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Daughter Fucks Step Dad with Mother’s Blessing Part 3

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Susan gets inseminated and a surprise from mom.

Susan liked having Jim’s hard penis pressing tightly against her stomach. She rubbed her girdled stomach gently against it. Jim’s hard penis slid easily against the silky front part of her girdle. Susan started breathing heavily and clinging to Jim. Susan’s mom knew that her daughter had totally lost control of her actions. Her female teenage hormones were in control.

OMG daddy I really have to know what it feels like!!! Will you please put it inside me now? Ok sweetheart, if you’re sure your ready, but you’ll need to get out of your girdle first. Susan rolled off her dad onto the bed and struggled to pull her girdle and stockings off in one motion. Then she removed her bra and handed them all to her mom for safe keeping. Susan was completely naked in front of a man for the first time.

She looked down at the hard cock that was about to go inside her and started trembling with excitement. Sue straddled her sex partner and stroked Jim’s super hard cock with her hand. Some precum had formed on the tip. Susan scooped it up with her finger and put it inside her pussy. It was the hottest thing Jim had ever seen.

Susan raised herself up on her knees and positioned her pussy directly over her lovers manhood. Jim held his cock straight up so Susan could sit on it and have complete control of it penetrating her. When she felt Jim’s cock touching her pussy she took hold of her dad’s penis and placed it at her opening.

Susan looked at her mom for approval and she nodded yes and said lower yourself slowly honey. The head of Jim’s cock felt huge against her small opening. She was dripping wet. She applied pressure a little at a time till she felt the soft head pop in. She paused thinking this is already feeling really nice. She started lowering herself again and she could feel her opening expanding to accept the girth of her dad’s penis. The further she took him inside herself the more she felt stretched to accept her dad’s swelled cock.

Fortunately breaking her hymen was not necessarily because Susan broke it a few months ago when she was experimenting with putting a condom over a small banana and inserting it inside herself.

Slowly she lowered herself even further till her step dad’s cock was completely inside her body. As she expected she had a very nice long orgasm the moment it was totally inside her. Afterwards she felt thrilled that it actually fit inside her little pussy. She looked at her mom again and said thank you so much. I love you for letting me do this.

Now that she was getting used to being filled with cock she felt the natural desire to start pumping this beautiful penis in and out of herself. First slowly then faster. Then another orgasm rippled through her body. She looked at Jim and he was in a place of sexual bliss. She fucked Jim’s cock for a short while then she told him she wanted to try missionary.

Susan lifted herself from the shaft that was inside her and laid on her back with her legs spread wide. Jim waisted no time positioning himself over Susan and inserted his hard cock back into Susan’s tight pussy. Jim started to give Susan the fucking that she always heard her mom receiving. Soon Susan was going wild with orgasm after orgasm. She was very vocal just like her mom. Moaning and calling out with every stroke. Jim’s cock was driving her crazy with sexual orgasms. She kept crying out OMG over and over.

She could feel Jim’s penis swelling and starting to twitch and throb. Jim was forcing himself as deeply inside Susan as he could. Susan knew, she was being inseminated with millions of her step dad’s sperm. It immediately drove her into the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced thus far.

Suddenly she felt like a complete woman. She looked up at her lover and said don’t leave me. Don’t pull out yet. I don’t want this to ever end. Having you inside me makes me feel complete as a woman. Susan relished in knowing she had sperm inside her. At this moment she felt so connected to and so in love with her mother’s husband all she could think about was him ejaculating inside her again. After awhile Jim’s cock had softened and withdrew from Susan.

She felt sperm leaking from her pussy. She reached down with her finger and touched the semen. It made what had just happened seem very real. She had just been very well bred. She was no longer a virgin. After cuddling with Jim for a few minutes she got up to go clean up. Susan’s mother was smiling when she handed Susan her dress, bra, and girdle. Susan went to the bathroom to clean herself up. She then went to her bedroom and put her bra and girdle back on then joined her mom in the living room a few minutes later.

Jim is completely exhausted Susan. You really zonked him out. I’ve never seen him so spent after fucking. I guess screwing a teenagers tight little body really took it out of him.

So Susan how was your first time? Mom it was so incredible. Feeling Jim inside me was by far the best feeling in the world.

