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A Night Nobody Would Forget

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A special request. Let me know if there should be a part 2.

“I’ve seen the way you look at her and I know that look in your eye” the text read from Linda. “You better think long and hard about what you’re thinking about because if you screw it up it will blow up in your face.” Linda’s next text read.
Linda was a long time family friend 9 years older than me so she was almost like a cousin. We shared all of our secrets together and she was even the one to teach me about how to kiss a woman when I was 13.
“What do you mean” I replied. “I’ve seen the way you stare at Maddie (my 16 year old daughter) I saw how you had to keep shifting this weekend when y’all were at the lake. You can’t fool me.” “I don’t know what you’re talking about Linda I replied.” Then I got a series of pictures Linda had taken of me and Maddie each one you could tell both of us gravitated towards each other and even with sunglasses on you could tell I was staring at her amazing body. 5’8” 125 34C cup with an amazing hourglass ass and hips. “Why did you take all of these pictures?” I asked. “Because I knew you would try to deny it. Mark we have known each other a long time. You know your secret is safe with me. You know I don’t care for Robyn but I do love you and Maddie. Right?” Linda responded. “I know that and we love you but where are you going with this?” I asked. “I would be lying if I said I didn’t steal glances at Maddie myself I mean Mark she is gorgeous. But my only fear is that one day your looking won’t be enough and I have seen the way she messes with you and it seems all fun but if you are wrong you will lose everything including her.” Linda responded. Before I could respond Linda said “let me help you.” Linda always had a thing for younger men and so I figured her “version” of help would be better than anything I could come up with so I agreed. “Maddie said something this weekend about wanting to have some friends at the lake house this weekend. You keep Robyn at home I’ll supervise the “party” and I will get you what you so desire. But you have to do exactly what I say no questions asked. Do you understand?” Linda stated. “I understand” I responded. “Tomorrow is Friday come by and I will fill you in on the plan.” Linda said.
I got off work a couple hours early on Friday and drove out to Linda’s lake house. When I pulled up Linda met me at the door in cut off blue jean shorts and a white tank top with no bra on. At 45 the woman was still gorgeous with perky 38D tits a slim waist and an amazing ass the woman was stunning and she knew it. “Mmm well hello there” I stated when she opened the door. “Hey you come on in and have a seat and I’ll fill you in on what I have in mind.” Linda said as she shut the door. On the counter in the kitchen was a small bottle with a clear liquid in it and a small empty bottle next to it. Linda opened the top and said “do you know what this is?” “Not a clue it looks like water” I responded. “Not quite” Linda replies. “This is the secret ingredient to make all of your dreams come true.” Linda smiled and said. “So what is it?” I asked. “Mark I told you you have to trust me but don’t ask questions.” Linda sternly said. “Right sorry. So what’s your plan.” I responded. Maddie and I were in my closet looking for some stuff last weekend and she saw a skirt and a shirt she really liked and I sent them home with her. You may not “approve of it” but you will let her wear it here tomorrow night.” Linda took the small bottle with the liquid and poured a small amount into the empty bottle then hands me the fuller bottle. “You will take this with you. You will make that bitch of a woman you call your wife dinner tomorrow night. Let her have all the wine she wants. Take this and slip a little into each glass but make sure she takes the whole thing.” I will wrap up the party around 11/12 she needs to have taken all of this by then.” Linda stated calmly but assertive. “Then what?” I asked. “Then you’ll just have to see what happens. Now get on home and get some rest tonight cause I’m sure you’ll need all of your energy tomorrow night.” With that Linda walked me to the door and gave me a kiss goodbye not the kiss she gives me in front of Robyn the kiss we have shared since I was 13 and she was 22. As I turn to leave Linda whispers in my ear “don’t you dare cum between now and then” with a devilish grin. I left Linda’s with my mind racing I had a good feeling I knew what was in the container but wasn’t 100% sure.
