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Discovering Sister Part IV continues: The Family Secret

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It was time I learned the truth about our family.

There was a knock on the bedroom door. Teresa, my twin sister and I had just made love for the first time in nearly 3 months while she was away. Mom had just returned from taking our older half sister, Nova to the airport. Prior to Teresa and I reuniting, Nova and I had fallen into a sexual relationship. A very unexpected one at that. Before she left for the airport that morning, we had one last encounter where I took it too far and borderline raped her. I certainly wasn’t proud of it, I merely lost myself in the moment and when I started getting rougher and more aggressive, I was too close to cumming to stop.

“Are you two decent?” Mom asked from the other side of the door.

In the early days of our relationship, which first started when Teresa and I were 12, a knock on the door by Mom would’ve startled us both and we would’ve frantically tried to hide what we were doing. Mom however knew exactly what we had just done. She’s known for a long time and has given up on trying to stop us. So now that we’re 20, we just laid naked in each other’s embrace under the blankets.

“More or less.” Teresa replied.

“I need to talk to you. Alone.” She said while looking at me.

Teresa got out of bed and headed to our bathroom to take a shower. Mom sat on my bed next to me, took a deep breath, let it out and then laid down next to me where Teresa was just laying. She was outside the blankets while my naked body was under them but I was still nervous about it. My mom was in her early 50’s but was a stereotypical bimbo. Plastic surgery, fake tits, petite body and too much makeup. My earliest sexual fantasies are of her so even being under the covers naked in the same bed as her started my engine back up.

“Nova and I had a good long talk on the way to the airport.” She said.

A lump in my throat began to manifest. Christ, I just raped my older sister for crying out loud then she finds me in bed with my twin sister just hours later.

“She told me about you two.” She said.

The lump in my throat grew. “Let me expl…” I tried to spit out.

“Just stop!” She said with a hint of anger.

She went on to explain everything Nova had told her. Even the stuff about how I felt Nova, who is also very much a bimbo, was a substitute for my fantasies about Mom. She told her everything. Except what had just happened a few hours ago. If she did tell her, mom never brought it up. The lump in my throat was starting to subside.

“When this thing with you and Teresa started, I never thought it’d get this far, and I thought you’d stop.” Mom said.

“It’s not a ‘thing’ mom. We love each other. Unconditionally.” I explained.

“I know I haven’t been the best mom ever, but I should’ve paid more attention to this.”

“You couldn’t have stopped us” I told her.

“No. I mean the family gene.” She said. “I hoped it wouldn’t get to my kids but for some reason unknown to me, maybe it’s genetic or maybe were just some fucked up trash, but our family has a long history of incest.”

“Wait what?!” I asked

Mom went on to tell me all of it. She told me when she was 11 her dad raped her regularly until she was 14. Not long after that she had met her first husband, Nova’s dad and ran off with him just to get away. Early on there was some question as to who exactly was Nova’s father but tests revealed it was NOT my grandfather. Mom also told me about how she’s carried on with both of her brothers well into her 40’s. Even while she was with 2 different husbands over the years she still had been having regular sexual encounters with my two uncles. So it seems it does run in our family so to speak.

I was floored! Speechless. The only thing I could even spit out was “she told you I fantasized about you huh?”

“I would’ve thought you’d have more questions than that but yeah she told me.” She responded. “It’s ok. I’m sure every boy has fantasies about their mom’s early on. Perfectly normal.” She continued

“And if they don’t go away?” I asked rather boldly

She laughed a bit, then put her hand on my thigh and sat up. Her hand was just inches from my cock and it was growing fast!

“Don’t worry about it.” She said with a smile as she got up and left my room.

As soon as the door closed shut I threw down the blankets and began stroking my cock. Moms perfume still permeated throughout my room. It reminded me of when I first learned how to masturbate. I stroked my cock up and down, harder and faster. In only took about 20 seconds before I was getting close to cumming when my door popped open again.

“Oh!” Mom said shocked.

She didn’t close the door though, she just stood there shocked for a second or two even after I covered up. I was so close to cumming that when I threw the soft blankets over me to cover up, they tickled my tip just right that it finished the job. I tried to hide my orgasm best I could but mom could see it on my face. She smiled a bit and closed the door.

Later that day Teresa had gone out with some friends she hadn’t seen since she was away and I was up in my room playing video games by myself. My phone buzzed. It was from Mom. Odd, I thought. She’s right downstairs.

