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Tom show me his fantasy and i help him truth

I return with tom of swimming pool together in his house his sister and his parents were in a visit in grandfather and grandmother and they will return at night so we had plenty of time for fun we had take out our clothes and i my one piece swimsuit and tom his speedo so now we are in bedroom nude above his bed i with open wide my legs and tom among them dried out my wet pussy doing me moan and rub my breasts of preasure while tom had his blue eyes open looking at me he was talent in licking pussy until he rise his head with his mounth full with my liguids i cannot feel full with your pussy but my cock also wanted your pussy he show me his hard cock.
The same my pussy i showed him with rubing my pussy what are you waiting for i tell him he take a condom and try to wear it did you want to suck it to be more easy no he say but i go to my knees in frond of him and i take condom put it inside my mounth what are you doing he say dont worry this isnt the first time i do it and like i take blowjob with my mounth i start put the condom in his cock first his cockhead and then rest and with some back frond my mounth above his cock the condom cover his cock you see nothing difficult i was going laying down with my back when tom stop me say he want to fuck me in different pose ok i say whish pose you want this you girls are like dogs he aswere tom was my little lover so i dont tell him no.
I take doggystyle position and i place my ass in frond of him because he was shorter of me i raise down a little my body and i open my legs wide and i start rub my ass above his hard cock and i aske him what are you waiting tom dont worry i will fuck you but first i want to wear this he say and he show me two hair ties and he continued that he want my hair pigtails ok tom i say i had to do pigtails from where i was 10yearsold but i use them to do one simple pigtail in each of my head is this good for you i aske him he say yes and i feel him put his cock in frond of my pussy entrance he say that he want see me take his cock alone and i start push without difficulty i start take his cock inside me moaning is so nice i take it all of him until balls and again out then again until balls with slow moves i could hear tom moan and i aske him if he like it he aswere yes but suddenly he say sory maria but its my fantasy and with his hands grab my pigtails and used them as level he puch my head behind and he start fuck me.
He say he had this in some videos with girls like me or younger howewer his age he was push of my hair with power but i liked it i had also videos of what is the use of pigtails and i could feel his balls hit my pussy i was the 16yearsoldbitch of a 9yearsold boy and i like it all this time i could set my self free very easy but as i say i like to be a bitch suddenly tom stop fuck me he grab my pigtails with one hand while with other take out his cock of my pussy he say you have one other hole i want to use and i feel his cock in frond of my ass entrance i say no tom i am virgin of this hole well its time to open apart this hole and he grab again with his two hands my pigtails so i start push again with fear because i was really virgin of there i feel a little pain but i take all his cock with my ass tom say you see it wasnt difficult and he start fuck me i cry a little but i put my hand in my pussy rubing it doing me feel better until i start realy enjoy it.
After minutes tearapart my ass tom say he want to cum so he ordere me to go with mounth open in frond of him to cum so i like a good bitch i obey he had take out condom and he cum in frond of my face and we fall to bed he aske me sorry if he was rude dont aske sorry i tell him you are a little boy in this age and younger to say i start have fantasies i tell him this mean also your brother i dont know he hasnt show until now something like that we stay nude in his bed when we awake sun had starting to fell my parents i say i must return are we going to meet again tom aske me yes i give him a kiss in mounth i wear my swimsuit and clothes i say goodnight and i go for house.

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