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Disgracing my Mother in-law

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Bringing my MIL down to earth, taking her down a few steps

Since the very beginning my mother in law has been a self-righteous bitch.
Always placing herself above others in moral judgment. When I first met her, she was bent over the oven pulling out some chicken dish she had prepared for Sunday dinner. I remember thinking dam she has a nice ass. She stood up and said hi. Nice smile a bit older I found out later that my future wife was the youngest of 6. That her mother was 34 when she had her. So, I do some quick math and figured out she was 60 now. Her tits appeared to be a good size, some what firm, her nipples showed nicely. As the afternoon wore on, I came to understand that she was highly opinioned. But I really didn’t care I was interested in her daughter not her. With time I came to spend many hours over there. I got a few good looks down her blouse. She diffinently had nice tits. And one occasion I saw up her dress got a perfectly good show. I could see she had a full bush. Well we married a year later and moved about 6 hour’s away cause of my work. She would come visit us abut every 4 to 6 months. She would leave her husband at home. So, we would setup the guest room for her. It was about 2 years into our marriage that finally I got the real good look at her. I had come home at about 2 am from work. The house was quiet. I was heading back to our bedroom and walked past her bedroom. The door was ajar just enough for me to see in. She was asleep on her side with the covers pulled off her legs and exposing her panty clad ass. I slowly walk in and walk right up next to her. The panties were very shiny nylon blue and see through. I could see her crack completely. I had always enjoyed smelling panties since I was 12. I decided to get on my knees and get a sniff of her ass. The scent was so sweet and musky. I got an instant boner. I unzipped and stroked my cock, enjoying the view and the smell of her ass. I was just about to get really close to her ass when she turned onto her back. Now the crotch was up. She never awoke so I got really close to her mound and inhaled. The scent of her pussy was strong and oh so good. The hair was coming through the material and creating a hill inside the panties. It was more then I could take and left the room, went straight into our bedroom took off my clothes and jumped on my wife, banging her and thinking about her mother. After that every opportunity I got I would get up late night and check out her room. I practiced on the doorknob during the daytime when I was alone to make sure I could open it very quietly. And I started to go into her dirty laundry bag smelling her used soiled panties. I would cum in the gusset leaving my cum stain there. It was years of pleasure of enjoying her when ever she would fly in. During these times I would listen to her and my wife talk about others and how they were un-moral for doing this or that. How she was a moral woman who never had been with anyone else but her husband. She loved to talk about another daughter in law who slept around. I would have done her if I could have gotten her alone long enough to tell her I wanted to bang her. Anyway, as time went by her husband had a fatal heart attack. Everyone comforted her and told her what a good man he was. I heard her tell my wife in private that he was a cheat and lair.
That she wished he had been a better person and that he was going to hell for his sins. My wife was hurt deeply by it. For she was really close to him. I made up my mind that one day she would be made a human being one way or another. Well life fell back to normal after that. And for the next 10 years she visited as normal. I enjoyed smelling and wearing her panties and a few times saw her tits exposed when she was asleep. Then I had to travel to her town on business. She told my wife that I should come over for a good home cooked dinner. I told my wife just one night, I have to meet with the clients the rest of the nights. I picked Thursday night for her dinner. I took with me 2 bottles of red wine. Plus, I had a couple of prescription sleeping pills. I figured this was my chance to fix her wagon and enjoy her nice ass & pussy. I knew she enjoyed having coffee after dinner every night. So, I opened the first bottle while she made dinner, then the second one during dinner. I volunteered to make coffee for her. She was a bit tipsy from the wine. She thanked me and sat in her easy chair.
