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Drunk daughters 1st time part 5

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a jealous little girl and a horny wife makes things exciting but difficult.

I awake to my phone beep, a text from the wife, its 11 and she is on her way home,fuck sake there goes my plans for the day, all the things I wanted to do with bobbie.
It takes about 1hr driving from her mums so I’m guessing 30mins bobbie and 30mins to get the bedding in the wash and get rid if any evidence.
I run my hand up the back of her legs, her thighs are wet and sticky where my cum has been leaking out all night as my baby slept with a belly full of my cum, I then move my fingers to her between her tight pussy lips so wet still, she groans and wakes up, i whisper morning baby as I start kissing her neck,
I tell her mum is on her way home as I teased her tiny clit, she jolts up but then relaxes as I tell her we got some time but not long,
She says she has a tummy ache and her vagina hurts a little so can we just kiss and cuddle, feeling let down and not knowing when we will be able to go it again i agreed but only if I can cuddle her laying on top with my cock touching her pussy she says OK but no sex it hurts but we can do it again soon,
I roll on top and we start kissing I postion my hard cock so the tip is between her tight tiny slippery pussy lips and lined up with her hole she jolts a little as she feels it and pulls her mouth away from mine saying no it hurts shhh her and say its fine im just going to leave it there and we start kising again, i can feel the heat from her little hole on the end of my cock, i grab both of her hands and hold them back above her head, spread her legs more with mine, i kiss her deep, she opens her eyes and with that I loose control and thrust every inch as deep inside her as I can get, she cries out in pain into my mouth as its still over hers, i stay buried deep inside her hold in it there throbbing covered in last nights cum, so smooth wet and hot, the crying stops as I pull my mouth from hers a tell her I’m sorry baby I just couldn’t help it, between little sobs she says its OK but please be quick and gentle its hurting, with that I hold her tight in my arms and slowly start to with draw ivery inch of my cock before sliding all the way back deep inside her little body, she soon starts to kiss me passionately again and her moans of pain turn to moans of pleasure and I quicken the pace, soon I’m buried as deep as I can get cock throbbing as I’m coming into my baby girl again, and her pussy doing the milking action on my cock.
We have about ten minutes till mum could possibly be home i say as her pussy involuntary pushes my soften cock out of her,
She grabs my face and says no i don’t want her home i wanna stay here forever, so do I baby but we gotta get a move on and get tidied up.
I send her off to pee as I strip the bed and chuck them in the wash, bobbie comes back to the bedroom and i hand her her panties as i put my boxers on, your quiet baby whats the matter i ask her as she seems off, she says nothing is wrong so I tell to put her panties in the washing machine her self later dont let mum find them, she replys with fine and walks off down to the front room, i finnish straightening the bedroom put a tshirt on and go after her, there is something wrong baby what is it I ask her, its mum she replied, what about her i asked, she will be home soon,
She goes on to to tell me, after hearing her mum saying what she wants to do to me on the phone last night when she gets home today.
I dont want you to she says, what have sex I ask her, yes she said, you said you love me and I love you so why will you still have sex with my mum and ill hear it and I really don’t want to, please dad don’t do it, a tear rolling down her cheek looking so sweet.
Now me and the wife are very sexual with each other we have sex pretty much once a day.
Oh baby how can I not, she is my wife and will know something is wrong of all of asudden we stop having sex baby, plus I’m a guy I have needs,
Who’s better she asked, wow little shocked but tell her she is soo much better then her mum, with that she smiles slightly and tells me in that case I’ll have to make sure we do it everyday so your to tired to do it with mum, i laugh and said OK but we have to be careful, no one can know especally not mum.
Shes home i tell her hearing the car pull up on the drive,
We shear one last passionate kiss as I run my hands down and over her panties, there so hot and wet, my cum must still be coming out if her, i love you and will try my best baby, she replied with i love you to dad and please.
The door opens just as I move to the other settee.
Hi my two favorite people the wife says as she walks in, ive missed you both she says walking over to us, bends down and kisses me on the lips, I see bobbie move awkwardly then she walks over to bobbie and asked for a hug, somone hasn’t had a shower this morning she says as she let goes of bobbie and sits next to me grabbing my hand to hold, bobbie shoots me a look gets up and says I’m going to lay down, i didnt get much sleep last night and my tummy hurts and walks out, happy as ever I see the wife says to me, oh you know what she is like in the mornings always moody,
Let’s go to bed aswell she whispers kissing my neck,
All I can smell is bobbies sweet pussy and sex all over me,
I need a shower babe and the bedding is in the wash,
Whys it in the wash it was clean on before I left yesterday,
Quick thinking i tell her I kinda made a mess due to that video call last night, with that she grabs my cock making my jump as its a little tender, go have a shower and Ill put the spare bedding on and meet you in bed, and walks off.
Fuck what am I going to do, I love having sex with the wife and the thought of fucking her after my cock had been in our daughter last night and this morning gets me semi hard.
