cunt.
Luciana screamed as she felt her sons cock enter her, banging on her cervix she screamed in agony but it only encouraged her son to fuck her harder, biting her nipple she could feel him start to cum, he pushed so hard her head slid off the table , and his whole body laid on her making it difficult to breath.
Carlos laid there breathing hard sweat running off his body he slowly climbed off his Mother,he stood there looking at her wondering what he had done. He went around to her head and laid his dick on her face, ” lick it clean” he said softly, she opened her mouth and he put his semi hard cock in her mouth,she could taste her own cunt juice on his cock as she sucked him, tears ran down her forehead into her hair as her head hung there, then when he pulled out she could feel him untying her wrists, but she didn’t have the strength to get off the table, it wasn’t until she could hear the shower running that she rolled over onto her side , sat up and slowly got off the table.
Nothing was ever said between Mother and Son again of that evening, a few month later at one of Aunt Valeria’s daughters wedding Carlos danced several slow dances with uncle Franks wife, making sure he pushed his dick between her legs while they danced, on the second dance she responded by putting her hand down the front of them and feeling his dick and saying “OH” and laughing.
Every time he looked in her direction she was looking at him, and he would smile at her, by the time they were dancing for the fourth time he whispered to her “,why don’t you go for and have a smoke out the back “? She didn’t need any further encouragement, she let him go and headed for the door lighting a cigarette as she went.
Carlos followed her a few minutes later, she had gone out the back of the church hall and was standing behind a trash dumpster, as soon as he got there she knelt on a piece of cardboard she had got from the trash unzipped him and pulled his cock out.
” Fuck ” she said softly her tongue running round the head of his cock, “fuck ” she said as she tried to force his huge cock down her throat, he pulled her up by her hands, bent her over the small trash can next to the dumpster and he lifted her skirt, pulling her panties to one side he pushed hi cock into her soaking wet cunt.
Each time he pushed she let out a scream, he put his arm around her neck and his hand over her mouth and pushed his cock all the way in her cunt. She screamed put one of her hands against his chest and tried to push him off but with over 9 inches of thick meat in her she did not stand a chance of moving her nephew , her putting up a fight only made him bigger and harder by the time he spurted his cum into her cunt her legs had gone weak and it was only his cock in her pussy that kept her from going to her knees.
Pulling out of her he quickly zipped up, and while she slowly tried to get off the trash can Carlos headed back in the church hall to find his Uncle Franko. ” Hey Franko” he said ,” your wife needs you out by the trash can quick” , the drunk Franko looked at him and started off towards the door ,only to meet his pale looking wife coming in. “Young Carlos said you wanted me” he slurred,” no ,no Franko it’s OK I just felt a bit queasy I am OK now she said looking” at Carlos with a weak smile on her face, “I am OK now she said “.

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