Saying how her feet hurt from being on them so much. I finished pouring the wine mostly into her glass, and then dropped to the floor in front of her. I slipped off her shoes and started to rub them for her. She was in heaven saying how good that felt. Mean while I was looking up her dress, checking out her panties. She finished off the wine telling me how good it was and how good her feet felt after me rubbing them for her. I got up and went into the kitchen fixing her coffee for her with the sleeping pills. I made my mind black since I wanted to be awake to give her something special. When I came out, she was almost out. I told her why don’t you go change before having your coffee. She agreed that was a good idea. When she came out, she had on a silk gown down to her knees. I could tell no bra, and I could see her panty line very clearly. She sat again in her easy chair. She sipped on her coffee and told me how good it tasted. I sipped on mind. It wasn’t long before she yawned. I finished my coffee and took the cup the kitchen. As I came out, I stopped behind her and rubbed her shoulders for her, she just said oh my I need that. I kept it up lowering my hands down her back. Then back up again and over her shoulders down almost to her tits. She was getting really into it. I told her finish your coffee. She did so I took the cup from her placed it on the coffee table. I took her hand said here lay here on the sofa. As she did, I got behind her and rubbed her back fully, allowing the material to ride up on legs exposing more then she would have liked. I then shifted my hands to her legs pushing the gown fully up to her panties hem. Slowly I worked my hands between her thighs then gently rubbed her panty gusset. She just sank into the deep sleep. I kept my hands in contact with her skin, always touching her somewhere. Once I knew she was out I lift my hands up and under the gown. I took hold of the panty top and pulled then down all so slowly. Her ass started to become exposed to my view. I slid them off her down her legs and off her feet. I kept one hand moving on her as I smelled the panties. They were moist and smelled great, I think she was getting off to me rubbing on her. Now I really took my time looking at her naked ass. Dam it was so sexy and white. I lifted the gown until I was just under her breasts. I lowered myself next to her ear and softly said Maggie please roll over so I can do the rest of you. It worked she rolled onto her back. I moved the gown off her tits and just under her chin. Now I had her fully exposed. Her hair was completely grey but so full. I decided now was the time I stood up and took off my clothes. My cock was rock hard ready for her cunt and ass. I reached down and grabbed gently her left leg and laid it down off the sofa, so that it just touched the carpet. Now her pussy was exposed to me. Her lips were a bright pink. I separated her hair and touched her clit. It was moist. I climbed up on the end of the sofa and stretched out between her legs until my face was in her thighs. I stuck out my tongue and licked her. She moved a little. I wiped up and down across her lips tasting her pussy juices. She tasted better than my wife. As my tongue hit her honey hole she breathed in deeply. I looked up her eyes were closed tightly. I went to town sucking her pussy. I reached up and grabbed her tits with both hands. The nipples were hard before I even touched them. I let go of her tits and raised her right leg up and over the sofa back. I knew what was next I got on top of her and rubbed my cock on her open hole. Once I was wet with her juices, I pushed in. My cock went in about 3 inches. I the pulled about half then went more, then back out then on the next thrust drove it home fully. Here I was fully inserted in this pussy of high morals. She was wet like any other whore. I started to pump her slow long strokes. Lowering my body, I then took hold of her tits in my hands and sucked them while fucking her. I decided to give her some hickeys on her chest and neck. I started to feel the cum building up in my balls. When it was ready, I just shot my load into her. Filling her pussy to the point of overflowing. Since I hadn’t JO during the week, I had a full load to give her. When I did pullout of her pussy the cum was oozing out of her, down to her ass on to the sofa. I climbed off her and went into her bedroom. I pulled down the covers. I went back and lifted her in my arms. I took her to the bedroom laying her down on the closer side. Then climbed in on the other side. Now for the next phase that yummy ass. I pushed her on her stomach. I pulled apart her legs then moved myself between. I lowered my body so that I was just above her. I balanced myself on one elbow while I rubbed my cock head in the cum that had coated her ass. I then insert one finger then another into her ass. Getting her muscles to relax and give way for me. Once she felt just right, I took my cock and guide the head into her ass opening. I pushed a little and the head went in. But she moved some and made a noise. I stopped and waited a minute then resume my pushing in my cock. I went in about 2 inches then just laid there motionless. Once I felt comfortable, I started to pump in more of my cock until I felt my balls slap her pussy. I couldn’t believe I was fucking this marvelous ass. I let weight go some and I started to bite and kiss her neck leaving hickeys everywhere I could. Once again, my balls felt the built up of cum, so I pumped harder and shot my load in her ass. It was so good draining my balls into her. I just laid there until my cock had gone soft and I slipped out. When I did the smell hit me, I looked down and I was coated in shit. Her ass was brown all over. I was thinking about cleaning her but then decided to let go.