So I see you put your girdle back on, are you going to wear it all the time now? No I don’t think so mom. Just for special occasions, like when Jim is horny. Ha! Susan that’s going to be anytime your around him girl. Oh mom he’s plenty horny around you too. I heard you guys last night going at it. Oh Susan I figured you could probably hear us. I’m sorry that must be hard to listen to being a horny young girl. Yea it sometimes makes going to sleep a little difficult. Susan next time you hear us fucking just come upstairs and join us. No mom Jim’s your husband and you two deserve some privacy. It won’t bother me nearly as much now that I’ve been with Jim. You know mom his cock is so beautiful and amazing. I can’t get over how great it felt inside me. Jim’s penis fits perfect. Yes he’s pretty special Sue.

So mom when do you think Jim will be getting up? Well I’m not sure Sue. Screwing you really made him tired. Plus he and I had a pretty intense session just last night. Yea tell me about it mom. I’m sure he’ll be down for supper later. We’ll see how he’s doing then.

Mom and me talked for awhile and I eventually fell asleep on the couch. I guess Jim giving me multiple orgasms wore me out too. When I woke up someone had covered me with a blanket. I was in the living room alone. I stood wrapping the blanket around myself and started looking for mom or Dad. My crotch felt wet. I assumed it was some of Jim’s semen leaking out of me. It was so nice knowing I had a man’s sperm inside me. It made me feel so warm and sexually desired.

I went into the kitchen and found them sitting at the table talking. I was feeling very close to Jim since we had just been intimate plus I was still feeling pretty horny. I decided to be bold and I went to him. I sat on his lap still wrapped in the blanket. I hugged him and laid my head on his shoulder. Aww….. Jim, it looks like you’ve made a friend honey. I buried my face in his neck. He smelled so good. Still feeling bold I whispered, “Dad will you put it inside me again?” Oh…. sweetheart of course I will. Did you like the first time? Yes it was amazing dad. Your penis felt so wonderful. I’m glad you like it. You felt pretty amazing to Susan. You were so tight and wet. And you looked so amazing in that tight girdle. Susan stood just long enough to unwrap the blanket from herself and sit back on her dad’s lap. She felt his beautiful penis starting to get hard. You mean this girdle daddy?

It was no surprise that Susan was becoming very close to her step dad. Ok you two, it’s obvious you’re going to fuck again so you better take that Plan B pill I got you this morning Susan. Two doses of Jim’s sperm will have you pregnant for sure. Take it right now Susan so you don’t forget. It’s over by the sink. Susan slowly got up from her dad’s lap and took the pill.

Ok daddy where should we go this time. Anywhere pumpkin. You can pick. My room? Sure Sue that sounds fine. Mom come with us. I want to see you fuck dad. No you guys just go ahead and have fun. Mom I want you to join in this time. Not just watch and masturbate. I want to see dad inside you. For a long time I’ve only imagined what you two looked like screwing. The three of them went to Susan’s room to have sex together.

When they entered her room Susan unzipped her mom’s dress and helped her out of it. Mom I love your girdle. It’s so sexy. I’d like to try it sometime. You can wear it anytime you want sweetheart. It’s a little tighter than the one you’re wearing though. Just let me know so I can have it washed up and be sure I’m not planning on wearing it.

The three of them climbed into Susan’s bed and started enjoying this new erotic experience. Both girls started right in taking turns sucking Jim’s dick. One was kissing Jim with tongue while the other worked on getting Jim hard. Actually Jim had no problem getting a very hard erection. He was experiencing every guy’s dream. Not only having two women at the same time but they are even mother and daughter both wearing very sexy tight girdles. Jim’s loved the way his dick felt when it was this hard. He felt like a horny stud ready too inseminate any female he could penetrate. Lucky for him he had two horny babes who were in heat, both desperately after his sperm. Which one of you sexy girls is going to sit on my super hard cock first. Susan and her mother looked at each other. Mom you go first. I already have his sperm inside me. Jim’s wife had her girdle and stockings off, and her husband’s dick deep inside her in a heart beat. She was so fucking horny after watching her daughter fucking her husband.

Actually her daughter had turned her on sexually ever since she watched Susan pull on her girdle that first time. She wanted to have sex with her daughter and she wanted to do it tonight in front of her husband. Knowing that the cock that was inside her was inside her daughter a couple hours earlier slipped her into an orgasm.

