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Yuri’s Sexual Diaries Pt. 4 Chapter 3, The Idea of Virgin Stretching

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So since she fell into being a fisting and masturbation addict, her poor virgin pussy has taken its toll to where it began to lose its tightness.

February 26, 2019

Dear Diary,
I am so sorry that I haven’t been writing. The reason why is because I’ve became an addict in fisting and masturbating my virgin pussy. I just can’t stop, in fact I am stuffing my pussy with a soda bottle as I write to you.
During the past few days I’ve been playing with myself with so many things. My fists, my shampoo bottles, the softball I had from sports, my clear cups, soda cans and bottles, and much MUCH more. Not only that but I’ve been doing this every chance I get in any place I go. My apartment at any time, the mall when I carry my softball, my day job when I go to lunch, the forest next to my city when I want to go wild with sticks, pinecones, stones, and much more.
The forest and my apartment are my favorite place to masturbate. There are some ups and downs when it comes to my apartment. In there I have to be careful with what I do from the rooms I lock to the noises I make. I don’t want Lacey to find out about my fetish, she would either tell everyone deming my virgin ass as a whore, or she would to take my virginity since she is bisexual.
I’ve been very careful though locking my doors and only do this in my personal bathroom. The best part about that is I can do whatever I want with both my technology and the things inside my bathroom. I can play whale noises while masturbating, I use the shampoo bottle to make my pussy very slimy to be fisted or filled by the entire bottle, and I can cum without having a mess all over.
In the forest I get more things and more privacy, but the down side is that I can’t listen to whale noises. I can however listen to the forest which also makes me horny. The best part is that I can walk alone while naked and I have so many places to go. The best part is the caves with how you can eco while letting yourself go into the fisting madness. It felt so natural that I felt I’ve belong. Just thinking about it makes me wanna hup harder on the bottle. I’ll….I’ll be right back.
Okay I’m back, I just had to cum with the soda bottle inside me. Did you know that my pussy. Juices tastes good with root beer? Delicious with a unique taste. Now going back to what I was saying, the only thing I don’t like from this however is somehow my pussy is becoming looser three days ago. Now my pussy is still tight but it takes my fists with ease.
I had to look up on the internet on why this is the case and if it’s natural. Apparently this is normal for some people since there are size queens. So in some ways I am a size queen even though I am a virgin, but I like the thought of being one. So in their definition all size queens love both pleasure and big things, and this could lead to overstretching to where their vaginas become looser and at times gaping.
I’ve gotten curious when I saw the words stretching and gaping, so I just had to look them up. What I found was magnificent. There are so many forms of gaping pussies. Big ones, small ones, tight ones which my virgin pussy is a tiny bit similar to that by looks, and loose ones. Some gaping pussies have ring piercings and others show their cervix. I mostly use my glass cups to see my cervix inside my pussy, makes me even hornier. There are prolapsed gaping pussies where the insides can hang out.
I was so amazed that I went back to masturbating to guys fucking their ruined pussies. But there were no virgins with gaping pussies. I just had to look and from there I found few things like that called hentai. My god they were stretching their cunts beyond what seemed possible. The best one I found out of all of them was a girl with her pussy stretched to a watermelon.
Then I wondered if this can be permanent. I just had to see. From the answer I found, it can be permanent and forever opened with loose insides. I had to make a difficult choice. I love my tight pussy cause it represent my virginity and can be very fun, but with a gaping pussy I can have so much more. In the end I decided that I want to remain a virgin but willing to stretch my pussy till I become permanently gaping and forever opened. I want this, I need this, I have to have this be my goal.
So today, I decided to make logs in you on how my pussy looks, how big it gotten, and how gaped it became. Right now it is very tight with it being closed and it is very small with no piercing or adjustments. Today that will change and I would like to draw my pussy to have it one last time remain tight to remember it here before I began the process. I hope to right to you by tomorrow, and I am grateful for this.

Hi this is the Pussy Gaper. Like before share below and if you want to know about her then ask me or her here. Thank you for reading and I hope to have you soon.

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