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A Wife’s Punishment Final Chapter

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Robyn goes for broke and gives in to her carnal desires.

“Jenny you have to help me pleaseeeeee I’m begging you” Robyn texts. “And what is it that you need help with?” Jenny responds. “I need more please I need more I’m begging you.” “What do you mean you need more? You have 4 fucking toys 1000 baseball bats so what do you mean you need more.” Jenny snaps back. “I can’t say it in text Jenny pleaseeeeee you made a threat to me the last time you and Mark punished me and Jenny pleaseeeeee I need you to carry out your threat I’m begging you! Pleaseeeeee!!!” Robyn begs. “Please Jenny can I come over?” Robyn pleads. “Hahaha oh so you want my threat to be carried out huh. Which one there was 2 if you remember correctly.” Jenny comically replies. “1 or the other either or both Jenny I don’t care pleaseeeeee just let me have one of them?” Robyn begs. “I’ll give you anything you want just please let me have it I don’t care anymore I need it sooo fucking bad!” “My parents are gone out of town for the day. Have mark bring you to my house. He knows where it is he’s been here several times before. I’ll go out and get them ready but just so you know if he loads you into that truck there is no turning back and the word no and stop don’t mean anything. There’s no safe word there’s no stopping anything if you come with him.” Jenny sternly responds “oh and by the way you should wear your wedding dress today this is a special occasion.” “Ok I’ll get it out of the closet right now is there any other request before we leave?” Robyn excitedly asks. “You should probably stuff yourself before you go Gus hasn’t had a go in about a year so he’s going to have a lot of pent up aggression.” Robyn rushes into the closet and puts on her wedding dress then comes in to the living room with her wedding dress on with her horse dildo in her hand. It’s a tight slim fitting wedding dress that shows off her tits very well. “So where you headed like that” I chuckle. “I need you to take me to Jenny’s pleaseeeeee mark.” “Oh I know I just got off the phone with her and she told me what you begged her for. She didn’t mention a wedding dress though.” I laugh. “She told me what to wear and told me to bring this” as she holds up the horse dildo. “Hahah ole Gus and mad max are going to have a time today. Let’s go” I say as we head to the truck. “Headed your way she seems excited” the text to Jenny reads. “Well she better keep the enthusiasm cause I didn’t just spend the last hour in this barn for nothing.” Jenny replies. “Pull all the way down to the barn and I’ll be waiting for you to get here” Jenny says. “Pull your dress up.” I tell Robyn. “Why?” She looks nervously at me and replies. “Cause unless you can put that horse cock into you while we drive down the road you’re going to need some help you know what you were told now don’t start with me.” I growl back. “Buttttt I don’t need any help mark” Robyn says looking at the floor. “What do you mean you don’t need any help” I ask. It had been 3-4 months since I had seen robyns pussy not having a dildo stretching it out. So I was kind of surprised when she lifted her wedding dress and there was her once right pussy gaped the size of a golf ball with nothing in it. Robyn takes the head of the horse dildo in her mouth gets it wet and then slowly pushes it inside of her till it bottoms out to where she can sit straight up on it. “Well this should be fun going down this dirt road” I laughed to myself. Sure enough Robyn begins squirming when we hit the 2 miles of dirt road leading to Jenny’s. By the time we pull up to the barn there is a strong smell of sex in the truck and Robyn is flush. Jenny walks out to meet us at the door when we stop. Jenny opens the door and says “just what I thought you already got off DIDNT you you little slut?” Robyn looks down at the floor and says “yes ma’am I’m sorry I couldn’t help it that road was really bumpy.” “It doesn’t matter get out of the truck but first” Jenny lifts Robyn’s wedding dress and pulls the entire length of the horse dildo from her soaked cunt. “Mark did you bring the cuffs” Jenny asks. “Yep got them right here.” As I hand 2 sets of cuffs to Jenny. Jenny leads Robyn to an empty horse stall. Jenny places each one of the cuffs on a separate I hook drilled into the wall “kneel on the hay bale and give me your hands” Jenny tells Robyn. Jenny fastens each hand to a cuff and locks her hands down. Jenny lifts the back of robyns wedding dress and painfully slowly pushes the horse dildo back into her pussy causing Robyn to shiver. “Why did you put that back inside of me I thought you were going to give me what what you threatened me with.” Robyn looking disappointed. “How about you worry about what you can control which right now isn’t anything” Jenny sets up her phone on the other side of the stall. Jenny walks back up to Robyn and places a blindfold on her eyes and then puts on a pair of shooting ear muffs so Robyn has now lost the use of her hands