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(To my Fan Nikolas) Summer Love and Family Bonding

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When you have a hot and sexy sister and you spend the entire summer with her. I bet she felt nice.

This happened when I was fifteen. It was summer break and I was at that weird phase in my highschool years. I was attractive to the girls in my school and I was a skinny boy with the hight of 183 centimeters. I was friends with the cool kids at my school but all and all I was pretty average for a normal boy.

My sister on the other hand, she was amazing. She was a pure woman who was a part of the cool kids and everyone knew her. She was considered a royal beauty, a queen to rule all girls from her big breasts to her thick ass. Besides being beautiful she was also very smart in her classes and fearsome as a leader. She would be considered as a perfect catch but somehow at that time, she would have a hard time keeping a relationship with any boy at our school. They would come over all the time but when they leave my sister would be desperate for a good relationship. At the time I thought that they just wanted to be considered as the boy who claimed the most beautiful of the cool kids and own it as a trophy. Turns out I would soon find out the real truth.

So when school was out our mother had to go on a business trip for her job so she wanted us to be safe while she was gone. Soon we where left alone with each other but we wouldn’t have a problem with each other. After all we have a good very close relationship as siblings since we were toddlers. Hell, we did everything together and we always have our backs.

So in the morning of the first day she was cooking breakfast and I was just waking up with only a shirt and boxers. One thing I didn’t do before meeting my sister was using the bathroom thus my dick was hard. Not to brag or anything but I am eight inches long. As I went to get breakfast and said good morning my sister noticed my little friend and said “Seems you are not the only one up this morning”. Suddenly I freaked out and covered my junk saying sorry.

I don’t know why but she just smiled and said “Oh it’s fine, you don’t have to be sorry for a natural response”. *What the fuck* I thought to myself. She was my sister, of course I had sex before with other girls but she was my sister. Later on in the morning we sat down watching TV. I couldn’t stop thinking of my sister and I began on thinking of how hot she was. Soon I realized she was still looking at my dick and she replied asking if I was still hard.

Stupidly I said I could possibly be so horny all the time but she then looked at me with intent. Then she started to talk to me about many things like if I had sex with a lot of girls or if I am in a relationships right now. When she asked that I said no and that is when she started to pounce on me asking not to tell this to everyone we knew, I was the only one she can trust with this secret.. My heart raced as she pulled down my boxers and started to suck on my dick. I knew it was wrong and in Alabama territory but it just felt so good. I then beg my sister if I could see her pussy for the first time. She said yes and asked to do many things like fisting.

To find out why she said that I had to know by pulling down her panties to see the truth. Turns out she had a nice gaping pussy even bigger than my dick sizes and she was a bit embarrassed, but I didn’t care since I was close to my sister. Maybe with the guys she had sex with, they stretched her pussy so much to where it was gaping loose. With each pounding she kept moaning in delight and she felt so magnificently that she had to scream out “FUCK YOUR WHORE SISTER LITTLE BROTHER, FUCK MY GAPING LOOSE CUNT!”. We then both came as fell to the ground. My dick fell out of her with no resistance and I seen her ruined pussy, dripping with my cum.

After that day we began fucking more in the two weeks and I loved every moment of it. She would always love the feeling plus she would cum easily as I would in the end. Luckily we use protection so she doesn’t get pregnant but in many cases I wanted her as my significant other. We don’t see each other as much now a days but when I do see her, she would always give me her beautiful treasure between her lushish legs. In many ways I truly have a crush on my sister.

Hey guys Pussy Gaper here, so this guy sent me his request for a story and I thought I can make him happy through this. Here is his text to me and if you want to send your requests then let me know. Otherwise guys I love you and thank you for reading.
(So when i was 15 my sister was 17 she is so hot she has a really big juicy ass and really nice tits not too big bit not small. I was a skinny kid 183cm. I was in that strange place in high school i was friends with the cool kid but i wasn’t the cool kid. But my sister she was a cool kid she was really cool everyone in our school knew her. She had boys come over all the time but didnt have a steady relationship. We were really close and we did almost everything together and it was pretty cool. One time my mom had to go on a business trip for 2 weeks and we were left alone. It was nice because we could do everything we wanted. I woke up and went to get breakfast. I sleep in my boxer shorts and a T shirt. She was already in the kitchen. I walked in said “good morning” and got some toast. I was standing there next to the toaster still not fully woken up. Then my sister said “seems you’re not the only one thats up this morning”. It took me a minute to figure out what she meant and then I looked down, my dick was fully erect. Not to brag but my dick ins above average 8 inches so it was noticeable. I quickly covered it with my hands and said “oops sorry”. She said “why are my sorry its a complete natural thing” i was really embarrassed I mean i had sex with a lot of girls but this was my sister. We finished breakfast and it was summer brake we didnt have to go to school so we decided to watch something on the tv but I decided to get dressed. I got to the living room. And I didn’t notice but my dick was still hard i didnt but my sister did. When i sat down she said “how are you still hard?” I noticed it and said ”idk im just so horny all the time”then we talked a bit and we started having sex all 2weeks You can add whatever you want in the 2 weeks but try to keep it close to the first day. Thanks)

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