I moved her to face me, then wrapped my arms around her and stuck my cock in her pussy and went to sleep. Well morning came the sunshine came through the windows and she awoke to find me holding her with both of us naked. She pushed me off her and said loudly what are you doing in my bed with me? I just smiled and said come on Maggie you were wonderful last night. I’ve never had a better night with a woman. She jumps out of bed trying to cover herself. The cum had leaked all over her pussy hair and dried into a patch of cum. She grabs a robe off the chair and runs into the bathroom. Then comes the yell OH MY GOD!!!! I get up and walk naked in the bathroom. There she is looking into the mirror and all the hickeys I gave her. My cock is up so I pull up the robe and push my cock in her ass, which she still hasn’t noticed is covered in shit just like my cock. She pulls away from me. Then looks at my cock. The face she made was worth every minute of the last 15 years. She reached around behind her and felt the dried shit in her ass and looked at my cock it took a microsecond for her to figure out I had fucked her ass. She sat on the toilet and started to cry what have I done over and over again is all she would say.
I kneeled in front of her and told her it is Ok we had a lovely night one that I would never forget. She was so hot and sexy. I lifted her face and kissed her on the mouth pushing open her lips with my tongue.
No, she pushed me back this isn’t right you are married to my daughter and I’m too old for you. I lifted her up and kissed her again please don’t it isn’t right she said. I picked her up and placed her in the tub, I took the robe off her and started the water running once it was right, I turned the shower on. I grabbed the soap and hand towel and started to bath her. She just stood there and let me. After bathing her I climb in with her. She stood almost like a statue I wash myself then rinsed both of us. I tuned her to face and kissed her again this time I was gentler and more let her open her mouth on her own. I let my hands to explore her body as I kissed her, Well My cock got hard again, as it pushed into her stomach, she reaches between us and took hold of it. Stroking it a little then broke the kiss and got on her knees in the shower taking my cock into her mouth. She sucked me with plenty of gusto. I felt her right hand reaching between my cheeks and then a finger slipped into my ass; she found the prostrate and pushed on it that caused me cum down her throat. Once I was done, she stood up and said now let spend the day in bed I want more of that cock. That was 8 years ago. I fuck her now every chance I get, so what she is 83 she still has a fine ass, a wet pussy nice tits, and suck better then my wife. And now she doesn’t be little others who live their lives the way they want.

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    Grt ride

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    I married straight after school and was pregnant with second daughter at 24 when my husband passed away. My older daughter started dating her husband when i was 37. He had a crush on me and i gave into his charms.
    3 years later i gave into charms of the next son in law to be.
    I now do grandsons and other teenage boys. Which is why i love reading these stories

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      Hi there,I’d love to hear more about this, Email me [email protected]

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      Love your style

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      I want to use you and your granddaughters

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      Hi dear can we get closer…….

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    Now Leave Your Comment… i hate the story

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    My mother in law walked in on us fucking and saw my Dick and told her daughter i want him in my pussyhole now we fucked for hours I finally filled her full of my sperm she is 82 yrs old

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    Had a similar experience with my mother-in-law but she had seen her daughter sucking me off and that’s what she did with me. Turned out to be a great cock sucker and took to swallowing like a duck to water. Story titled – Face Fucking My Mother-In-Law.