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A hot night of exhibitionism turns into more

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When we were younger and had first gotten into swinging my wife really got turned on by exposing her hot body off to both my friends and to strangers.

My wife and I were both twenty years old and had been into the swinger lifestyle since shortly after we were married at eighteen. But besides enjoying threesomes, swapping wives with other couples, and small gangbangs. We were also into exhibitionism and voyeurism. Lynn was more into exposing herself and I liked to watch. Though on several occasions we’d work it out where someone would see us both having sex. By letting a hotel maid walk in on us or leaving the curtains partially open as if by accident while in a motel room so people walking by could see in and watch her sucking my cock or see us fucking.

Lynn had a lot of little tricks she’d use to let guys/girls see her with it looking accidental. And on this particular night she’d tried several of them. Since we lived in a small town we had to be careful so we’d usually drive to one of several larger cities that were fourty or fifty miles away, which we had done on that night. Our first stop was at a little service station we’d gone by often that always had a bunch of teenage boys hanging out. It was when you still had full service gas stations. As one of the boys was coming over to put gas in the car I went to the restroom. So when he got to the car he looked in to see how much gas we wanted? She told him how much as he stood there with his eyes popping out.

She had the bottom of her dress wide open letting him see her long sexy legs and bushy cunt. And she was leaning over using the rear view mirror causing the top of her dress to open up exposing one of her big tits. When he went to the back of the car to put gas in she saw him in the mirror making a gesture to the group of guys she assumed was letting them know they should come and check her out. In a flash there was one guy washing the windshield checking her out another looking in through the drivers side asking if she wanted him to check the oil and a couple more just looking in the car.

By now she’d let both tits be uncovered just enough where they could see them and her dress was still open at the bottom showing off her sexy garter belt & stocking and fiery red bush. I saw them all hovering around the car when I came out but once seeing me they went back to the building. When I got in the car I saw the view they’d just seen and was turned on as hell knowing these young teens had just gotten a good look at my hot wifes big tits and pussy. So we headed down the highway and as we approached some tractor-trailors She reclined her seat back and pretended to be asleep with her dress opened up exposing her hot body to the drivers as we passed them. We knew they were checking her out because they’d speed up and stay right beside us for a few minutes.

We finally got to the other city and Lynns first stop was at a shoe store where she let the salesman see her pussy and big tits as he was helping her try on shoes. Then she went into a couple more stores in the little strip mall and would bend over looking at things in display counters while the employees could see down her dress & see her tits. As well as stooping down looking at things on bottom shelves letting her dress open at the bottom putting on a show for a few guys shopping there. We went to another little strip mall and she did pretty much the same.

Then we decided to start hitting the kind of stores she had the best results at, and that was small convenience stores. She’d go in and go straight down the candy aisle since they were always right in front of the registers to watch kids trying to steel candy. She’d always already have the cashiers attention. At 5-8, 110lb, 34D-24-35 with long red hair and pretty green eyes she always turned heads. So she’d go to the end of the candy aisle and stoop down letting the bottom of her dress fall open so they could see her sexy legs and pussy. Then with both hands full of penny candy she’d stand up letting the belt come loose on her wrap around dress. And with the help of some elastic she’d sewn inside it would come wide open and be pulled almost to her back.

With both hands full of candy she’d act like she couldn’t close it and walk up to the clerk standing there watching her and put the candy on the counter as she said how sorry she was that had happened. Of course they always said not to worry about it. And a few who were a little bolder would tell her how hot she was and how much they’d liked seeing her sexy body and would try and get her number. We went to several convenience stores that night and I’d always part near the side where I could see in a little but it was hard for them to see me. Or I’d park on the side and come in a couple minutes after her and act like we weren’t together. I’d let her do her thing then go to the counter as she was going out and I’d be really checking out her ass. Then I’d tell the cashier how I’d always had a thing for redheads. And without fail they’d tell me all about what had just happened. And usually go into detail about what all they’d like to do with her.

After going to several stores I went to start the car and it would barely turn over so I got out & opened the hood to check the connections on the battery and it seemed fine. But fortunatly back then everybody carried jumper cables and was more than willing to give you a jump. So it wasn’t five minutes until I’d got the car going. I decided we should head back home and figured we’d get back without a problem. But as we got on the highway the lights started to dim and about half way home the car cut off and I coasted to the side.

This was well before cell phones and there weren’t any businesses for miles. I set out a couple of flares because you couldn’t even see my flashers and about five minutes later a tractor-trailer stopped and I explained what had happened so he agreed to get us a tow. He got on his CB radio and someone that had one in their home called to dealership I’d just bought the car from a couple of weeks prior and they relaid through the trucker they were on their way. ” People were nicer and more helpful back then” The trucker went on his way and we waited. About fourty-five minutes later the tow truck arrived. And we were surprised to see it was the general manager of the dealership driving it. It was the regular drivers night off and they only towed cars for their customers.

