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All in the family

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How i started having sex with my little sister.

When i was 22 my little sister was 10. She was always a lovely child, and fun to be around. I had an internship as a software engineer at a local company, so i was staying at home.

So one night i passed by the bathroom and my little sister was taking a shower. I noticed the bathroom door wasn’t properly closed so i peaked in the bathroom and saw my little sister naked in the shower. She was skinny with no baby fat, her breast were just starting to grow. And her tiny ass looked amazing. She turned around and i got a full veiw of her young bald cunt.

Immediately I was hard and i headed to my room to jerk off thinking about my little sister. Over the coming weeks i would try to see my little sister in various stages of undress. And i would jerk off everyday thinking about her, until one lucky weekend.

It was the weekend of my parent’s anniversary, and they decided to celebrate by going on a trip for that weekend. They left on Thursday night and they would be back Sunday night.

So like usual that night i was watching a tv program with my little sister sitting next to me but the only thing i could think of was fucking my little sister. So i told her to come closer so we could cuddle together and she agreed. After a while my hand was on her hips and i started moving it around and feel her up. My dick was on her ass and i started to get really hard.

When my little sister felt my dick was hard on her ass she freaked out and tried to just away. But i caught her and held her in place. She then asked me what was going, i could hear that she was scared, and i just told her to keep quite and everything was going to be alright.

I began fondling her bearly existence breast over her night shirt, she only wears a long shirt and panties when she goes to sleep. I then reached down her body and began groping her ass and pressing my dick against her little ass.

She began crying, so i turned her to lay on her back on the couch and i got on top of her. She began fighting me and begging me to stop, but at that moment I was so horny I couldn’t care less.

I got on top of her and used my body weight against her so she couldn’t get away. I was between her legs with one hand i held both her hands over her head. And the other hand was exploring her bald virgin cunt. I also began to suck on her tits biting her nipples a little bit.

She put up a fight for a few minutes and tired herself out, then she realized it was no use fighting. Then she just lay there sobbing and tears running down her face. So i kept sucking on her tits and rubbing her pussy until it was nice and wet, ready for my huge dick.

After i felt her pussy was nice and ready i ripped her little panties off and i removed her long shirt. Then i took off all my clothes and we were both naked. When she saw my steel hard cock she started crying loud so i gagged her with her panties.

I the lined my cock at the entrance of her bald pussy and began to to push it in. After it went in a couple of inches i felt her barrier. So with one huge thrust i tear through her hymen. She was crying loudly but with the gag she wasn’t making a lot of noise.

I began to slowly pump in and out of her pussy. Little by little I increased the pace. After a few minutes of slowly fucking my little sister, she started moaning so i took out her gag to her the pleasure sounds she was now making.

Her moaning drove me over the edge and i began fucking her harder and harder. Her moans became louder and she came several times before I felt cum building up from my balls. After a few powerful thrust i unloaded deep inside her pussy. And then i just collapsed on top of her with my dick still inside her pussy.

A few minutes later I pulled out my dick from her pussy and and a huge load of cum was streaming down her ass. And she just lay there crying softly not saying anything. I then went to the bathroom, turned on the shower and came back with as wet towel to clean up the cum on the couch.

I told her to go take a shower and I’ll make her something to eat. Without a word she went on to take her shower. 30 minutes later she returned to the kitchen, i was still naked, she ate her food and went to sleep.

I myself then went to take a shower. In the shower i kept thinking of how tight her pussy was, and soon i was hard as steel again. So instead of jerking off i went to her room, but this time i fucked her tiny little mouth. After what seems like forever i came in her mouth and told her to swallow every last drop. Then i went to sleep with her in her bed.

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  • Reply Valery ID:y8hyzb0d

    I’m fully supporting sex with children when it’s done properly, with love and on it’s time and rhythm, not like this forcing the little partner, instead of making everything in a sweet, delicate and even funny way to making them feel comfortable and calm.
    If this is done, any boy would love his dick being sucked and fucked, and every girl would love to be blowing dick and have it balls deep in her pussy. I’m really sorry to read the opposite, selfish case has happened here.

    • hmm ID:322pw6s5oic


    • ineedagirlim18pls.... ID:4bn00en3fia

      ong smt is wrong with the new genorations.

  • Reply Stric ID:10vd41q2mgsl

    A pure example of child rape.

  • Reply busschots ID:w9lopc43

    oui je veux bein

  • Reply Ricky ID:3zxjhzgg49a

    You must be crazy. How coukd you. All that screaming I mean obviously you should have stopped……and sgived your cock down her throat and gagged her so she couldn’t scream. You could have gagged her soo bad she couldn’t talk then shove it up her little pretten ass and problem solved. My wickr is trickyrick0000

  • Reply Anonymous ID:5u0xt7wnhj

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  • Reply Anger ID:1zgf67y8ra

    You sick animal! She said stop! Why do men never listen to women!!! If we want I we tell you! Listen to us and be nice for once!

    • Kmarsh625 ID:h3e966lwzzv

      Because you wan it…

  • Reply [email protected] ID:g4tffsc42

    Please tell me you made her pregnant

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  • Reply My name is Carlito ID:5u0zlwr6i9

    You’re a jerk at first I was starting to like this story until it start getting worse that was not cool Dude I like reading incest story’s but only when the female relative agrees to having sex but this story was messed up not cool at all

  • Reply DaddysLittleToy ID:7z892s9m9b

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  • Reply Anomalously ID:7zv39j5yql

    Was your little sister in a training bra or not I thank my niece is graghate to a real bra from a trainer she is 11 years old about to be 12 years old.

    • John Wrights ID:1ah770le20d

      She was not

  • Reply Anomalously ID:7zv39j5yql

    I seen my little sister naked for 8 years of my life and loved it she was 6 years old and I was just 10 years old and I loved playing with her little ass it was soft and smooth .

  • Reply peter ID:4pgya72v4

    I can see in my mind your cock tear apart her pussy and her beg you to stop i am so hard for this.I also had a 8yearsold sister that i want to tear apart all her holes but because of a hearth problem she has now i cannot .

    • John Wrights ID:1ah770let09

      I’m glad this story got you hard

  • Reply Nobody ID:38bpuevqk

    you are digusting and should be in jail

    • Stric ID:10vd41q2mgsl

      Jail doesn’t help. Only castration.

    • [email protected] ID:2c3g7uer8l

      does not work if castrate still have hands and tongue to do acts with so does not work

    • Kmarsh625 ID:h3e966lwzzv

      It’s just a story you dope…

  • Reply nobody ID:30rx284oic

    Did you ever fuck her again?

    • Daddy’s bitch ID:30rzgulxi9

      I hope he did

    • John Wrights ID:1ah770le20d

      I did fuck her plenty more times

    • Sex and only sex ID:89zvminoid

      Plz write about it again coz i just came in my shorts reading it 😍

    • Sex and only sex ID:89zvminoid

      Dude plz write some more of her stories