her eyes and her ears in the matter of minutes. Jenny looks and me and says are you ready?” “Yep” I grin back at her and say.” Jenny walks over to Robyn and puts a scoop of peanut butter on her asshole and then opens the gate. “Come her max come her boy Jenny calls” her comes Max a 120 lbs German Shepherd. Max is clearly excited as Jenny pets him and leads him by the collar over to just a few feet behind Robyn. “Go get it max go get it boy” Jenny says as she let’s go of max. Max goes to Robyn’s ass and begins to lick and eat the peanut butter out of her ass. “Oooo myyyyyy goddddd” Robyn moans louder than probably normal since she can’t hear herself. Max licks robyns ass clean and he clearly knows what is expected of him next as you can see his red rocket sticking out “up max come on boy” Jenny says as she pats robyns backside. “Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck” Robyn begins to say as Max’s paws scratch her as they come down over her hips. Max begins to jump around and Jenny used the horse dildo as a shield to force him to fuck her in the ass. After a few missed jabs max finally hits his mark and slams his k9 cock inside of Robyn’s ass. “Ohhhhhh god damnit FUCKKKK!” Robyn screams. Jenny sitting next to Robyn lifts her ear muff and growls into her ear “you better tell him what a good boy he is for fucking your ruined asshole.” “Ohhhh fuck Max your such a good boy fuck me max oooo god damn fuck me max” Robyn begins to scream. Max is fucking Robyn’s ass with ruthless abandonment. Max sinks his cock deep into robyns ass and forces his knot inside of her. Robyn looses her mind and begins to thrash. “Please max stop oh my fucking god it hurts Max please be gentle boy oooooo fuck.” “He only knows one thing and that he’s supposed to cum and he’s going to fill your bowels with his dog cum” Jenny growls in robyns ear. “Oooooooo fuck” Robyn yells as Jenny snatches the horse dildo from robyns cunt as she begins to squirt max begins to howl as you can see him beginning to flood her ass with his cum. Max seems to cum for forever knotted deep in robyns ass. Once Max’s knot goes down enough he plops down to the ground breaking the seal on robyns ass as his cum floods out of her bowels and runs down Robyn’s gaping cunt. “Thank you Jenny I’ll never be able to repay you it’s been over a year since I’ve been fucked by anything other than a dildo.” Robyn exhaustedly says. “Oh bitch I’m not done with you yet we’ve just began” Jenny growls into the ear muff. Jenny walks over and opens the back stall gate “come on his come on boy it’s your turn” Jenny hollers. Here comes gus a huge black stallion. Gus walks into the barn towering over Robyn’s tiny body on the hay bale. Jenny walks Gus over to the hay bales and has him place his front feet in a stirrup type contraption to hold his weight. Gus has a MASSIVE dick and he is rock hard as he hasn’t gotten off in over a year. Jenny reaches down and pulls the blindfold and ear muffs from Robyn. Robyn looks back and is terrified.”Jenny stop please Max was enough please Jenny no” Robyn begs as she pulls at the cuffs. “I told you if you came here it was my rules and no DIDNT mean SHIT!” Jenny hollers Jenny reaches down and grabs Gus’ cock lines it up with robyns gaping cunt and in one powerful majestic thrust Gus slams himself inside of Robyn as if he is breeding a mare. Robyn gives out a blood curdling scream! Gus begins to thrust in and out and with each thrust his cock drags Robyn back and forth with it. Robyn is screaming and begging for it to stop as Gus destroys her cunt. Gus’ pace picks up “he’s fixing to finish Mark watch this” Jenny says excitedly. With a loud deep whinny Gus plows forward and unloads inside of Robyn. A years worth of pent up cum shoots out with so much force it forces Robyn off of Gus’ dick as he covers her body in horse cum. Gus’ orgasm seems to last even longer than Max’s and was insane how much cum he had built up. When Gus finishes Jenny helps him down and walks him out of the stall. Robyn is lying in a pool of horse cum passed out from the abuse she just took. Jenny walks up to Robyn and slaps her across the face till her eyes open. Robyn is completely out of it she can’t move or talk. Jenny grabs Robyn by the back of the hair and says “there you go you pathetic slut” as she drops robyns hair he head falls back on the hay bale. Jenny unhooks the handcuffs and takes my hand. “You said I could have whatever I want. Turns out I already had him. Clean yourself up or don’t I don’t care. Your stuff will be outside the house if you ever decide to show your face there again!” Jenny kisses me hard as we walk to the truck and leave Robyn laying in a poll of her final punishment.

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      She truly is a good girl to me.

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      Without wonder and insight, fucking is just a business. With it, it becomes creation.

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      Priya you are correct hope you enjoyed it

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