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My dad’s girlfriend

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Rosie was 5’4 with a nice hourglass plump little butt and small c cup boobs and curly light brown hair she never got along with any of her dad’s girlfriends

But yesterday his 5th girlfriend moved in she was a inch shorter then my dad she had nice perky b cups that sat up and curves in the right place

She’s been here for 2 weeks so far and something happened she caught me masturbating and she fingered me until I came and then she just left

I couldn’t face my dad after it but I kept dreaming of her fingers but when my dad was sleep she came in again and licked me she told me she liked it when I moaned

After she licked my pussy clean she gbabung my panties leaving

I was stuck in my room nervous of facing my father but he had a business trip for a few weeks and left an hour ago I words to both of us

What if he knows that all slipped my mind when she came in fully naked with a 13 inch strap on she thusted into me roughly moaning

It was the type of strap that a other side was stuffed inside of her we fucked all day she left after for work i was so confused

After she got off of work she grabbed a turkey baster full of her cum and stuffed it in my ass and sucked it out

It felt good

But the only back thing was my dad walked in when she had her face stuffed in my ass

To be continued

Tell me if you guys want a part 2

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    Please continue with more stories

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    Umm….maybe a gaping pussy request with furries.

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    Wow another stupid waste of time Here’s a hint have a point to your story or don’t tell it

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      It’s fictional idiot

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    Can I have a request with a gaping pussy story? It can be anything you want and I would love to read what you got.

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