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Babysitting a Teen

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Remi is a 21 year old futa who has been babysitting the same girl since she was 12. Liza Cox, now 16 is horny and willing to mess around with anything

Babysitting pays okay, I guess. I’ve been doing it since I was like 12. My current client has been my longest. I started babysitting the girl when she was seven. She’s 16 now, and I’m only 21.
You think this teenager would be so over the babysitting thing by now, but she doesn’t complain. I think it’s because she likes my company. Lately she’s been looking at me different. You see I’m just and average girl. I go to community college, work part time at a donut shop, and do babysitting on the side to help make money. I moved out of my parents place last year and now live on my own.
Her name is Liza, the girl I watch.
I don’t mind watching her, especially now that’s she older. She usually just does her own thing while I lounge around her house. Her mom is extremely over protective of her. Not that I blame her, the girl is a looker. Easy prey for pervy men.
She has the body of a swim suit model. Nice sharply legs, full round breast, a bubble butt. Not to mention anyone who looks into the honey amber eyes is instantly under her charm. Her voice is soft and smooth like silk. Her skin is a nice golden tan and flawless in every sense of the word. That hair, god what I would do for hair as perfect as that. It’s long, down to her mid-back. Black as night, but so soft look and naturally straight. Sometimes I casually rake my fingers through it just to admire its softness. She doesn’t mind.
I’ve never actually been with anyone romantically or sexual before.
Mostly because I have a uh… condition.
I have a penis.
And a pussy!
A birth deformity I’ve had all my life. I’ve always been super insecure about it and keep it to myself. Where my clit would be is a penis. A little over 5 inches soft. Seven and a half inches hard.
I’m a girl. I’ve always identified as a girl. I have boobs and get periods; I just also have a penis. Because of this defect my body has always been on the manly side. My muscles are always toned, and I’m fairly tall about 6’1. I am pretty good at sports, too bad I have no interest in them. I don’t really have any interest in anything, which is why I’m still bumming around my home town.
I’m pretty pale because I hardly ever go outside. Something Liza likes to poke fun at me for. I guess you could say the two of us are friends, maybe even best friends. I mean we do hang out all the time, but only because I get paid to watch her.
I have to shave constantly because I can get pretty hair, especially down there if you know what I mean. I like to keep it clean and smooth; it just makes me feel more of a real girl that way. Lucky for me I have bright blond hair, so even if I miss a day, the hair is hardly noticeable. That is until it gets out of hand again.
Liza knows about my condition.
She found out last year on accident.
I was watching her and we were watching a movie together. It was a horror movie. She got scared and jumped into my arms. I was not even really paying attention to the thing, because I was playing a game on my phone.
“Get of me,” I laughed.
She crawled into my lap and cuddled up with me, nuzzling her head into my neck.
“Cut it out you big baby,” I playfully pushed her.
“Turn it off,” she begged.
“Fine.” I rolled my eyes.
I clicked the tv off and went back to playing my game. She stayed sitting on my lap. She wiggled her butt to get more comfortable and that was when it happened. I started to get hard. Now I’m no idiot, I’ve gotten a boner before and am usually good at hiding them. But I’ve never had a girl sit on my lap before like that.
She smelled so good, her body was so warm. Soon it became impossible to focus on my game.
“Are you ever going to move?” I complained as my dick jumped around in my pants.
“No, hold me.” she pouted.
She moved to straddle me, almost as if she was teasing me. When she readjusted my did jumped in my pants, I was only wearing sweat pants at the time. I felt my face get so hot. I was so embarrassed.
I mean sure Liza is super hot and pretty, but I’m a girl. I’m not really into girls.
At least that’s what I keep telling myself.
But when I think about burying myself inside a pussy, I get hard instantly. Girl’s aren’t supposed to get hard or fantasies about fucking a pussy. It makes me insecure so I try not to think about it too much. I’ve never gotten hard for a guy, but I have been a date or two. Nothing that led anywhere. Mostly because I wouldn’t let it lead anywhere. I was too scared.
Anyway, I was rock hard and my dick was pulsing in my pants. The way she positioned herself it was right between her legs, resting against that pussy. She felt it.
“What’s this?” she began to rock her hips.
“Don’t!” I closed my eyes tight before taking a calming breath, “Don’t do that.” I said much calmer.
“Why?” she smirked at me.
“Trust me, you don’t want to know.” I said.
“Are you a dude?” she laughed as she rocked her hips.
“I’m not.”
“Then what is this?”
“Uh!” I moaned loudly.
“Wow, getting worked up are we?”
“Stop messing around!” I pushed her off of me.
She pouted.
Liza is a fucking tease. That’s why her mom is over protective. She knows if she takes her eyes off the girl for a second the slut will be in someone’s bed within the hour. The girl is practically frothing at the mouth because she wants to lose her v-card so desperately. She says all her friends have already. I told her all her friends are liars.
She makes fun of me for being a virgin.
I stood up and was breathing hard, my dick was straining for release. I put my hand on it and squeezed, holding it down to try and get it to go soft again.
“Got ya!” she yanked my pants down to my knees.
