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Unexpected sex from my boyfriend

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A camping plan of 6 friends at a bungalow. I expect the unexpected from him.

Its a story of six friends of 3 couples: Becky(me) and Tyler, Eric and Natasha, Carol and Steve. The six of us had rent a bungalow for the week-end.

The 3 boys had already visited the bungalow and they knew it whereas the girls and I, we did not know anything how the bungalow is. My boyfriend and I were already on the way to the bungalow in his car. The others were going to be late due to some issues. On the way, I was sitting next to Tyler who was driving. I was telling him that I cant wait to have sex with him. We were not virgin but we never had sex with each other. He was laughing. I was showing him a porn video of jonny sins with dani daniels. Tyler was patience. He kept his calm and concentrated on driving but I can see his dick stroke in his pants. Upon arrival, the keys were already with him. We take out the important thing out the car and put it in the kitchen table. He showed me the bungalow bedroom and living room. There was a beautiful swimming pool.

Suddenly I heard him said i cant wait anymore. He started to kiss me and undress me. I was wearing a red bra, a red underwear, blue skirt and a blue t shirt. He pushed against the walls and kissed me on my lips and neck. He was wearing a black pant and a white shirt short sleeves. I was unbottomi g his shirt and pulled down his pants. He was undressing me in a hurry, he cut my bra and underwear with his teeth. I was sitting on the bed and pulled down his black underwear. I was shocked. His dick was 6 inches long and black and big. I had never hold such a long dick in my hand before. I started to suck this beauty. His penis was circimcised and shaved as if he was prepared for that. He was fucking me in the mouth till my throat.
My saliva was all over his dick. After a few minutes, he pushed me on the bed. He was on me kissing my neck passionately. Slowly he was lowering down. He then played with my big boobs and nipples. He was making fun of trying to drink my milk. He held the two nipples with his fingers and that was hurting. He then fucked me between the boobs. That was kind of fun. He then start kissing me on my stomach on the way down to my vagina. I was so wet. He inserted 2 of his fingers in my pussy. Luckily I had cleaned this forest before coming. After that, he returned the favour to me and eat my pussy. I was feeling like i was flying in the sky. None of my exes had ever eat my pussy like that. He was a pro. I told him where did he learnt that. He replied that he did not know perhaps because of the creme biscuits.

I was teasing him by saying you may have a big dick and a good pussy eat but I dont think you will last for that 5 minutes with me. He replied by saying we will see that. We went for the missionary first. I Took his big dick and slowly put it in my pussy. Once it was inside, he started to fuck me. He took both of my feet and put it on his shoulders. He was choking me and i was playing with his ball. After a while, he stopped choking me and use his hand to push both my hand on the bed and prevent me from touching him. I was feeling like im on sky. He was pushing hard. I was moaning. I cummed before him. We could see that juice coming out of my vagina. He was really hot and sexy when he was fucking me. His balls were me like 2 rocks. I was thinking what was he thinking we were having sex. He took out his dick and made me suck it again but just for a few seconds. He changed my position and went for the doggystyle now. The doggy style was too harcore. First he was holding my waists then his both hands on my shoulders. 10 minutes were already gone and he did not cum. Then he was holding my hair strongly and fucked me like an animal. He pulled also my two hand towards him and fucked me. He was slapping my ass cheeks also. It was painful but i was enjoying it. I was like a bitch. I told him come on Tyler fuck me more. No one had ever had sex with me like that. Suddenly he stopped and took his dick out and spit on my asshole. I asked him why did u stop. Without replying, he went for anal. That one was really hurting. I was screaming stop stop. He replied cool down baby that gonna be alright. I let him go for it. It was my first time anal. It was not as pleasure as vaginal. He went just for 3 minute asshole. I could feel that my asshole had enlarged and there were slap mark on my ass. He said that you had such a big beautiful butt and I had enjoyed it as you are very bendy and your pussy was not tight like your ass. I Replied it was my first time and he said i dont believe it, how can a sexy girl like you with a pretty ass and sexy legs had never gone for anal. I Said i did not let them. He then sat on the bed and i sat on him. I was bending on his cock, up down up down and he was holding my breats and said come on Becky just for a few minutes. He then decided to go for missionary as he was on his lap. This time we were both kissing and fucking. After 30 minutes of sex in all, he Was asking me where would i like him to cum.. i said on my face. He removed it quickly and cum on my face. That was awesome. Thats was the best sex i had ever had despite the anal sex along with it. He told me that I am very sexy and he had enjoyed it and that I am very good cock sucker.

Suddenly we saw the other four friends entering the room and saying WOW. Carol said you two are good. I asked them since when they are here. Steve said as from the sweet blowjob. Eric and Natasha were laughing. My boyfriend and I were naked and were looking at each other. Tyler told them we had already had our fun now it your turn. we were both down, we got up, naked as we are, a lot of sperm on my face, Tyler held my hand and we both ran and jumps in the pool

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    Nice story

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    Sounds hot as hell and I’d love to hear more. Also have lots of hot sexual experiences to share with any other perv’s out there…lol They include 3-ways, group, public sex, gangbangs, exhibitionism and more. Just let me know what turns you on. [email protected]

    • Natasha

      I love bbc