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Babysitting A Teen 2

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Part 2 of a story about a 21 year old futa girl babysitting a horny 16 year old.

If I pretend it didn’t happen can I get away with not addressing it? It was all I could think about. The sight of her clean-shaven soft peach. The sounds of her moans. The way her lips tasted. How her hands felt against my shaft.

I tossed and turned in bed, trying to take a nap to cool off but my dick was still rock hard and it’s been two hours since it happened. I wonder if she would let me put it in her. I wonder if she’s ever fantasized about me.


What the fuck am I saying?

The girl is only 16.

Holy fuck I need to get a grip.

I’ve watched this girl grow up. I am the one who gave her the puberty talk. I am the one who helped her buy a bra. I am the one who used to lay with her at night because she was scared of the dark. The same girl who’s scabs I dressed, night light I turned on, and underwear I’ve washed is the same girl who I just saw letting her dog eat her pussy.

I groan just thinking about it, my hips subconsciously humping the bed.

God I’m so horny.

She made me so horny.

There was a light knock at the door and I jerk up and sit right, putting a pillow in my lap.

“Come in,” I call.

She opens the door and walks in.

She’s all red and looks like she might be embarrassed.

“Can we talk?” she asks.

I nod.

She comes and sits next to me.

For a moment we sit in awkward silence.

“So… you let your dog lick you?” I broke the silence.

“It feels really good.” She avoids my gaze.

“I can tell.”

“You aren’t going to tell my mom are you?”


She looks at me then.

“Did you like what you saw?”

I feel my face get red and my dick bounce in my pants.

I shrug.

“I’ve never done anything with a person before, but I really want to. I just get so hot and…”

“Horny?” I supply.

She giggles and nods.

“Me too, welcome to the hormone stage. That’s natural.” I say.

“Yeah, my friend told me she masturbates all the time. It just got me so hot. I try not to touch myself but it’s just so hard. My mom doesn’t get it. She’s such a shut in. I want to go out and be fucked, I want someone to touch me. I want to kiss someone.”

“Is that why you kissed me?”

She nodded.

“I’m so glad I can talk about this stuff with you Remi. I feel like you are the only one I can come to.”

“That’s what I’m here for,” force a nervous laugh.

“You still horny?” she eyes me.

I avert my eyes.

“Me too.” She says.

I look back at her.

“Can we… can we masturbate together?” she asks.

“Promise you won’t tell anyone?” I say.

“Promise,” she offers me her pinky and we make a pinky promise.

I move the pillow and show her my hard on.

She eyes it like a kid in a candy shop.

“Let’s lay down.” I say.

She moves to lay down next to me.

I unzip my pants and pull them down, kicking them to the floor so I’m only in my underwear. She does the same except she has no underwear.

“What’s it like for you?” she asks.

“I don’t know… I can’t really explain it.” I grab my shaft and start stroking, facing the ceiling as I lay down.

“Does it feel good?” she starts touching herself.

“Feels really good.”

“What do you think about when you are alone, like what do you fantasizes about?” she asks.

“You first.”

“Don’t tell anyone.”

“I won’t.” I roll my eyes.

“I… I always wanted a girl to go down on me. I’ve been giving my friend some hints but she’s not really getting the hint. Having the dog do it felt so fucking good.”

“I bet,” I glance down at her hand as her fingers tease her clit.

“Now you,”

“I… I always wanted to feel the inside of a pussy. I mean like I’m straight or whatever but… when I think about sex my mind always goes back to the same thing.”

She moans softly her fingers picking up speed.

“What would you do if you had a girl with her legs spread ready for you to fuck her? Like you two were the only ones in the room. What would you do?”

I close my eyes and moan softly as I picture myself getting on top of some no name girl and pushing inside of her.

“I’d fuck her.” I say.


“Fuck yes,” I stroke harder.


“I’d get on top of her, run my hands up and down her body—”

Liza moans softly.

“Then I’d use the tip of my dick to run up and down her slit.”

“Fuck yes, keep going.” She moans.

“Once she was nice and wet, I’d push it in.” I grunt as my hip jerk off the bed a little bit.

“Oh fuck… mmm push it in.”

I have to stop so I don’t blow too soon. I relax on the bed and try to catch my breath.
“Why’d you stop?” she asks.

“Don’t want to blow too soon, that takes away the fun.” I slip off my panties and toss them to the floor.


“Yeah, if you don’t build it up your body might start to become numb to orgasms especially if you do them a lot and in quick succession.”

