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A New Horizon Explored

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Jenny doubles down on a deep seeded fantasy and everything changes.

The next morning with my head still trying to kinda process the latest of Jenny’s fantasies I kind of expected her to back track from it. Not really knowing how to approach the situation and not wanting to make her feel uncomfortable if she had indeed changed her mind I decided a neutral approach was best.
“Hey you what you doing” I asked. Jenny was not a morning person so I was kind of taken back when I got an immediate response so early, “hey bubby!!! I’m getting ready for school what are you doing?” Well I guess that answered my question without even having to ask it. “So what does my baby sister want to do today?” Jenny’s response was direct and on point, “first off I am not a baby I’m fixing to turn 10 and I don’t care what do you want to do?” “Hahaha that’s right the big double digit birthday is right around the corner isn’t it. Well it’s too cold to go to the river where I usually spend my off days so what did you have in mind?” “I want to do something fun. Take me on an adventure I don’t ever get to do anything fun since you moved out mom and dad treat me like a baby! Where is that place you used to talk about going to scare people when you were in high school?” Jenny asked. “You mean the old abandoned hospital just outside of town? It’s not really scary during the day but if that’s where you want to go I’d rather you go with me cause there use to be homeless people who lived out in the different buildings.” “Well I don’t want to be scared to death like all of those stories you use to tell me but it does sound like something fun we can do and I’ll be with you so you can protect me!!” Jenny immediately responded. “Well if that’s what you want to do then make sure you dress appropriately and make sure you wear some kind of boots there is a lot of broken glass and nails on the floor.” “See you always looking out for me!!! Boots tights and an old T-shirt sound good?” Jenny asked. (Jenny knows I can’t keep my fucking hands off of her ass when she wears tights they are definitely my kryptonite because her ass looks absofuckinglutely astounding). “That should work but you may want to sneak a change of clothes in your bag just in case so you can change before going home so mom and dad think you were actually at school.” “Ok!!!!! Bus will be here soon I have to finish getting ready! Meet me in front of the school just before 8 I’ll sneak out to your truck!!!!” This woman may be the death of me but dear god could she play a role like nothing I’ve ever seen! At 7:30 I’m in the elementary school parking lot waiting with a mix of anxiousness and excitement. 7:45 Jenny texts “bus is pulling in I have to run inside for a second don’t leave without me!!” “I wouldn’t leave my baby sister ;p” I responded. “I’m not a baby stop treating me like one!” I see Jenny pull in the parking lot and park 2 cars down from me. Then I see her and her 2 youngest daughters walking across the parking lot looking like triplets black tights white tshirts rain boots each carrying a pink backpack With their blonde hair pulled back in ponytails. Jenny looks back over her shoulder back at me with the sexiest most devilish look I’ve ever seen. A few minutes later Jenny sends me a text “I’m fixing to sneak out the back door meet me around back.” “You’re so bad” I respond. Immediately Jenny responds “shhhh it’s a secret now hurry the bell is about to ring!” Jenny comes running out the back door of the school snatches open the door to the truck Jenny slides over kisses me on the cheek with the biggest smile and says “I’m so excited!!” Jenny holds my right hand with both of her hands on top of it placing my hand on her knee as she kinda bounces in her seat. “So bubby what is the scariest place in the hospital?” Jenny asks. “It just depends like I said it’s not as bad during the day cause of the sunlight that comes through the broken windows but I’d say probably the basement because that’s where the morgue was.” “The morgue what’s that?” Jenny asks innocently. “That’s where they would take the patients when they died. There is still some of the metal gurneys down there they used to bring the bodies in and out on.” Jenny