So this happened

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i was over my friends house and she left me with her big brother and he raped me

it was the 9th and it was late around 9 or 10 o clock and my friend sariah left me with her older brother brandon hes 22 and im 19 she left to hook up with some guy

i watched tv up until 12 because my dad thinks shes still here i just decided to stay when i got out of the shower he waiting outside the door and brushed past me

i shouldve left when he hugged me i was uncomfortable so i pulled away i got dressed in a large band t shirt and short shorts and laid down

when i woke up he was standing over me and he attacked me he smacked me and forced himself between my legs holding my arms sloppily kissing my neck

i was confused and crying telling him to stop

he didnt listen he i smelled vodka on his breath when he asked me did i remember what we did when he was 15 and i was 12 i turned my head away

when he was 15 and i was 12 we were alone in my room because he was babysitting me i sucked him off and i got naked and we dry humped until he came on my pussy

back to it he told me i was a slut for doing that and i was crying and he got naked quick before yanking mines off

he rubbed my clit while bitting and sucking on my tits if i could add pics i would of the marks

he pushed his cock in me and ir didnt hurt i cant lie about it i moaned and whimpered he was bigger then any male ive seen he was very thick he had messy pubic hair and was about 9 inches

he breathed out on my neck telling me its my fault for provoking him and i came un willingly yes it felt good but deep inside im still broken and my body hurts ive been wearing sweats and hoodies afriad to tell anybody but you guys on this app

i came by today and he did it agian my parents have this stupid couples yogo thereapy and he told me he wanted to apolagize i didnt know hed do it again he came in me and i can only hope that im not pregnant

i just needed to get this of off my chest

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  • Reply Not alone! ID:3i7mqpby8rd

    sataslut first screw all those toehrs loser that reply sicko stuff, second i was 9 when i got raped, the first person that knew was my mome when i was around 28 years old and it was by accident shes snoopy but not as bad as my father and she found and read a letteri wrote about the event. we do not know eatch other but if you feel like communicating whit someone then i am can be that person, if you donot feel confortable guiving me your e-mail and even less your phone number witch i understand completely, we can commmunicate trough here, i will save your page on my FAVORITE LIST and from time to time i will see if you reply. I wish you well.

  • Reply Unknown ID:vzgdqwm3

    I really hope you get pregnant from it. It’s such a thrill for the guy to knock up a unwilling girl. He going to keep fucking you it’s just a matter of time until you have his child and blame your bf.

  • Reply kik - fijicharlotte ID:2pdxofsgd0

    i might be young but i’ve always wanted this, nothing will ever beat this fantasy for me! even if i am underage oops

  • Reply Doug ID:1hr6f15q49j

    Kimfslut – I was 16 when we had a high school Junior out that was known to fuck and suck cock so as my friend was getting his cock sucked in the front seat with the door open and her on her knees doing his cock, I just walked up and stuck my cock in her cunt. She went absolutely wild getting 2 cocks in her at the same time. After we both shot off in her, reversed positions and did her again. It was great for all three of us. We then started doing her like this all the time and added more guys. After that it was a regular thing to do the sluts this way and has continued with just about all of them. Have you had a double yet and if not, you are in for a treat.

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    O I am a boy this is not just for the Creator this is for everyone

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    I will make a Snapchat in 5 days like this my name will be raj😛 now you know how to contact me

  • Reply Carter ID:4j4pbr4sh

    Damn I’m sorry this happened may I see the marks? @ [email protected]

    • F.B.l ID:8ldnn172ql

      What the fuck?! How are you sorry you sick pedo

    • Carter ID:4j4pbr4sh

      She’s 19 you idiot, she also said she would have posted pictures of the marks if she could I’m curious

  • Reply Kimfslut ID:5u1d7cdxid

    I was a lot younger. Understand though

    • Mark ID:7ylren8hra

      Hit me up [email protected]
      Email or hangouts

  • Reply The Pussy Gaper ID:fx7itchrj

    Hey Satansslut how are you doing?

  • Reply Doug ID:1hr6f15qd99

    You have the making of a good little slut if you will just lossen up and realize you were born to fuck cock and suck. Good start you got before and I wonder why you did not keep on sucking cock as it appears to be natural to you. Did you cum off the first time he did your mouth. What you need to do is have him bring a friend or two over and have all of them do you at the same time so you know what double fucking in the mouth and cunt at the same time. My wife says that is the best sex ever and she should know as she doubles ever chance she gets. Are you cumming off when you get fucked and if not – why not. He either does not know how to fuck you or you are just not relaxed enough. The sooner you accept to are destine to become a slut, the sooner you will start cumming and then it will be anyone and ever one enjoying your cunt and mouth – Lot’s of luck…………

    • Kimfslut ID:5u1d7cdxid

      How old was you both when did double

    • Jenny ID:c1z6a2s44

      Need more men like you

    • Santana socks ID:4ke8j2ozj

      Dude she got raped chill

  • Reply Mark ID:7ylren8hra


    • Kimfslut ID:5u1d7cdxid

      How old where you two when you started double