It said: If you wanna talk about this morning or the talk we had, let me know I’m always there for you.

I didn’t know how to respond so I just typed “ok”.

20 minutes later mom knocked on my door. She didn’t wait for a response, she just opened the door. I guess she figured she’d already seen what I do the moment I’m alone, what more could she see if she waits for me to tell her to come in.

She sat next to me on my bed. I was still playing video games but I was getting increasingly distracted by her scent. She was also wearing a shirt that was much too small for her fake tits. She also had some soft pajama bottoms on. We made small talk that felt she was just as uncomfortable as I was. Of all 3 her children, I was the most introverted and she and I had the most similar personalities. We both knew what happened. We both knew what had been happening with my sisters and I. And we both knew why I was jacking off when she came in the room earlier. We just both pretended we didn’t.

I shut off my game and we just sat there for a minute or two still spitting out awkward comments that had no relevance to anything.

“Ok.” She said as she let out a deep breath. “If you want to, we can.” She said

I pretended not to know what she meant but she knew I knew what she meant.

“I understand you and Teresa have something important to both of you. I also know you have fantasies about me. I have fantasies about you too, especially after seeing that monster you got in there.” She said adding a smirk and a giggle at the end. “I had a long talk with Teresa, told her everything I told her I told you and about seeing you pleasure yourself. Everything. I told her I wanna be with you too!”

“What?!” I said shocked

She didn’t respond. Instead, she leaned in and kissed me. Shoving her tongue in my mouth, I offered up zero resistance. Within seconds she’s maneuvered herself on top of me. Straddling me now she begins to pull her shirt off over her head. Her giant DD tits flop out and bounce a bit as she pulls the shirt over her head. They’re beautiful! Bigger than Nova’s. Even her nipples are huge! She begins grindig, dry humping my rock hard cock as she returns to kissing me.

She then slides down a bit and begins undoing my shorts. As she pulls them down my 10” cock comes flopping out.

“Jesus, it’s even bigger up close” she says as she grabs the shaft and puts it in her mouth.

Her warm mouth feels amazing! Immediately I feel trickles if spit dripping down my shaft. My fantasy has come true! My mom is giving me a sloppy blowjob!

She slides her hand in her pants and starts rubbing herself. The blowjobs intensity increases as she does and the vibration of her moans on my cock are incredible. She’s beginning to cum. She pulls my dick out of her mouth still squeezing it tightly at the base. She pushes her pants down around her knees and starts to scream. She puts my cock back in her mouth and gently bites down. At first the feel of her bite is uncomfortable but then feels amazing! It’s something new I’ve never felt before. Her teeth gently nibbling on my tip as she screams in pleasure was the most insane feeling I’ve ever felt while not cumming myself.

When she finishes rubbing herself she returns to sucking my cock. Minutes later I shoot a load in my mother’s mouth. As she comes up for air there’s a sloppy mix of cum and saliva everywhere. Stringing from her mouth to her hand and from her hand to my cock and cock to her mouth. She goes back down for more slurping up every last drop I could shoot out and sucking out drops that weren’t supposed to come out.

As she finishes getting the last of it she crawls up and lays next to me. She starts kissing me. The saliva and cum still on her lips and tongue.

“I wanna fuck you so bad now!” I whisper

“You can keep going after that?!” She said surprised.

I get up and get behind her. I pull her hips up and she’s on all fours now. I press my cock against her wet pussy lips and push my way inside. She screams. Louder with every thrust as every thrust goes deeper. The sight of my cock sliding in and out of my mothers pussy turned me on more than anything every has. All I could do is stare down at my cock going in and out. Her screaming and moaning have become background noise now. Minutes go by, in and out, in and out!’ My dick had never been so hard! Finally another batch of cum was ready.

“Don’t cum inside me!” She moans out sensing I was close.

Just as I was about to explode I pull out and shot a smaller but equally intense load on her ass. When I finished, we both collapsed in exhaustion on the bed. I fell asleep a few minutes later I was so spent.

An hour or so later I woke up and Teresa was standing above my naked body.

“I take it you guys had fun.” She said laughing a bit

Still a bit groggy, I just grunted something and asked for the time.

“It’s almost 1am” she responded.

Teresa shut off my light and then crawled into bed with me. I could tell she was naked and she cuddled up with me.

“I wanna hear all about it in the morning.” She said.

We fell asleep minutes later…

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