My pants got snagged on my panties and down they went to. Out flopped my rock hard cock.
“Liza!” I covered myself with my hands.
“Holy shit, you really are a dude.” She said.
“I am not! I have a condition.” I felt my eyes water up.
“Prove it, let me see.” She demanded.
“You are going to get me in trouble,” I moved to pick up my pants.
She pushed me back down on the couch and got between my legs.
“Holy fuck, you do have both.” She spread my legs open.
“Stop it,” I tried to close my legs.
“What the fuck?” She was completely perplexed by me.
Her hand went to my rock-hard cock and that was all it too. Her skin on my skin, made me blow my load. I moaned loudly and shot my white-hot sperm all over her. My legs were shaking I came so hard.
I’ve never came like that before or since.
It shot out and landed on her hand and her face, in her hair. It splattered everywhere and made a mess.
She just blinked at me in surprise.
“Oh my god, I’m so fucking sorry.” I said once I came down.
“Whoa, how does that work? Can you get people pregnant? Can people get you pregnant?”
I sighed and picked my pants back up.
After we got cleaned up I sat her down and told her everything. She promised to keep it a secret. It’s dangerous for me if I get pregnant. There will be massive complications if I do which could even lead to my death. So the doctor highly advises against it and to be careful. Technically I can get pregnant. Inside of me where my ovaries should be, is only one. I have one ovary and somehow one ball which produces sperm. Though most of it is blank and the chances of me getting someone pregnant are slim to none. Not that I would ever sleep with a girl like that anyway.
They offered to remove the ball, but since it wasn’t causing me physical pain and wasn’t messing anything up by staying, we opted out of surgery. So that’s how my body is all fucked up.
After explaining all of that to Liza she dropped the subject, but I swear to you ever since she’s been acting weird around me. I don’t know if it’s because she uncomfortable, or if it’s something else.
This week, her mom is going out of town to visit distant family. I am in charge of watching Liza and taking care of the house all week starting today. So I packed a bag and headed over.
“Okay Remi, you know the drill. Hold down the fort when I’m gone. Here is your weekly allowance. If you need more just call me. Liza might want to go to her friend’s house, just make sure she’s not out too late. Or go with her if you can. Also, we got a dog now, just make sure she feeds it and the thing doesn’t pee in the house.”
“Got it boss,” I said to Ms. Cox.
“Call me if you need anything!” she said as she left.
I closed the door and tossed my bag by the stair case.
“Ugh, finally she’s gone.” Liza plopped on the couch.
I noticed she had on the thin work out shorts. When she moved her leg just right, I could see her pussy. She wasn’t even wearing underwear. I felt my dick began to stiffen.
“Just do whatever, I think I’ll take a nap.” I grab my bag and head up to the guest bed room.
When I get there, I take several deep breaths and wait until I am soft again. Then I get up and go and get some water. Liza is no longer by the couch, I walk to the kitchen where I catch her.
She has her legs spread as she stands and the dog, a small black lab is up on it’s legs with it’s head in her pussy. Licking away.
She moans softly as she grips the counter.
I get rock hard instantly.
She hasn’t even noticed I’m there.
“Oh yeah, fuck me with your tongue.” She moans as she rocks her hips.
She pulls her shorts more to the side so the dog can get better accesses.
Holy fuck. What the actual fuck? What do I do? Do I say something? I mean I am pretty sure you are not supposed to let a dog lick your pussy.
“Uh… fuck yes.” She moans.
The dog is really going at it, licking away like it’s its last meal.
I quickly back up and turn back around the corner and hide. My heart is racing so fact. My dick hurts because it’s so hard. Without thinking I unzip my pants and pull it out before I start jacking.
“Oh! Mmm, more.” Liza moans.
Oh fuck I’m going to cum already.
This is so wrong, why am I so turned on? She’s a girl. She’s with a fucking dog. But oh fuck my hand has never moved so fast.
“Shit, oh shit, right there baby. Oh, I’m going to cum!” she cries out.
I peek around the corner and see her legs are shaking. She’s holding the dogs head in place as she bucks her hips in time with the tongue.
I can’t help but moan too.
She looks up at me and the moment our eyes lock we both cum.
“Ah! Fuck!” We scream in unison.
I shoot my cum all over the floor, she hunches forward and has to push the dog away.
I lean against the wall to catch my breath.
The little dog, a tab bit bigger than a puppy, but not fully grown yet walks over to me and licks all the cum off the floor and my hands before licking my dick.
“Uh! Fuck!” my hips buck as the dog cleans me off.
I have to push it away.
Then it skips away like nothing happened and goes to lay by the couch.
I sigh and let my head rest against the wall. Liza walks over to me and grabs my face before kissing me. I open my eyes wide in shock. Her tongue forces its way into my mouth and I can feel my dick coming to life again.
What is happening? Why is a girl making me so hard? Why do I feel all tingly inside? Do I like girls? Do I like Liza?
I let my eyes flutter close and let our lips smash against each other over and over.
Her hand runs up and down my dick before she pulls back. A trail of silva connecting out lips. I stare into her honey eyes and she stares back into my sea green eyes. She gives me a wicked smile before pecking me on the lips one last time and walking off.
Leaving my dick jutting out in the open, hard as a rock and eager for more.

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