sits there silently for a few minutes then says “I will only go in there if you promise to go with me.” “Well I already told you that I wasn’t going to leave you alone there use to be an old drunk homeless guy that lived there and well there were always stories…….” I replied. Another pause and silence……”what kind of stories?” Jenny asked. “Ehhhh it doesn’t matter I will be with you the whole time to protect you.” I squeeze her hand and smile at her. “I love you bubby!” Jenny says. “I love you too baby sis.” “I’m gonna beat you up if you don’t stop calling me a baby!” Jenny snaps back. As we pull on to the road leading up to the old hospital Jenny squeezes my hand a little tighter as the hospital begins to slowly emerge and become visible from the grown up trees and brush. “Wow I bet this place is scary at night.” She whispers. I kinda chuckle “oh it’s a lot of fun at night I use to bring some of my dates here when I was in school.” “So that’s what this can be a day date with your little sister!” Jenny excitedly exclaims. I chuckle then say “yeah somethin like that just a little different” as I wink at her. “What do you mean different?” Jenny asks innocently. “Well you are my sister and you are 9.” “Well I’m fixing to be 10 and you are only 20 so you’re not that much older than me,” Jenny snaps back. “Hey hey calm down I didn’t call you a baby.” “But you said I was only 9 like that’s a bad thing. I can still hang out with my big brother.” I squeeze her hand as I put the truck in park give her a kiss on the cheek and say “I know. We are here are you ready for our adventure?” Jenny gets a big smile and exclaims “YES!!!!!” As we walk to the front door I take her hand and she looks up at me, “listen you can’t run off when we get in here there’s a lot of broken stuff and metal sticking out so you have to be careful and do exactly what I say ok?” “Yes Sir!” Jenny snarks back. We begin to walk the massive building checking out the upstairs rooms first there’s an old building smell as the building is well over 100 years old. Jenny sticks close to my side keeping my arm wrapped around her waist as we go in and out the different rooms. As we go down one of the back stairways Jenny slips and I catch her as she wraps her arms around my neck. I kiss her on the cheek and ask her if she’s ok? “Yeah just rolled my ankle a little but I’ll be ok.” She smiles back. “Are you ready to move to the basement?” I whisper in her ear? Jenny nervously replies “I think so.” So as we descend down the stairs down the stairs to the basement Jenny asks me “Why would you bring a date here.” I whisper in her ear “cause sometimes you need a little fear to break the ice and it usually brings people closer together kinda like we are right now. Matter of fact I had my very first kiss down in this basement.” With a light kiss on her ear. Jenny blushes and whispers “can I tell you a secret?” “Well of course you can.” I reply. “I’ve never had a real kiss the closest thing I’ve had is when you kissed me on the cheek earlier.” “Oh sweet heart you have plenty of time for that.” I whisper back. You can tell by her sigh and the look on her face that wasn’t really the response she wanted. I whisper back in her ear, “look try to stay quiet till we are able to take a look around down here because this is where the homeless guy usually is if he’s here.” Jenny wraps both arms around me and presses her head tight against me and whispers “what stories did you not tell me earlier?” “You don’t wanna hear about that.” I whisper back. “Well I’m not going any further till you tell me” Jenny scoffs back as she crosses her arms in defiance. “Are you sure you really wanna know?” “Stop treating me like a baby and tell me NOW!” Jenny starts to raise her voice. My hand goes over her mouth as I pull her back towards me and sternly whisper in her ear “he likes to rape young women who wander down here alone. There are you happy now!” “I’ve never understood why a guy would do that there are plenty of easy women in the world I mean even some of my friends have had sex it shouldn’t be that hard to find someone willing to have sex with.” Jenny surprisingly scoffs back. “Well sometimes it isn’t just about the sex sometimes it is more about the power and control” I softly growl into her ear as my hand moves from her mouth to around her throat. “And