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My first sex video

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Two men make sex video with me of age 12

At the age of 12 I first started to get hair on my pussy a man who visited my mom a lot took me to a warehouse one day. It was like a loft, a few pieces of furniture and mostly empty. he took me up stairs to where I saw only a mattress on the floor and boxes around the room, a couple cameras and a lamp with the shade adjusted to point at the mattress. he told me to remove my clothes and lay on the mattress. I was nervous but did as told. Another man came in the room wearing only a robe and he started speaking in Czech language to the other man. The robe was open and i could see already his cock was stiff. I hadnt yet had sex with a grown man so i was nervous. He kneeled beside me on the mattress and the other man got a small digital camera and pointed it to my vagina. The man beside me reached and first rubbed two fingers in a circular motion around my hole. Nice and warm. He narrated. He paused and used two fingers to open my slit. My thighs trembled as the camera guy moved just inches away from my open vagina. The man held me open a few more seconds and started rubbing in circles again. Soon the rubbing turned into a finger sliding in. Tight. He said out loud. He slid his finger in and out slowly. I closed my eyes and began to relax. I had been fingered a few times before. My legs opened more. My pussy getting wetter as he began wriggling his finger. She enjoys sex? The man asked the other. It looks that way. Said the video guy. I rocked my hips up slightly. The man slid his finger in and out faster. I moaned and my body shivered. She wants to fuck one man stated to the other. The man fingering me stopped and removed his robe and positioned himself above me. The Camera guy adjusted the light and sat closely at the end of the mattress getting a close shot of the penis sliding into me. I groaned out loud as my tight pussy lips stretched to accommodate his girth. He kept forcing his way into me. I looked up and saw his face red, beads of sweat forming on his forehead. Smallest I’ve had, he said and grunted, his eyes squinted shut. In a dresser mirror I could see his white ass cheeks clenched together between my spread legs. The camera guy practically laying on the floor to get the close up penetrative shot. He gripped my small hips, pulled me up a bit and slowly started rocking his hips. Sliding in and out of me gently. I groaned again, making a type of noise I hadnt before. That’s it. He grunted.
About 5 mintues passed of him sliding in and out of me, the only noises were our groans and my slick pussy.
I’m not gonna last , he said loudly. Fuck, fuck. He grunted as he reached under me, gripped my ass and started pumping forcefully deep into me. I jolted and cried out underneath him. That’s it baby he moaned. That’s it come on me. My body quivered and I felt the inside of me gripping tighter around him. Soon his swollen cock was being tugged by my tightened cumming pussy. I hadnt felt anything like that before and my body responded on it’s own by trying to thrust upwards, my legs wrapped around his large waist. Fuck she’s cumming oh fuck yes oh god her little pussy wants this he moaned as I thrust into him. Soon he lurched, his cock sprayed deep inside of me. He lay on top of me motionless, all I could feel was his cock pulsing inside of me. He lay on me about another 5 minutes, the camera guy still close between our legs, recording as his flaccid covk slipped out followed by a gush of cum.
Now it’s my turn. He said, handing the other man the camera. I hadn’t even had time to recover from just having my first real fuck before I felt the other mans cock sliding into me.

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    Send me the link for your first porn

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      Childporn is a Felony. Do not solicit people for Felonies online.

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    Love to see you. Melissa. Ty

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    Nowdays us girls not think twice about making sex videos.
    I know the guy I lost my virginity to wanted to video me losing my virginity. I was 12.

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    Without wonder and insight, acting is just a business. With it, it becomes creation.