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Yuri’s Sexual Diaries Pt. 3 Chapter 2 – The Beginning Stages of Innocent Lust

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As I read her diary, this one will be a two parter. It first began with letting herself heal but as her lust grows, she began her needs for gaping.

February 15th, 2019

Dear Diary,
It has been seven days since I had masturbated with my virgin pussy and I don’t know what to do. Ever since the first time I masturbated I can’t stop thinking about it. First the thoughts began five days ago during shopping with Lacey at the Carson Mall.
This feeling, this firing sensation, popped out of nowhere. It began in little steps but it grew and grew with any occasion. By the end of the day I had to change out of my clothes to see shy this is happening. When I looked I saw my tight little pussy leaking with this form of slime. I know humans are made out of 60% water but this is different, it was like the stuff that came out of me before when I’ve fisted myself.
Another incident happened when I accidentally stumbled upon Lacey as she had a threesome with our neighbors from down the hall of our apartment. Though I saw them in action but they never really notice me. I didn’t know both men and women moaned in sex, they never told that in sex edd.
As I watch the three of them secretly *for only a few minutes*, that feeling came back to me but stronger than before. I had to go into my room and try and calm myself before they know I am here. I can’t stand this and yet I wanted more. What this the feeling that Lacey talked about?….Is there any way to stop this? Today it is driving me crazy and I want to make it stop. I-

February 16, 2019

Dear Diary,
I masturbated with my virgin pussy once again, and yes, I’ve fisted myself for my own pleasures. I am sorry that I left you in such a rush but I couldn’t help myself. I needed to find a way to free myself from this and I didn’t know you had to keep masturbating. It made it stop however….and I really enjoyed it.
Last night I had to rush into my bedroom’s bathroom to help fix this. I took the itch cream, the muscle rub, and the aloe out and rubbed it around my body. When I reached my pussy however, I felt sensation once more. Thank god it was aloe otherwise I would had extreme amount of burning that would had beed added to the situation. That is when I realized that this was my pussy doing this, my virgin pussy was causing me to have those feelings.
I’ve went in the bathtub and I sat in there masturbating for the second time in my life. I first used one finger but this feeling kept on growing and growing. Then I’ve switch with two, then three, then four even though it is stretching my vagina apart.
I couldn’t take it anymore so I put my entire fist in once more. I’ve screamed while raping my mouth with a towel since I don’t want people to hear me. I kept smiling and moaning as I did this in a rhythm. I loved every second of it and the fisting lasted for an hour. But then my mind was drawn to the shampoo bottle. “What if I used the shampoo to make this better” I thought to myself.
When I took my fist out, the feeling came back stronger and I had to react. Without thinking I stuffed the shampoo bottle inside my poor pussy. It was bigger than my fist and it was longer than my hand. It kept stretching me more and more but I just kept going. This feeling was greater than the last as if I was in wonderland. I came when it hit at full velocity. From there I past out of exhaustion. I’m still thinking about it at this very moment. Once I woke up the shampoo bottle was still inside me. I took it out though but it left me feeling….empty.
It felt looser land before cause when it use to take one pinky from the first time, now it needed two fingers to feel like it’s tight. I think it can go back to the pinky size.
Besides that it still looked like how it use to be. I think I’m gonna masturbate more in my life. I’ll write to you again soon.

Hi guys, this is the Pussy Gaper. Thank you for reading once more and if you want to speak to me or Yuri then leave you comment below. If you want to talk about your gaping pussy, know how to get a gaping pussy, or know anyone with a gaping pussy fetish then let me know on this website

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