why are you hanging out with girls who have had sexual already?” “I told you I’m not a fucking baby stop treating me like one you sound like dad!” “So smart Ass answer me this have you had sex yet?” I growl at her. “That’s none of your business and are we just going to stand here or are you going to show me the rest of this building?” Jenny smarts back. I grab her by the arm and snatch her off the bottom step causing her to stumble as I catch her across my chest I pull her face close to mine letting my lips past just past hers and go to her ear “I’ll get all of my answers before we leave here today.” I growl as I stand slowly put her back on her feet and wrap my arm around her shoulder as we start walking. I can tell this really got to her as I can feel her heart racing against my side. “So where is the morgue?” Jenny whispers. “That last door at the end of the hall why? Are you in a hurry to leave already?” “Not at all I just want to prove to you I’m not a baby.” Jenny responds. “Well you know there is one way to prove that you are grown up?” Dont you?” I ask. “Really!?!? And what is that?” Jenny stops walking and looks at me excitedly. “I don’t know Jenny I’ve only brought 1 girl here who was able to complete the challenge.” Jenny folds her arms and in the most sarcastic tone I’ve ever heard says “well your taste in women isn’t the best I mean your girlfriend Robyn is a bitch so.” Damn some how this girl still found a way to work her into this also. “Well if I gave you the challenge I would have to break my promise to stay with you the whole time so I can’t.” “IM NOT A BABY I DONT NEED YOU TO TREAT ME LIKE ONE JUST TELL ME THE CHALLENGE AND LET ME DECIDE IF I WANT TO DO IT OR NOT!!!” Jenny shouts. I push her up against the wall and my hand wraps around her mouth. “Fine but you can’t scream and act a fool. DO YOU UNDERSTAND!” “Ok!!!!” Jenny said excitedly. “Ok the challenge is that you have to lay in the morgue on one of the gurneys blindfolded for 15 minutes alone. If you scream or leave the room for any reason you lose. If you cry you lose. Like I said I’ve only found one person who can complete the challenge.” “And what do I get if I win?” Jenny asks. “Whatever you want.” I respond. “DEAL!” Jenny immediately blurts out. “So what are you going to blindfold me with?” She asks quizzically. I pull off my shirt leaving me in a white T-shirt and jeans. I lead Jenny into the morgue and the look on her face shows that she may be rethinking her decision so I decide to tease her. “No backing out now unless you’re going to be my baby sister forever…… are you ready to do this?” “I think so” she says non reassuringly. “Here let me help you” as I scoop her up making sure my hand gripped her thigh high just below her crotch. I lay her on the gurney and have her sit up. “Deep breath baby sister your time will start when you hear the door shut. Do you have any final last words?” I say jokingly. “You’re not funny. Where will you be while I wait.” She asked. “I’ll set a timer and be walking around downstairs when the alarm goes off I’ll come get you. Sound good?” “I’m going to beat your challenge!” Jenny says more confidently than before. “We will see” as I tie the shirt around her face. I can see her heart racing by the rise and fall of her chest. I cut off the light as I lay her back on the gurney I set a timer for 15 minutes. I lay her hands across her chest and place my hand on top of her hands. I move up to the head of the gurney. I lean down and whisper in her ear “you’re doing great but it’s just starting good luck.” With that said I lean down and I kiss her lips. Jenny is kinda taken back by this but eventually kissed me back. I lean back into her ear and whisper “‘Not too bad for your first time.” As I kiss her cheek I start the timer and whisper “15 minutes begins now.” I walk towards the door open the door and close it but never leave the room. With the click of the door I hear her sigh out and go “holy shit that was hot!” My eyes adjust to the faint light that is coming from a crack in the ceiling. My mind starts to race. Only one of us knows what’s fixing to happen here. I pull a piece of rope from my pocket as I tip toe towards the gurney. What she didn’t notice was I made sure that I moved any debris from around the gurney when we came in the room so I could move freely around