Two Husbands part2

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This is one of our family vacation experience that my cousin had enjoy twice as we did.

Grandma Lisa owns a house outside the city this is quite like cabin type when you do camping. On our vacation we are 8, Mom, me Leah, Arthur, Cavin, Dale, Lucy and Uncle Stuart. Dale is uncle Stuart child technically my cousin and Lucy is his girlfriend. Mom and I share room then Leah and Arthur, Dale and Lucy, then uncle and Cavin.

At noon, we set a bonfire then have some drinks after an hour or two I notice Leah and Arthur is missing, thinking that they are having sex makes me horny so I roam around to find them and if I’m fortunate watch them. Hahahaha… And I’m right not so far away I spotted them on a hot session. Leah is sitting in one of the picnic table and Arthur is kissing her and nipping her neck and shoulders I saw how my cousin caressing the cock of her husband its huge I swear. They are speaking dirty to each other. After a while Arthur open the buttons of Leah’s dress and Leah’s nipple is visible Arthur is sucking it like a baby while caressing the other breast while Leah’s hand goes faster in Arthur’s dick. They are groaning ng moaning like animals and I think after a couple of times Arthur has his precum as well as Leah.

Arthur push her so she lay on the table and put his hands on the dress after some seconds Leah’s panty is in his hands and licking it well the part where Leah cums swear it is hot makes my hand goes to my own pussy and play it while groping my own breast I need to bite my lower lip in order not to moan loud. Arthur is now on Leah’s pussy he is eating her up and from what I can see leah enjoy it very much. She moans loud making me think its the burst of her second cum. Arthur ask her if she is ready and she just not maybe too weak to answer. Fpd swear he has massive cock maybe 10- 11 inch and thick he enter Leah slowly but rocks her up until they cum. He also makes leah stand and passing her front on the table and fucking her from behind. I can see traces of white cum on her legs, damn it too much, I wonder what would it taste. Leah is begging for release but Arthur delay it until she got crazy after that Arthur let her cum. Seconds after they get dressed. I also fixed myself Arthur kiss Leah and said he will just take a bath while Leah said need to empty his load from her. Since the bathroom of girls and boys are separate they do separate ways.

I follow Leah cause its the same way to the bonfire when someone grab her hand I hide in one of the trees cause I got afraid but some second later I hear her called him Cavin. When I take a peek Leah is pushed to a tree and Cavin is kissing her wildly his hands harshly grabs Leah’s ass or breast he looks so wild unlike Arthur bit Leah, I know she enjoy this kind too because she is moaning loud too.
“How many” he ask and Leah just answer four. I think its the times they cum Arthur and Leah. “Then I’ll make five” he pushed Leah down to her knees and senselessly shoved his cock on her mouth, goddamn I become hot again. Cavin’s hand is helping her head to move faster after some doodamn minutes he cums. Then help Leah stand and pushed her to face the tree, grab the hem of her dress and her still swollen pussy is visible maybe Arthur didn’t return her panty. I heard Cavin said slut and enter her ruthlessly Leah yelp good he is pounding her hard since Arthur’s cum is still in her pussy it create a slick sound goddamn erotic.
Leah cum as well as Cavin again and again until he cum for the fourth time. Then I saw how he covers his cock with the cum and enter her ass my eyes widen god I think I like that too. He still pound her without any care until he cum they both stumbled because of exhaustion good thing it is cover with leaves. That time I think leah indeed has two husbands.

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    DAMN that’s hot. I would have loved to been Lab’s cleanup person. I bet she would have tasted damn delicious that day