So I tell chuck what had happened and he starts hooking it up knowing if he jumped it off it would die again in no time. He and Lynn went to get in the truck while I got some stuff out of the car. When I get in the truck they’re laughing their asses of and Lynn’s saying how embaressed she is. So I asked what happened. Out of all the times she’d intentionally let her dress fall open that night making it look accidental. When she was getting in the truck it really did accidently come open. It was a big truck with the front being like the front of a tractor trailer. And as she was climbing up just as she was in the doorway she had one foot on one step and the other on another and one hand holding onto a handle beside the windshield and the other on a handle behind the door. And her belt came loose about then and the elastic pulled it wide open as she was spread eagle in the doorway.

The truck had a really bright dome light that was on and Chuck was just getting in the truck so he was looking right at her when it happened. As it turned out when she finally did make it in she ended up with her dress all bunched up underneath her and when she sat on it it pulled one arm of it all the way to her elboy so it had taken a couple of minutes to get it straightened out and until then she was basicly sitting there naked with this bright light right over her. Butthe way he was laughing he wasn’t offended and things were cool. So we headed toward town. The truck was a straight drive and Lynn was having to sit straddled the shifter and the bottom of her dress kept falling open where you could see her garters attached to her stockings and occasionally see her pussy.

A few times Chuck accidently touched her leg while shifting gears and though I think he was trying not to look he couldn’t resist taking a peek at her sexy legs and saw the sheer stocking attached to the garter belt. Once her taken a peek after she’d kind of shifted herself on the seat because the seat was slick and her silky dress was slick and she’d kind of slid forward. And I’d looked at the same time he did and you could easily see her hairy bush. And we both looked up at the same time and caught each other looking. But he’d already seen much more. But after that he complimented Lynn on her garter belt and stocking saying how much he liked them and how he hated pantyhose. And her and I both agreed. But it surprised me when he said his ex-wife wore garter belts a lot. Saying she’d only wore pantyhose to work or somewhere like that.

Then he started going on about how she’d ordered a lot of stuff like that from Fredricks of Hollywood because no one near us sold anything like that. And said when he was a kid thats all women wore. Which he was in his early fifties. And it was surprising me how open he was being because I’d always thought he was a really straight lace guy who was very conservative. But he started talking about how his wife liked to dress up in outfits like that when they went out. Then it was sounding familiar when he said that they usually went somewhere out of town when they went out and said people in our town were pretty uptight about stuff like that. His comments were coming pretty close to saying his wife was an exhibitionist and that they might have been swingers.

He even commented on how sexy his wife looked in some of her outfits. Then said that I knew how proud he must of been when his wife dressed like that to go out because of how sexy Lynn looked dressed like that. By then we were back in town and with all the street lights you could easily see inside the truck and Lynns dress had fallen open where you could easily see her pussy and one of her tits was hanging about half way out. And I could tell she was intentionatly not covering back up by her breathing I knew she was turned on. Chuck said he was going to drop our car off at the dealership and then take us home. So when we got to the dealership I got out to help him.

As we unhooked the car he told me he hoped I didn’t mind him saying but that Lynn was sexy as hell. And that he was surprised to see her dressed so sexy because she’d acted so conservative and even timid when he’d seen her before. I told him thats the way we’d seen him until that night. And said I suspected it was for the same reasons and thats why him and his wife had chose to go out of town to play. He laughed and ask if thats what we’d been doing that night ” going out playing? ” and I told him yes. There was a moment where neither of us said anything and he cleared his voice and ask if I’d mind if he asked me something personal and assured me it would go no farther but said if I didn’t want him to ask that was ok too. I had a good idea what it would be and I turned out to be right.

He asked if Lynn and I had ever tried swinging? I told him straight up that we had and that we usually went out of town but that wasn’t what we were doing that night. He got a big grin and said he had a pretty good idea what we were doing but I didn’t have to say if I didn’t want to. I asked him if he and his wife were just into swapping with other couples or if they had tried threesomes or groups or maybe exhibitionism? He laughed and said yea they had and that it turned him on seeing his wife flash other guys. Then said and they had gone to a couple of parties where their were groups. And had a few threesomes and confessed he liked seeing his wife with other guys. Then paused and said or girls. I told him me too and that Lynn was into girls a little but more into guys. And especially two guys at once.

We rolled my car inside the shop and he went to get the keys for a car saying he was leaving the truck there. So I helped Lynn out of the truck and before he got back told her he and his wife had been into the swinger lifestyle, that he thought she was hot and he knew we were swingers. Then asked if she’d like to have a threesome with him? She didn’t hesitate and I think was hoping for it and said yes. So I waited at the door for him and Lynn stayed beside the truck and when he came out I think I shocked him when I just came right out and asked if he’d like to fuck my wife? He paused and said well what if see isn’t ok with that. I told him I’d already asked and she was all for a threesome with him. So he just grinned from ear to ear then said well lets go then.