the room. I take the rope and I quickly come down over her throat tying the two ends together under the gurney pinning her to the gurney by her neck. Jenny immediately begins to scream for help. Silently I move about the room as she thrashes on the gurney. I pull my pocket knife from my pocket I grab the chest of her shirt and filet it open. Next I filet open her bra. Jenny is screaming for help and thrashing more “PLEASE STOP PLEASE STOP IM ONLY 9 IM JUST A LITTLE GIRL PLEASE STOP YOU DONT WANT TO DO THIS!! MY BROTHER WILL BE HERE ANY SECOND AND KICK YOUR ASS STOPP PLEASE!!!!” She begs and pleads. Next I run the bald down her chest to the top of her tights. They are so tight they literally fall apart once the blade touches the fabric. “PLEASE DONT IM A VIRGIN IM SAVING MY SELF FOR SOMEONE SPECIAL PLEASE DONT DO THIS MY BROTHER WILL KILL YOU!!” My hand reaches down to her panties and maybe the most surprising thing yet I find Jenny wearing crotch less panties. “Pleaseeeeeee stoppppppp!” She screams. My fingers find her clit and start to rub. I go up to her ear and growl “what kind of 9 year old little slut are you. Crotch less panties for a day date with your big brother huh? Saving yourself huh? Oh no you’re giving yourself away today!” “Bubby is that you?” Jenny asks. I push my finger inside of her and I swear she may have already cum cause I can feel her juices flowing down the crack of her ass already. “Please stop I’m just a little girl this is so wrong I’m only 9 please stop!!” Jenny begs. I cut the string from her neck and replace it with my hand as Jenny screams and begs more my hand tightens around her throat muffling her screams. I snatch her off the gurney and bend her over it. I snatch my belt off and smack her phenomenal ass as hard as I can with it. Jenny screams out in pain as the second smack lands directly on her ass again. I snatch her head back and growl in her ear, “yeah just want I though nothing but a little baby that’s all you are. And since you lose the challenge I get what I have always wanted!” “Bubby that hurts please STOPPPPPPPP!!!! Pleaseeeeee I won’t tell anyone please STOPPPPPPPP!!!!!” I shove Jenny on her knees “OPEN YOUR FUCKING MOUTH!” Please bubby please stop!” I grab her throat “I won’t ask you again open your fucking mouth.” Jenny opens her mouth and I shove my cock in her mouth till she gags (which is hard cause it takes a lot to make her gag). I rip my cock from her mouth and ask her “have you ever sucked a cock before?” “No bubby please stop please I’m begging you please stop!” “Don’t worry you won’t have to suck me” I grab her ponytail and start fucking her throat. Every time she gags I say “that’s a good baby sister take big brothers fucking cock!” I notice she stopped sniffling so I rip my cock from her throat letting all of her spit run down her chin. “What’s wrong you little 9 year old slut. You don’t want to be raped by your big brother?” “Please bubby it’s not too late to stop I promise I won’t tell anyone! Please stop I’m so little!” She begs. “Oh hell no you wanted to be a big girl remember you didnt want to be a baby anymore. Remember when you asked me why I would bring a date here? This is exactly why each one of them ends up just like you will.” “What do you mean like I will bubby?” I turn her around pick her up push her on the gurney spread her legs apart and spit on her pussy. As my hand starts to run up and down her. “Tell me the truth slut why do you have on crotch less panties?” “Please bubby stop I’m begging you you don’t want to do this!” “Oh that’s where you’re wrong little girl this is what I’ve always wanted! I was so excited when mom said she was having a little girl. I was your age when that happened. And now I’m going to take what I have waited on since that day. So fucking tell me where did you get the crotch less panties from! NOW!” “I stole them from the mall I’m sorry bubby I knew mom wouldn’t buy them for me and I wanted them so bad I know this is what big girls wear and I want to be a big girl sooooo bad bubby!” “So why are you wearing them today? You nasty little slut!” They make me feel adventurous and I wanted to feel adventurous with you today bubby!” “Hahaha adventurous huh? Well I have an adventure for you!” I shove her back on the gurney spit on her pussy and go down on her. “Bubby stop pleaseeeeee