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Summer with kim II

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Uncle was watching the entire time, and has plans of his own.

My dick had never felt more drained, that woman knew what she was doing. All the girls I had been with were shy, reserved and relatively boring. But Aunt Cindy, she knew what I wanted. I got my water and kissed her neck as I walked by and told her “look forward to tonight.” The look that vixen gave me with her steel blue eyes almost made me release instantly. She simply smiled and went back to her chore. I had know idea Uncle Les had been watching the entire time through the window. When I got back to the barn I was none the wiser, he was quiet to begin with so lack of conversation wasn’t out of the norm. I was throwing hay to the loft when he came around the corner and said “hey boy come give me a hand with this tractor.” I tiny bit of guilt had started to set in, however my teenage hormones countered that swiftly. The tractor was on the backside of the barn, under a lean-to, my uncle had the side latch up and I assumed the damn thing had flooded again since we were having issues with the carb jets. My Uncle was mild mannered, and polite, however everyone knew that he had a mean streak. After coming home from the war he did a 5 year stretch for a bloody bar fight. To this day I still don’t know specifics, other than he didn’t initiate the fight. As I came around and was setting down tools the tractor fired right up. I grinned and said, “well I won’t be much help.” “Oh but you will!” Confused and trying to figure out what was going on, I noticed my uncle had his enormous cock dangling through the flap of his overhauls. “I brought you back here for privacy boy.” My heart sank. “What the fuck is going on today” I thought silently. “This is all a damn dream. It has to be.” Still frozen and the muffler of the tractor pumping noise and hot air all I could do was sweat. He took a step towards me, and wrapped his massive hand around his cock, “I know what you just did to the whore boy, and I know she wants more.” “And I’ll let you as long as we have an agreement.” He got within an inch of me, his cock resting on my forearm, “you can have her all you want, long as you do the same for me.” I had never been attracted to men, but I couldn’t help but be a little turned on by the situation. All I could muster to say was “but I’m not gay unc.” He smirked the most evil half smile and said “even better.” I don’t know if it was adrenaline, or fear, but the next thing I remember was my face against the cedar siding of the barn. Tractor still running and my pants were at my ankles. There my uncle stood behind me stroking his cock with the head pursed against my asshole. Oddly enough, I was hard as a rock. He slid his hand around my throat, leaned in and whispered in my ear “scream all you want, that’s what the tractor is for.” Thinking back our nearest neighbor was 3/4 of a mile away, and the house was about 100 yards. However, when the entirety of his cock pushed into my unused asshole, the scream that ensued. It all made perfect sense. “Oh my God, oh my fucking God” I screamed unc just growled. Slow but forceful just like I had done to his beautiful wife. I felt every single inch as he thrust backward, then forward. The only thing he said the entire time was “oh I’m gonna love using this” after a minute or two, the shock had warn off and I obviously had loosened a bit. I realized “God damn this feels good. I’m hard as a rock too. I arched my back so he could get just a bit deeper and moaned like I had heard girls do in porno’s. I’m not sure if it was the surprise of me seemingly enjoying it, or the deeper angle, but he began to thrust faster. I swear it felt like he was in my chest. “Hell enjoy it.” I thought. “God fuck my guts!” I screamed. That must have done it, because without warning or mercy I felt warm, massive amounts of fluid shooting on my insides. Needless to say with that I shot my ropes all over the side of the barn. He didn’t say a word. Backed away, wiped of his cock, turned off the tractor and walked away. “This, is going to be an interesting summer.” I thought as I pulled up my boxers, and felt all of that juice flood from my not so virgin hole.

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    Will be waiting for part #3

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    DAMN I liked That! Reminds me of the first time my ass was reamed only it was four guys. I was fucked, raped, sodomized and we’ll satisfied. What fond memories.

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    I’m not queer