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Timmy and me

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My first gay experience at eleven years old with a kid on my baseball team.

When I was growing up; I was petite for a boy and kind of feminine. I could tell that I was a disappointment to my father. So … I thought playing little league baseball might butch me up.
It was worth a shot.
I met Timmy and we became good friends right off. Timmy lived a few miles from the baseball field where we practice and I live right next to it. So after practice we both went to my house. My parents were at work and my brothers with my grandmother.
The first thing we did when we got to my house was pee. We did it together, sword fighting with the streams, it was fun. Afterwards, Timmy’s little cock got hard. Mine did once in awhile for some unknown reason.
We both then went and watched TV, then out back throwing the ball. The whole time Timmy’s cock intrigued me. I wanted to touch it.
The next day same thing only this time Timmy wanted to touch my cock; so I let him. He held it and squeezed it and it became hard like his. It felt really good too. Then we went about our daily ritual.
A couple days later said he wanted to pee in my mouth. I wasn’t disgusted but afraid; I thought pee is poisonous and could kill me. I couldn’t stop thinking about it though. I couldn’t sleep so the next day when he came over; I told him he could pee in my mouth if I let him pee in his mouth first.
He agreed.
We got naked together and my cock got hard in anticipation. Timmy knelt down and opened his mouth. I began pissing and he seemed to like it. So then it was my turn. I knelt in front of Timmy. Timmy didn’t die. Then I opened my mouth and Timmy pissed into my mouth; I loved it.
Since we were both covered in piss, we decided to take a shower. Timmy soaped up a finger and slid it right into my asshole. It was the most amazing wonderful feeling I ever had.
Then the idea hit me, Timmy could put his cock in my asshole and we would both feel good. Timmy was way ahead of me. He came up behind me and fucked me for the first time. We fucked every day we had practice until the end of the season . It was wonderful.
When school started back up Timmy acted like he didn’t know me. It broke my heart.

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    Want me to have my 11 inch dick in ur ass?

  • Reply Cumgulper

    I hope you got over it. Some people are that way they use you for the moment. But I can understand how you felt. A dick in the ass is good feeling at times.

    • Cocklover69

      I would love to have a dick in my ass.