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My trip to the Philippines

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This happen 2 years ago, and sadly I didn’t fuck her tho but in this story I did, I can make a story of my trip to the Philippine if requested

There are these two girl that caught my eyes. One was about 17 the other 13. The older one was my type of girl. She had an ass, a nice set of tits, and a beautiful face to go with it too. I would always get a boner if I was around her, but sadly she left to another island for something. I forget but we meet up again before the flight back to California.

The other girl was my age but because Asians are usually known for being smaller then other races of humans. So everyone thought that I was 15 or 16 by my hight, but I was only 13. She would always wanna be near me, I played it off because I had my eye on the older one, and plus it’s the Philippines and it is hot and humid there.

A few days pass by when the older left. Now my eye where on her. and because the age of consent and thought is 12. So it wasn’t wrong, but it’s kinda incest thought. But I was horny and didn’t really care that much.

I got her into the room my family where staying in. We talked about how our lives where different and other things. But because I’m not the seductive or flirty type. But she didn’t notice that I put my hand on hers, and moved it to my bulge. She was surprised, I asked her if she knew about sex and what it was.

I pulled my cock out, it was already hard. She was frozen there, so I moved her hand into my cock. I told her to move her hand up and down. To me it felt great have someone jerking me off. And I was close, but we both hear someone coming up the stairs. I shoved my cock back and into my pants. ( But you maybe asking yourself why didn’t you close and lock the door, well yes we did but we wanted to play it safe)

The next day I was sitting on the couch day dreaming what happened yesterday. And she sat on my lap, even though there was still room on the couch. She moved her ass around and a circle on my lap. She knew what she was doing. I asked her why now? She responded with

“I want you to fuck me.”
I said “like right now or something?”
“What if we get caught!?”
“I don’t care”

I pulled my cock out, she was wearing a skirt with no panties. I moved the skirt so no one could see my cock. I rubbed the tip of my cock on the entrance of her pussy. She was so wet. But again I couldn’t fuck her as we both hear the front door open.

We both quickly but quietly go up the stairs. My hormones telling me to fuck her. We dashed into her own little room. We didn’t take our clothes off, we just wanted each other. We where in the doggy position. I told her to bite a pillow and be quiet. As I ram my cock into her pussy. It felt so good but I couldn’t cum yet. I could hear her muffled screams. But in a few minutes though screams became screams of pleasure. A couple of more minutes passed by and I feel like I’m gonna cum soon. But soon was now and I shoved my cock has deep as I could, and cum deep in her pussy.

We both collapse, my hard cock still throbbing in her. A few minutes pass as I got up. My cock was covered in cum and blood. And her pussy was full of my cum, I look down at it. Cum and blood seeping out, I sat down on the bed now realizing what I’ve done. I’ve just cummed in my cousin, now concerned about her getting pregnant.

We both clean up and put our clothes on. She put on some panties. She is now laying next to me say

“Why did you cum in me what if I get pregnant?”
“I couldn’t pull I wasn’t thinking about that”

She didn’t take a shower or tryed to do something about the cum. We both come back down stairs and sat on the couch.

I fucked her a few more times but didn’t cum in her. But our time together was coming to a close, as our flight back to California was in a few days. I would sneek out of the room and go to hers for the few final day, and just cuddle with her. But didn’t fuck her.

The day arrived as my family had to go, she came running to me and hugged me, I whispered to her that I’ll come back soon, when I’m older and would have grown more, and my cock will be bigger when I’ll fuck you again. I kissed her again and went into the car.

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