The next morning I woke up and was making lunch around noon when Maddie came strutting into the kitchen with a tight white button down sleeveless blouse on and a black mini skirt and heels. Her long legs made the mini skirt look even shorter than what it already was. I turned and saw her and had to bite my tongue dear god she looked phenomenal. “And where are you headed to?” I asked as if I didn’t already know. “Ms. Linda said I could have some friends at her house today I already told you that.” Maddie replies. “Oh yeah I must have forgotten.” I lied. “Be careful and DONT drink and drive if I need to come get you I will. Now you better get out of here before your mom sees what you’re wearing and I change my mind” I stated. Maddie gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek and whispered “I’ll see you tonight” and walked out the door. My head was spinning and I didn’t hear Robyn walk into the kitchen “where did she go?” “Huh I replied trying to snap myself out of it. “Where did Maddie go?” Robyn repeated. “Oh Linda said she could have some friends at the lake house today so she’s headed up there” I replied. “Oh well she could’ve told me bye atleast” Robyn stated as she walked out of the kitchen. It was a quiet day not much went on about 5:00 I decided to start cooking steaks and poured Robyn her first glass of wine typically 4 was her max so I decided to split the liquid Linda gave me to 3 glasses making each a little stronger than the last. Robyn finished the 3rd glass around 9:30 and you could tell she was out of it for sure. “That wine hit me hard tonight” Robyn said slurring her words. “Here let me help you to bed” as I practically carry Robyn to bed she is passed out by the time I lay her down and tuck her in. I close the bedroom door and send Linda a text “well Robyn is passed out.” A few minutes later Linda replies “did she take the whole bottle?” “Yeah just like you said.” I responded. “Good we have at least 8-12 hours of peace and quit then. I will start to wrap this party up shortly.” Linda responded with a picture of her in a tight red party dress and Maddie who had obviously unbuttoned a few of her blouse buttons enough to see the top of her red lace bra.
About an hour later my phone goes off it’s a picture of Maddie asleep in the front seat of Linda’s Lexus. “Someone had a lot of fun tonight. But little does she know her fun is just about to start😈”. Linda captioned the picture. It takes about an hour to get from Linda’s so about 45 minutes later I get a text from Linda “how is Robyn?” “She’s still passed out.” I replied. “Mmm perfect be there in a few.” “Pulling in come help me get Maddie” Linda sent a little while later. As I walk out of the house Linda steps out of her car in her red party dress that was a little shorter than knee length with a spilt in the side clean up to her hip a deep V neck plunge that showed off her amazing rack with bright red lipstick. I walked out to the passenger side of the Lexus and opened the door. When I looked in I saw Maddie passed out with her blouse completely unbuttoned revealing her bright red lace Victoria Secret bra he black mini skirt was obviously pulled up around her waist revealing her matching red Victoria Secret lace thong that had an obvious wet spot on the front of them. I turned and looked at Linda who had a sexy devilish smile. Linda leaned into my ear and whispered. “While the bitch in the house may be knocked out cold for a long time this little girl won’t be out much longer so if you’re really going to do this you better not waste any time.
