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True story sex with boyfriends dad

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When I was 12 I had sex with my boyfriend’s dad

Growing up I lived in a little trashy town in Arkansas. I lived in a huge trailer park. When I was 12 I started “dating” a 14 year old boy we had been friends since I was about 8. Anyways we would play around sexually and finally we started having sex. So one afternoon I went to his trailer , we went straight to his room where I gave him head. In turn he fingered me then rubbed the head of his cock around my pussy but blew his load before getting it in. all of this was sloppy, fast teen activities that only lasted about 20 minutes. We hung out in his room listening to music for a while, then he tried to get his cock in me again but came as soon as he started pushing it in. I still enjoyed it though. Well I was leaving around 8pm after he fell asleep, presumably tired from blowing a couple loads and we had tried to drink a beer but didn’t really succeed at that either.
Anyways I was leaving and walking past the dim lit living room where his stepdad was sitting on the couch, openly stroking his cock with a porn on the tv. I tried to pretend I didn’t see what he was doing but before I got past he said nu uh girl come over here. I could tell by his voice that he was drunk. He was a major alcoholic but most people were around there. I didn’t say anything but I stopped walking n he repeated himself for me to come over there. I walked towards him with my eyes to the floor. Come on now sit down. He said with his head tilted back, continuing to stroke his cock. I sat silently on the coach. On the old projector tv a porn was playing, close up shot of a cock thrusting into a pussy. he sat next to me with his eyes closed, slowly stroking his stiff cock. A couple minutes went by of me just sitting there and I was about to get up and leave when he said, yall think I can’t hear you in the bedroom, playing around? I said sorry sir. He moaned a little. Come on now, I need a little piece of that too. He said to me, opening his eyes and looking over at me. I sat motionless. He shifted up, scooting over to me, I watched his naked body , his cock bouncing a bit as he moved towards me. Come on now. He said again, I could smell the alcohol on his breath. Come on lay back. He said as he lifted my legs off the floor and laid them on the couch. He then was above me, he grunted as he pulled my shorts and panties down. My pussy was still sticky from my boyfriend’s cum. There it is, he said out loud. Theres me some pussy. He laid on top of me, he was much bigger than me so even haunched over me my face was below his chest. He drunkenly thrust his hips, his cock prodding the air a few times before the head began hitting at my hole. I winced. Come on give me some pussy too . He grunted, thrusting like a dog that couldn’t quite get it in. Finally he reached down with one hand and spread my lips open, something my boyfriend hadnt done before. I shouted, my body jolted as my vaginal opening gave way and his thick shaft slid in, deeper than any had before. I shouted again as he continued to push. He paused for a moment, catching his breath. Come on look at the tv. He slurred. From beneath him I tried to peer at the tv. A woman with huge tits was still being pounded. Let’s see those tits he said to me, pulling up my shirt over my head. Damn you’re still a baby those aren’t even A cups he stated. That’s ok though I need me something young He haunched more and tried sucking one of my puffy nipples. My inner thighs quivered, his cock still deep in me. Slowly he began rocking, sliding back and forth in my slick pussy. With one hand he kept my shirt wrapped over my head, I could no longer see what was happening. His grunts and moans filled the room. I wondered if my boyfriend could hear. The back of the couch knocked gently against the wall. 5, 10, 20 30 minutes passed. He would slow down, then speed up. Fucking me longer than I ever had done before. I could feel my body beginning to respond, my lips clenching around his shaft. That’s it baby. He grunted, the slick wetness of my pussy was now also audible. Do you let all the neighborhood boys put their peckers in you. He asked, the thrusts becoming more forceful. I could feel his cock swelling, he was going to cum. No.. I tried to answer, muffled by my shirt . Does your daddy fuck you, huh? Was his next question. My pussys wetness was now smacking loudly, embarrassing me a bit. Nooo I moaned again. Call me daddy come on. He demanded, thrusting deep and fast. Daddy I moaned oh daddy.
I had never been truly fucked before, my now orgasming pussy smacked wildly around his shaft and I tried desperately to rock my tiny hips up in rhythm with his pounding. That’s it he grunted. With a huge, deep lurch, he pushed deep into me, filling me quickly with so much cum I could feel and hear it spurting out of me. He slumped onto me. His cock throbbed inside of me. He laid on top of me, solidly for about 10 mintues before his cock grew flaccid enough and my grip loosened enough for him to slid out, followed by a gush of cum. He continued to lay on me for a while, I thought he had fallen asleep. After about another 15 minutes or so he slowly sat up. Go on home now. I stood up, my legs weak and stumbly. More cum poured from me. My panties and shorts were now soaked. I left the living room, glancing back at him. He’d passed out again, I looked at his glistening wet cock before walking out the door.