I dry from my shower put clean boxers on and hide the old ones at the bottom of the was basket, as I open the door bobbie is standing there, daddy please don’t she pleads, I tell her I really don’t want to but have no choice baby,
She storms back to her room slaming the door.
I want you so bad the wife says as I climb into bed, then the door opens, whats up bibbie, the wife asked as she is standing there crying,
Can i lay with you guys my tummy hurts and I’ve missed you, I could tell the wife was let down a little but said OK climb in, one sec i say, come down stairs with me ill get you some pain killers.
In the kitchen she turns to me putting her arms around my neck and starts kissing me, you cheeky little shit I say with a smile, yeah well now mum can’t do anything to you with me in bed can she looking pleased with her self.
She walks up the stairs in front of me lifting her nightie slightly so I get a perfect view of her tight tiny butt and her soaking wet panties, i quickly move them to the side with my fingers and slide my finger straight inside her as far as I can push it, she let’s out a little gasp pushes her self back a little harder,
Then just as we are about to open the dedroon door she kisses me again and grabs my semi harding cock, fuck I want you so bad I tell her, she grins and opens the door and climbed into bed we all drift off to sleep mum and daughter either side of me wife horny wanting my cock and daughter well fucked and full of my cum.
The wife wakes me up points to bobbie who is sleeping and whispers to me to follow her, we get to the front room and says finally, ive been dying to feel you inside me, I try to resist telling her bobbie could walk in, so what she replys she has caught us before whats the big deal and pecks me on the lips before dropping to her knees and pulling my soft cock out, watching her lick suck and kiss the cock that was in our daughter a few hours earlier has me rock hard in seconds, i can’t deny she does such a better job then bobbie at sucking cock, but then bobbies only really tried it once, im going to teach her to be as good as her mum I think to my self.
She stands up turns round and bends over the sofa, she says she can’t wait any longer and asks me to fuck her, pull her panties down to her ankles and run my hand between her legs over her pussy, feels so big and sloppy compared to bobbies tight firm pussy,
I slide me cock noticing no resistance all the way inside her, she let’s out a moan say how much she has missed my cock, and to fuck her hard, I tell her to quiet down as I start to really pound her, had me thinking how I wanna be pounding bobbie this hard, and how I cant really feel much now after how tight bobbie was, within minutes she cries out she is Cumming as i push the cushion into her mouth, she bites down as i feel her whole body stiffen up and look down to see her cum coating my cock, the sight makes me lose control and cum, didn’t feel as intense as with our little girl and didn’t feel like i cum as much but then I had cum just a few hours ago but still satisfied,
She pulls her panties up hugs and kisses me and says she is so sorry about the other night, it was wrong and disgusting of her to think and accuse me of what she did,
Dont worry its forgotten about i tell her, let’s just pretend that night never happend, we start kissing again when i hear the bedroom door upstairs open,
Bobbies awake i start to panic slightly, the wife giggles and says calm down its fine as she sits down and puts her feet up on the sofa, i head to the kitchen and start making a tea.
How long you been up bobbies asks walking into the front room, i quickly call out just this second babe, who wants tea trying to sound normal,
Bobbie comes in and sits on the work top, hows your tummy now i ask, its ok she said the pains gone, and your vagina i ask in a whisper, feels a little funny but its fine she says pulling the nightie up and panties out, the pussy was so red and glistening with cum,
Hey stop I tell her your going to get me hard, good she laughs and jumps off the counter walking into the front room, as i finnish the tea my still damp cock makes me realise I’ve not made bobbie cum yet and I want to be the one to give her her first orgasam.
Im gonna jump in the shower quick Bobbie tells us as i sit down with my tea, I won’t be long at all looking at me as she says the last bit, ok babe her mums replys, dont be to long i need one and looks at me and says you can join me if you like with a sexy grin,
Dad had a shower earlier bobbie barks out plus I need his help with something In a little while and walks out, christ whats come into her,
I tell the wife last night over dinner we were chatting and bobbie brought up the subject of us having sex, and that she can hear us and it makes her uncomfortable, i tell her to think back to when she was 13 and how she would have felt hearing her mum and dad fucking and being sexual in front of her,
Omg I didn’t realise, your right she replys we must be more careful and considerate.
I drink my tea feeling pleased with my self.
There was no more sex that night but lots of sneaky kisses from both and the odd quick flash from bobbie.

Part 6
Can daisy come to the party dad bobbie asks.

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    beautiful story, I feel some negligence on ur wife and bobbies jealousy sounds concerning, so convince bobbie into making love with her mum? girl to girl, if she likes it; you can get rid of her jealousy and ur wife wouldnt be furious if she finds about you two

  • Reply Timothy copenhaver ID:2c3iwvkm9c

    What a wonderful story makes my cock hard every time I read one of your stories it is so great to hear that your daughter loves your cock would really like to know if you got her pregnant so let’s read the next part

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    The next part is my first time with daisy if interested?

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      Yes, hope you fucked her ass

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