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My sister my teacher

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Only for sisters games masturbate games and other things

I had arleady finish my bath and i took a look in my 10yearsold girly body hairless pussy boobs still small of very small age i was curious for my body i discovere the pleasure of play with your pussy when i was 7 and this when i had catch my 4years oldest sister play with her pussy in bathroom i of curiosity try it later when it was my turn for bath my mum full bath with water and foam and she put inside me when she left me alone i put my hand in my pussy and like my sister start rub it with my eyes close it was so good all this first time feelings rise me in seventh heaven when the big explode come i want to scream but i with big difficulty i keep my mounth close but when i open my eyes i had a suprise.
My big sister ellen without to realise her had get inside bath with her back stood in the close bathdoor and with her hands each above to other looking to me i feel strange because of her face i understand she had caught me but instead of become anxious she aske me of where i had start masturbate it was my first time i try to see how it is when previously i see you do the same i aswere with tears in my eyes because my relationship with her was strong and she loves me but when i am bad girl she become bad but instead of this she comes near me tell me to not worry i discovere this when i was one year younger than you now you like it she aske me yes i say well if you want we can do it together ok i say so like two good sisters from then until now we masturbate together show me new methonds most times at night we sleep in the same bedroom and we have unite our beds and this continue until today.
Now will return in present with me looking at my body in mirror now i had the curiosity of when my body will start change like my sister where she had big boobs hairy pussy but finaly i put a towel above my body and go for bedroom our parents were in a party so i was i and ellen alone this mean more free time for fun when i get inside bedroom my sister was wearing his white nightdress and she was laying down in bed waiting for me come little sister today i will show you more girly things that could do sisters together.If guys or girls like my boring story and want the next part let comments.

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