She wanted her daughter’s pussy. The after glow of that orgasm gave her the nerve to lift herself from Jim’s cock and pushed her daughter on her back and put her face in Susan’s girdled crotch. Susan’s girdle was soaked and her mom started sucking the wetness from it. Jim moved himself behind his wife and put himself back inside her pussy and started pumping. Susan’s mom found it erotic to be sucking and licking the crotch of the same girdle she had wore herself many times. Now it was on her daughter and Susan was so sexy wearing it.

Jim continued to fuck Susan’s mom but he had to be careful not to ejaculate. He wanted to feel Susan’s pussy around his penis again. He wanted to add more sperm to what was already inside Susan. Fucking a 16 year old hot babe was completely mind blowing. Jim felt himself nearing an orgasm inside his wife so he pulled out to prevent it.

I want to fuck that little black girdle our daughter’s wearing. Carol looked back at her husband and said, “Get that fucking hard cock back inside me. You already gave Susan some sperm, this time it’s mine. Knowing he’d better not upset his wife, and eliminate any possibility of him ever fucking her daughter again, he put himself back into Carol and started deeply fucking her.

Susan looked up to her dad and mouthed “I love you, please fuck me. Daddy” Jim knew exactly what she said. But he knew he had to breed some sperm into Carol first. He hoped that after ejaculating into his wife, rubbing his penis on his step daughter’s tight little girdle would keep him hard so he could penetrate Susan’s little pussy. He so wanted to push up into Susan’s pussy till he felt her cervix against the head of his cock just like he had earlier.

Again he felt himself getting close to orgasm. Carol was working on Susan’s pussy with her tongue and with some vigorous petting through her girdle. Susan was getting very turned on. She had never experienced another woman pleasing her.

Suddenly Susan took her girdle by its waist band and pulled it down her body and over her feet. She tossed it in her dad’s face telling him to hold it for her. Carol was now having naked sex with her daughter’s pussy. Licking Sue’s clit with her tongue. Susan went wild with orgasm in an instant. Carol felt her daughter’s reaction to her tongue licking Susan’s pussy slit. She hoped this would be a regular occurrence with her daughter. In fact she would be up for the three of them enjoying sex together again and maybe many more times.

Jim held Susan’s girdle to his face and breathed deeply. He could smell Susan’s sex and feel the warmth from his daughter’s body. Feeling Susan’s girdle on his face, and his cock inside Carol, pushed him into an orgasm that caused his hardness to unload a flood of sperm into Carol. She screamed in pleasure knowing she was being very properly inseminated. Finally she felt warm sperm flooding her inner self.

As soon as she felt the last pulse front Jim’s cock she pull herself forward dissengaging herself from her husband’s penis. After rolling to the side she told Jim, “Hurry, put it in Susan before it goes soft!!!”

Jim laid Susan’s girdle across her breasts and pushed his still hard cock fully into Susan. Feeling his cock entering her that quickly made her gasp for air. Susan pulled her step dad to her lips and kissed him deeply. Kissing his lips, feeling his body weight on top of her, and his cock filling her pussy was all adding up to pure sexual bliss. She felt like the luckiest girl on earth. Sex couldn’t possibly get any better than this.

Then Jim started fucking his cock in and out of his sweet daughter. Jim moved his mouth from Sue’s mouth to one of her breasts nipples. Sucking hard and working his tongue around it was setting Susan on fire with lust. Sex with her mom’s man was getting better and better.

Sex like this was insanely hot. She felt herself starting to pass out. The intensity was just to much for a little 16 year old girl. Jim stopped to keep himself from ejaculating. Just in time for Susan to regain her composer. During the pause Susan looked at her mom and said he is incredible I can’t believe what just happened. Yes sweetie I know. He’s been screwing me that way for a couple years now. I’ve passed out several times. Just enjoy his penis inside you sweetheart.

Susan was definitely doing just that, very much. MOM I feel so full!!! I love having a man inside me. And I love wearing your girdle. Jim’s cock never did get soft. Fucking Susan’s sexy little body kept him hard enough to penetrate Susan and give her a good fucking.

Susan looked into her partners eyes. Do you think you have any sperm left for me? Sweetheart I’ll always have sperm for you anytime you want it. Jim kept fucking Susan till he finally ejaculated more sperm into Susan.

Both of Jim’s girls were sexually satisfied. At least for now. The three of them feel asleep together, naked. This was the beginning of a very open relationship between Susan and her parents.

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