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No other way

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This story is imaginary just an try in zoophilia

Am stella my age is 45 , but however no one could figure out my with my looks . Am married women my husband passed away with cancer I had a boy 12 age .
One day I went for a walk in evening , I walked for long time so sat in a bench to talk a deep breath for some while , a young came by and gave me a bag and asked me to keep it safe with . I asked why I should keep can’t you take it with you
He replied no am going to start my running just keep it till I finish it .
My heart felt something is wrong with the guy and bag but still I kept it
Then sometimes later a man came and took the bag pointed me and started shouting thief thief , I didn’t try to explain him what happen , I just started running.
After sometime of running I just somehow managed to jump into strangers back Yard .
I just say a plant and went sat near it a hiding way still without any moves .
I was closing my eyes and praying sudden I felt a hot blow of air in my hands . Opened my eyes spotted a busy dog standing in front of me . I just try to make him move somewhere by throwing sticks but all my efforts ends up to zero . I tried to push him that is the one of the fault I made that day . He barked at me as I pushed him .
I tried to get up but the tracks I was wearing is too thight I tore . I just sat down again because it tored to big I between my legs till my butt hole .
The husky again came near me started sniff all around me . As my legs were little spreaded he started sniff in there too his hot air felt in my panties made me little excited.i spreaded my legs wide open to his sight as I guessed he sniffed again I was excited since I know it is wrong I liked it .
I tried to touch his cock which I have not done before to a dog . I touched his cock stroke it gentle he enjoyed it . Then I moved my panties to side with legs spreaded he again sniffed this time for quiet long time it made me wet . I just started rubbing my pussy , he started to lick it …..
The story will be continued in unexpected way based on response ……..

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    Nice… hi beautiful lady’s I have a fetish maybe you could help me out with I love to smell dirty panties.. 814 319 8624

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    I liked it. Just have someone to proofread it please and you will have a Great next story. Thank you very much for the story and I look forward to reading the continuation of the saga.

    • JJJ

      Are you a M or F?

    • Unknown culprit

      Sure 😂😂

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      If that’s for me I am male

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    Very hot

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