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I liked the attention and let it get out of control

My older brother would come home from college about once a month. And he would bring home friends with him. I used to try and talk to them but my brother would always send me away.

Anyway one weekend I woke up to go the bathroom. When I came out I looked in my brother’s room everyone looked asleep. I went back to my room got in bed. When there was a tap at my door. I opened it and two of my brothers friends were there. They ask if they could come in for a minute. Sure come in we all sat on my bed just taking a little bit. How old was I what grade was I in. Did I have a boyfriend. Stuff like that then one of them kissed me. Told his friend I was a good kisser and to kiss me. As I kissed the second guy the first guy shut my door. Then got back on the bed and started kissing me again as he did we started laying down on the bed. As I kiss one I felt the other’s hand started touching my boobs under my t-shirt. It felt good I didn’t stop him. It was very quickly that both were kissing and touching me my panties and shirt were off. Then one started going down on me. This was my first I was a virgin I new I needed to stop it but didn’t no how. The 2nd guy move up to were his dick was by my face he put his hand on my head and ask me to but him in my mouth and suck him. I did but really didn’t no what I was doing. He told me just keep going up and down on him. The 1st guy stopped licking my pussy and told the other guy to move he wanted to fuck me first. Now I new to say no and I did I told him I had never had sex we need to stop now. He laid on top of me kissing me. Telling me it was ok he really liked me and wanted to be my boyfriend. He ask me to spread my legs apart and I did. I felt him start pushing inside me it hurt the other guy was watching after a minute he was inside of me. He told me to relax the bad part was over. Then he started fucking me it felt strange but good. As he started going fast he told me he wasn’t going to last very long. Then he told me he wanted to cum inside me. I didn’t no what to say so I said ok a couple minutes later I could feel him twitching inside me. As he got off me the second guy got in bed with me and we had sex also he last longer than the first guy he finish inside me also. The next night I had sex with the 1st guy again. He told me I was his girlfriend. On Sunday they all three left the next week when my brother called I ask about him. My brother told me he didn’t go to his college he had met him at a party didn’t really no much about him. I was shocked and disappointed. About 6 weeks later I found out I was pregnant.

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  • Reply Not alone!

    i hope this is not true cause its fraking discusting and real awful that he used you and treated you like a fool.

  • Reply 14 yr old

    How old when this happen and how old are you now
    Message me 213-861-0827

  • Reply Al

    Well good for you – cock sucking and fucking 2 guys is good training for the slut you will be. Next time have them fuck your mouth and cunt at the same time for a special thrill. From this point on you will be fucking and sucking cock at the drop of a hat – Did you get to cum off as they fucked on you – if not don’t worry you soon will and then you will be willing to drop your panties for the world.

  • Reply Timothy Copenhaver

    Bro that was a very sexy story did you have the baby how old are you are you married yet would you like to have another baby I would love to give you mine

  • Reply Anonymous

    Did you take abortion or did you carry the baby out?