“Wow I didn’t know that.” She says.

“Now you do.”

“What if someone caught you fucking a girl, would you stop?”

“Depends who it is,” I shrug.

“Yeah right,” she laughs and playfully smacks me in the stomach.

Her hand grazes my dick as she moves away.

I glance at her and she looks at me, then without a word she grabs my dick and starts stroking it with her hand.

“emm,” I close my eyes and moan.

“You do me too,” she says.

I get up and reposition myself so that I am sitting between her legs. She sits up to and spreads her legs nice and far for me. Her clit is swollen and ready for touching. I run my fingers up and down her pussy and she moans before grabbing my dick.

“This is my first time touching a pussy.” I admit.

“Yours is the only dick I’ve ever seen.” She says.

“Ever do this before?” I slip a finger inside of her.

“Uh,” her hips buck slightly and I feel her inner walls tighten on my finger.

“Listen, we can’t do this again after this okay. I don’t want to get in trouble.” I say as I finger her.

“Shut up, go faster.” She says.

So I do.

“Oh fuck!” she falls back on the bed and lets me finger her.

Her pussy is right there, my hands are even inside of it. I could just…



But god she’s so wet.

I use her wetness on my fingers to rub my dick.

It looks so juicy and good. No wonder why the dog ate it up. Fuck, just looking at it makes my mouth water. I’ve never wanted to lick another girl before now. I move and get down between her legs before letting my tongue slip out of my mouth and licking her.

“Ah!” she moans loudly.

It doesn’t taste anything like I imagined it would. I suck her clit into my mouth and continue to finger her.

“Oh shit! Uh! Something’s coming. Oh Remi! Fuck, I feel like I’m going to pee!” she cries out.
Then she squirts nice and hard, splashing me in the face and getting it all over the bed.
She cries out as her hips shake and little jets of clear liquid spray all over me.

I can’t take it anymore I get up right and I put my dick in place before shoving in.

“Ah! Oh fuck! Fuck me! Remi!” she cries out in pleasure.

“Ah! Shit! Liza I’m gonna cum!” I cry out as her walls squeeze me.

It just feels too fucking good. My hips lose all control and I start fucking her hard and fast. Her walls are so tight, she shakes in orgasmic bliss.

“Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!” I grunt as I try to hold it in.

She grabs me by the collar of my shirt and yanks me down, smashing our lips together.

I cum inside of her.

The bed creaks and rocks as my hips smack hard into her as I push myself all the way in and shoot my load.

My whole body trembles and shakes, it takes me a moment to catch my breath as I pull back, my dick still buried inside of her.

We just had sex.

I just fucked a girl.

Not just any girl. I just fucked Liza Cox. I came inside of her. I fucking liked it, hell I loved it. I want to do it again. What the actual fuck is happening right now? Am I gay? Do I like girls?

Liza takes a shaky breath and relaxes on the bed with me still inside of her. I slowly pull out, my dick pops out and so does my cum. It leaks out of her pussy and down onto the bed. It’s a lot.
When I try to get up my legs are jelly and I have to sit back down on the bed.

“You fucked me,” she says.

“I’m sorry.”

She laughs and just stares at the ceiling.

“Holy fuck that was good. We lost our virginity.” She says.

“You liked it?” I ask.

“Fuck yes.”

“Even though I didn’t last that long?”

“With practice I am sure you’ll get the hang of it.”


“Don’t worry, we have a whole week to break you in.” she got up, kissed me on the lips before grabbing her shorts and walking out, her bubble butt swaying.

I stared after her stunned.

Then I heard the shower kick on.

A/N: I’m glad a lot of people liked the first part so here is part two. I was wondering if I keep posting would anyone be willing to help me by donating money to me? I really need help with paying bills and could use your help. You don’t have to, but i was just wondering. Let me know in the comments below. More to come soon. This story just gets crazier and crazier. So I hope you like it!

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    You are the best don’t ever stop writing. You have alot of talent. I want to read more of this story. Ty so much. Please write a part 3 and part 4 ect.

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    Will there be a part 3 ?

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    Will there be a part 3?

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    Hehe yes please make more

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    You’re lesbian so how the fuck did you have a dick get your stories right motherfucker

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    I vwey much enjoyed it and i am happy fior the both of you. I don’t think its weird you hokked up, you just gave in to your natural desires. I would love to hear more. I would help donate to help you out as well, i know how difficult iit can be especially during these times.