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My little cousin Demi

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My names alfie i’m 14 and this is the story about how i took my 9 year old cousins virginity in march 2020.

It was a saturday night, I was at a family get together at my cousins house, me and Demi were the only two kids there so everyone else was getting drunk and partying. Demi has always been pretty hot she has long brow hair, Blue eyes and she’s mixed. Anytime i seen her i always had to hide my boner that was trying to burst out of my pants, that night i had enough of fantasising about her and decided to make it reality. She went to bed early since she was the youngest. U waited for everyone to get drunk and i snuck down to her room, When i walked inside she was laying in her panties and vest. I instantly got a boner and pulled off my pants and the rest of my clothes.

I then walked over to her bed and pulled down her panties slowly so she wouldn’t wake up, next thing i lay down and began to lick her pussy, all of a sudden i heard her saying “Alfie what are you doing” i told her to shhh and began rubbing her pussy as i kissed her. she began to moan as i stuck a finger inside, then she started to cry, I used my other hand to play with her nipples and tiny boobs. Next thing i stopped and lay down I told her to sit on my knee and as she went to sit down i got my dick and stuck it in her pussy, I got harder and harder as she screamed but couldn’t be heard over the music, She had two orgasms while riding my dick and as i was about to cum i lifted her off and told her to suck it, She was so scared she did as i said, when i cummed i made her swallow it. I then told her if she told anyone about this she would get in trouble, She says she won’t and i told her to try to get some sleep and walked out of the room.

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