I lift Maddie out of the car keeping her skirt around her waist with my hand under her ass with my thumb between her thighs. I can smell the sweet scent of her arousal as I carry her inside. Linda closes the door behind us as I carry Maddie to her bathroom. Linda starts the shower turns to me and whispers why don’t you go wait in her room for us. As I turn to close the door I see Linda peel off Maddie’s skirt and shirt leaving her in just her bra and panties. A few minutes later my phone goes off. A text from Maddie. “Daddy we are ready” the text reads. As I get up and head to the bathroom. When I reach the door I can hear the sound of light moans and heavy breathing. I open the door and see Maddie sitting on the shower seat with Linda between her thighs eating her pussy. Linda looks back at me and grins and motions for me to come in quietly. Linda looks back and whispers “go slow she’s starting to come to but she’s definitely a willing participant.” As I crawl between Maddie’s thigh I look up at her and see her magnificent pussy perfectly shaved with just a small light patch of hair just above her clit. I lean in and run my tongue the length of her pussy and dear god she tastes amazing. I keep my eyes on her as my tongue makes it’s way to her clit. I begin to lick and nibble on her clit causing her to stir and moan. As her hand reaches for the back of my head she obviously felt less hair than when Linda was down there and she slowly opens her eyes. The first time Maddie’s eyes opened and she saw it was me instead of Linda you could tell that there was a shock but at no point did she attempt to push me away. Quite the opposite Maddie dug her nails into the back of my head and pulled me in tighter to her and let out a deep moan. Linda leaned in to Maddie’s ear and whispers “do you want your daddy to take you to your room to finish what we have started?” Maddie doesn’t say a word just nods her head yes as she moans again. I pick Maddie’s naked body up off of the seat and carry her down the hall to her room. Linda follows behind us and stands at the door in nothing but a black lace Victoria Secret bra 38D and a matching Victoria Secret thong. As we reach her bed Maddie pulls my head tight and begins to kiss me hard. We fall tangled up together on her bed. As the kissing and begins to get much more intense. My hand goes down and finds Maddie’s pussy which is dripping wet. As I push a finger inside of her I can feel just how tight she is and feel her hymen still intact as she gasps. I lean into Maddie’s ear and whisper “I have waited for this day for so long” Maddie cuts me off and sternly says “so have I so stop waiting any longer”. Linda walks over and pulls down my shorts freeing my raging hard cock. As it’s freed the head rubs against Maddie’s pussy as she gasps. I whisper in Maddie’s ear “baby this is probably going to hurt.” Maddie moans “then let it hurt I want it inside of me.” Linda reaches down and begins to rub the head of my cock up and down the length of Maddie’s pussy making sure to use her juices to lube it up. “Are you ready baby” I ask. “YESSSS” Maddie bellows as I begin to push my cock inside of her. The head pushes in as Maddie’s eye open wide Linda lays next to Maddie on the bed “breathe baby the next part will hurt but you have to keep breathing it’ll only last a few minutes. Maddie shakes her head yes as I slowly pull back. Linda looks at me “do it now” she says. As I push hard inside of Maddie tearing through her hymen Linda leans down and kisses Maddie to muffle her screams. I bury my entire cock inside of Maddie and stop. Linda feels me stop and puts her hand over Maddie’s mouth and looks at me and says “DONT stop let her get used to feeling the rhythm.
As I begin thrusting in and out of Maddie I can see the blood from her ripped hymen forming at the base of my cock smeared by Maddie’s cum as her body begins to shudder. By now Maddie’s screams have turned to moans as she wraps her arms tight around my back. “You like the way that feels baby” I whisper in her ear. Maddie just moans deeply. “Mark don’t cum inside of her the first time” Linda whispers in my ear. “I’m so close Linda” I moan. “Mmm I know you are but pull out and shoot your cum right on your little girls clit.” Linda moans back to me. A few pumps later and I pull out just in time to explode all over Maddie’s clit.
Linda immediately pushes me on to my back and takes my cock into her mouth to clean up the mess that was just made. My head is still spinning but I can feel my cock starting to get harder by the second in Linda’s mouth.
Linda looks up at me and says now it’s my turn for some fun. Linda crawls between Maddie’s thighs and looks at me and says “fuck my ass while I clean your little girl up” as Linda burys her face on Maddie’s cum covered pussy. I kneel behind Linda and push my cock into her ass. Linda bellows out a moan as I force the entire length of my cock up her ass in one thrust. Maddy begins to whimper as her hand reaches the back of Linda’s head to keep her in place. I begin to pick up the pace forcing Linda’s head to grind against Maddie’s pussy. Linda’s ass begins to tremor and clamp down on my cock tight as I see Maddie’s eyes open wide her body begins to tremble as all 3 of us cum together and collapse on the bed.
Should there be a part 2???
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      Someone I like the way you look at it