ooooo godddddddd pleaseeeeee this is sooooooo wrong bubbbbbbyyyyyyyyy pleaseeeeee!!!!!” “That’s it you little slut you’re body is betraying your thoughts ARENT they! You want to tell me to stop but your cunt is begging for me not to!!! ISNT IT!!!!” I yell. “Yessss bubbbby oooooooo noooooooooo !!!!!” I come up off of her “oh no slut your first real orgasm won’t be on my fucking tongue!” The alarm starts going off. “Bubby you can stop the timer went off I lost you won you can stop now pleaseeeeee!” “Slut the timer was only to set your fate as I rub the head of my cock up and down her pussy. “Bubby pleaseeeeee!!!!” I force the head of my cock inside of her. “OHHHHHHHHH!” Is all she can muster up to say. “Ohhhh huh no more stop huh you love it DONT you SLUT!” I growl bubby pleaseeeeee…… oooooooo” as I push deeper into her. “Is my baby sister ready to be a big girl?” “Bubby pleaseeeeee” as I pull out and force myself all the way into her. As I do I feel my cock slam into her cervix “FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!!!” Jenny screams. “That’s it bitch open up and take your brothers cock!” I growl. As I pick up the pace Jenny’s breath shortens up and becomes faster. “This is why you wore those panties isn’t it bitch just say it!!! You wanted your big brother to take your virginity didn’t you?” I scream. “YESSSSSS GOD YES FUCK MY LITTLE PUSSY I CANT BELIEVE YOU WAITED SO FUCKING LONG TO FUCK YOUR BABY SISTER!!!!! DONT YOU GOD DAMN STOP!!!!” “How long have you wanted your big brother to fuck you Jenny!!” “Since I was little and you would take a bath with me and touch me down there DONT YOU FUCKING STOP FUCK MY PUSSY OOOOO FUCKKKKKK!!” “You love that your brother is fucking his 9 year old sister DONT you!!!” “Yesssssses but you should’ve done it when I was 6!!!!!!!!!!” As I feel her squirt all over my cock. “I’m gonna fill your cunt full of cum Jenny I’m gonna fill your 9 year old cunt full of cum!!!” Please bubby pleaseeeeee do it!!!!!!! “FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKK YES UGHHHHHHHHHH” as I explode deep inside of her. We both collapse on top of the gurney trying to catch our breath. The alarm for 2:30 goes off. “Time to go so you can pick up the kids from school.” I tell her. Jenny is in disbelief the entire day is finally over. As we walk back out of the hospital to the truck with her clothes still cut open. “I hope you listened and brought a change of clothes or you’ll have a lot to explain to mom dad and the bus driver.” “I did they’re in my backpack.” Jenny changes clothes I tell her to give me her panties and she isn’t to put any back on. As we get in the truck and start driving back to the school I look over “a good good never leaves a mess now come over here and clean up the mess you made.” Jenny sucks and licks her cum from my cock and balls as we drive down the road. I’m so close to cumming as we pull into the parking lot. “Jenny DONT you dare fucking stop ooooo fuck yes!!!” “Cum in your baby sisters mouth bubby!” I explode down here throat. As she swallows every drop. Jenny comes up kisses me on the cheek grabs her back pack and says “thanks for the great skip day bubby! I have to catch the bus.” As she walks back into the school to pick up the girls. My head is still spinning when she sends a text,
“I never want to have normal sec again we can role play everytime if I cum like that.”
“Oh really huh and what would you want to role play next?”
“Daddy fucks his little Cinderella on her 8th birthday in her costume.”
“Oh wow I didn’t think you’d have a story already planned out lol”
“Mmmmm and mom almost catches him just so you know.”
Talk to you later. And just so you know I can feel your cum dripping down my thighs and I fucking love it!”

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    Hey Mark, do you know anyone with a gaping pussy and have sex with them? If so then that would make a great story.

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      A story for a story you did my Harley Quinn I’ll come up with one for you 😘

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      Thank you buddy.

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    Hey Mark, your Harvey Quinn story is almost done. I hope you’re doing well.

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      I am and I can’t wait!