I would continue to have sex with him on occasion until I was about 15 and they moved out of the trailer park. A couple times his wife even caught us, once I was on all 4s with his tounge buried in me from behind right there in their bedroom but she just quickly closed the door again and never said anything about it. Another time he was on top of me on the room couch again some time around 1am. She noticeably walked through the living room but he just kept on fucking .Also my boyfriend never really mentioned it either even though I know he knew about it too.

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  • Reply HookedOnLittleGirls ID:1cnkugeyqy7r

    My wife was upset at first, but she has learned to enjoy watching me fuck little girls. Now she will even eat them out after I have dumped a big load in their tight little cunts.

  • Reply Vive-la-baise ID:2c3w1pct0d

    Sounds like you were trailer park royalty.

  • Reply Perverted man ID:1ec4hyp2dhij

    I used to fuck my ex girlfriend daughter we was swingers and she asked me to fuck her too and she was single and we fucked alot

  • Reply Dude ID:2ziczerfii

    Had to stop reading from start sounds stupid

    • Darkknight ID:fx7ita4ql

      Its a repost anyway

  • Reply David kenya ID:mzgdgcd0

    Nice story

  • Reply Tina ID:1i2kovirk0c

    When I was 12 I had a bf, like yours he always cum so quick. It was a good thing as I wasn’t on birth control.

    I went over to his house one day his dad answered the door and invited me in.
    He said Pete wasn’t home that I could stay

    He was smoking some pot and offered it to me.
    It took me a bit to not cough from it.
    After a bit I became super horny. Without thinking I was rubbing my pussy .

    He spoke up saying he be glad to help.
    I blushed and I softly said please.
    He sat by me and started rubbing my pussy over my leggings. He told me to stand up
    He slid my leggings off and saw no panties.
    He got between my leg and licked my clit
    Had me quivering then she. Stood dropped his. Pants and underwear
    He was way bigger that this son
    He had a little hard time getting in me.
    When he did I said he had to stop get a condom
    He said I should have said something sooner
    But said not to worry he pull out.

    I. Really didn’t care he was bringing me to orgasm. He kept going faster and harder
    Few minutes later I told him I was going to have another orgasm he said he was going to pull out I said not yet just as I orgasm he push hard. I felt him cumming

    • David ID:c34krk0c

      Your story sounds hot

    • Slim D ID:mzgdgc40

      Wow, nice story

  • Reply Ol easy ID:3zxjhzgjk0k

    Its true girls 12 and older like being fucked by dads i was just minding my own when my 12 yr old daughters friend told me she know how to suck dick.

  • Reply Anonymous ID:8bvy5nbb0d

    Now Leave Your Comment…more please

  • Reply Tina ID:2kyee16thl


    • Justin ID:c34krk0c

      Was this your story?

  • Reply Cumgulper ID:h48qotj8i

    I think that was beautifully explained. Give us some more please

  • Reply WOODY ID:7ylg5nr6ii

    I would really love to talk to you sweetheart.. 2094479835

    • Justin ID:7zv3dr1a41

      This is actually rape. I’m sorry

  • Reply Doug ID:1hr6f15czrd

    Now you know how sluts are made and I will bet a dollar to a dime you do a little double fucking now and love it. What is the biggest cock to fuck your cunt and mouth – did you want bigger. Jack does not understand you were more than ready to get fucked the first time after the misses of the dumb ass boyfriend and no way in hell were you not going to get a cock in your cunt. Once you did it was then anytime, anywhere with anyone. Now that’s a true slut that you are.

  • Reply Jack ID:1dan6s4qr9

    Ive read my fair share of stories here and I know this is all pedo-erotica, but… jeez, this one made me sick. If anyone IRL did that I’d want them shot. (What am I doing here you ask? I’m into teens (not strange considering my age), but not into molestation or abusive behavior.

  • Reply Bill ID:7zv1m6spm4

    Did he cum in you every time? Or did you swallow too