Soon we were home and inside and I fixed us all a drink and Lynn said she wanted to touch up her make-up. She was gone for a while and when she got back she was wearing a sexy white basque with garters and white stockings. A pair of sheer silk panties with a bow on each side and a white half bra that didn’t cover anything it just lifted her tits up and pressed them together and made her 34D’s look mammouth. And she had on white heels and a sheer white housecoat. She stood in front of us with a really sexy look and started to do a slow strip tease. Slowly taking off the house coat and then running her hands over her body fondling her tits & rubbing her pussy through her see through panties. Then with her back to us unhooking her bra letting it fall off. Then untieing the bows on her panties letting them fall to the ground letting him see that sexy round ass of hers.

She turned facing us now totaly nude except for her garter belt & stockings. She lifted one of her big tits showing off her huge areolas and rock hard nipples, then leaning her head forward and was flicking her tongue over her hard nipples as she rubbed her pussy with the other hand letting a couple of fingers slide in really deep. Then putting them in her mouth sucking on them as she stared right into his eyes. She got on her knees and crawled over to us like a tiger on the prowl. We were sitting on the couch so she began to rub our cocks through our pants. Then had each of us fondle her tits as she started to unbuckle our belts. It wasn’t long before we were nude and Lynn was taking turns sucking us off. Then she moved up between us and sat down and we started sucking her tits and eating her pussy. Taking our turns at each. Then she said she wanted to feel one of us inside her while she sucked the other one off.

We got in the center of the floor on the carpet and Chuck fucked her from behind while she sucked me off. Then after a while we swapped places. And after a while she looked up at him and asked if he’d like to fuck her in the ass? He jumped at that but before he could hardly move she added while I fucked her pussy. He got a huge grin and said he’d love that and that was something his ex-wife really got off on. She pointed to an end table and told him to look inside it. And there was a tube of something called anal ez and some condoms. Soon he was rubbing it on her ass and with the condom on easing his cock inside as I fucked her pussy. She was moaning so much I was expecting the neighbors to call the cops.

After fucking the hell out of her we pulled our cocks out and he pulled the condom off and she sucked us off until we’d both emptied a huge load of cum in her mouth. After cleaning up we sat around naked for a while and Chuck looked through one of our photo albums at Lynn in some of her sexy outfits. And we shared some of our swinger stories. Fortunatly it was saturday morning because the sun was coming up when he left. He came back one night and showed us some pictures of his ex in sexy outfits. And she looked hot as hell. Just by her expression you could tell she’d fuck your brains out. We had a couple more threesomes and remained close friends after that.

So a night that at one point seemed to be a disaster turned out to be a really great night. The car was fixed for free since it was under warranty and we found a new fuck buddy.

Will be happy to answer questions or correspond with those with similar experiences. At: [email protected]

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  • Reply 13 yr old

    this is really hot my pussy is dripping

  • Reply Keisha

    Your stories are fucking garbage.

    • like2watch1576

      Then why do you keep reading them. My guess you just get off by trashing everyone else because your a pathetic loser who’s never done anything in life. I’m wondering where are your stories?

  • Reply Fred

    Said you have sucked a cock and liked it, did it turn Lynn on? I have never had the desire and eating Linda’s cunt after guys have cum in it is not my thing either but she makes me do it. Especially is she is doing a lot of fucking in the car, she wants me to clean her up after every guy finishes with her. Says it makes for better fucking of the next one. She cums off quite often as I eat her out. She likes me to get a mouthful of cum and then kiss her so she can get the cum out of my mouth with her tongue. Any guys she sucks off, she swallows as she is addicted to cum.
    She loves to get 5-6 circles around her on her knees and they all shoot off on her face and in her mouth. Any cum on her face she slips into her mouth. I have to be careful if she tries to kiss me as I know she has a mouthful of cum wanting to share it with me. I love getting in her cunt after multiple guys have shot off in it but I also know she is going to make me lick it clean which licking up after one guy is not bad, 5-6 plus me is almost more than I can stand – hence the doing it in between her fucks. Lucky more me she prefers to suck guys off and swallows every drop.

    • like2watch1576

      No I’ve never sucked a cock. I’ve had guys suck me off mostly to please my wife as it’s something she likes watching. But she knows I won’t return the favor. My wife loves sucking cock and like your wife likes having several guys standing around her as she takes turns and having them all shoot off on her face & tits. Then licking off what she could reach and wiping the rest off with her fingers and sucking it off.

  • Reply 9" STUD

    What is the biggest cock you wife has sucked and fucked. Has she found out the Bigger the Better.
    Some gals take it all and a number found out it was more than they could take all the way so I would keep the last inch out of them. The All have been able to get the head in their mouth except a couple of gals, but one of them gave me a hell of a lick job.

    • like2watch1576

      Lynn had one guy who was 11″ and couldn’t take all of it. I’m about 81/2″ and fairly thick and she can take all of it. She likes sucking 2 cocks at once and can get the head of both in her mouth.