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The Obsession begins

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After the first weekend things pick up steam and becomes a regular occurrence.

Saturday night with Jenny went about like Friday night did and ended around 2 am. We had a baseball game to attend on Sunday that Robyn was unable to attend cause apparently she had too much to drink the night before. While sitting about 10 ft away my phone goes off. It’s Jenny “omg I’m so sore what have you done to me?” I chuckle and respond back “mmmm apparently I gave you exactly what your body craved ;)” she blushed and smiled down at her phone. To the public Jenny is a loud baseball mom but is also known to be pretty religious so seeing her around all the other baseball moms secretly texting her best friends husband about how he fucked her this weekend was pretty damn sexy in itself. Just then my phone goes off again from Jenny “wanna know a secret?” Well of course I do I respond… “I’m going to need that to start happening on a regular basis.” O is that right huh and what if I say no I respond? Immediately my phone goes off “I guess Robyn will have to find out about you trying to fuck me then.” Oh really so you’re going to blackmail me huh. “If I have to I will but I don’t think I will have to.” Oh really and what makes you so confident in that hmmm …. “cause I have more secrets to tell you and well you told me the other night you would make all of them come true so you have to.” Oh really more secrets huh like what…. “like a lot of them like my mind has been racing all day and baseball is the last thing on my mind right now.” Oh is that right so since I “fulfilled” one of your fantasies are you going to give me a new one to fulfill? And by the way I haven’t properly tied you up just yet either so we will still get to work on that….. “good I want you to work on tying me up so I can’t escape but yes there is another fantasy I want you to fulfill and right now it is all I can think of.” So tell me, what it is…. “I want you to fuck me somewhere where we might get caught. Not too public but definitely private either.” I glance over and you can tell that she is soaked right now just thinking about it. I respond well what sucks is this game is fixing to be over or I would say meet me in the parking lot. She immediately responds “I know today didn’t last long enough but I’m going to see my dad in the hospital tomorrow and you should really come by ;)” Oh is that right huh I respond. “Yep I’ll let you know when Im headed that way and you can meet me in the parking lot.” Mmmmm sounds like a date.
The next day around 1 Jenny texts and says “hey headed to the hospital see you there shortly unless you’re scared.” I immediately respond I’ll be there in 5 minutes we will see who is scared. I park in the back part of the parking lot but there is plenty of foot and vehicle traffic going in and out and all around. Jenny parks a few spaces down and walks towards my work truck. She opens the door and climbs in and immediately crawls across the seat and kisses me. She breaks the kiss and says my mom called me as I was parking she saw me pull in I have 10 minutes. I immediately push her against the passenger door pull off her tights and go down on her. Jenny grabs the back of my head and begins to grind her pussy into my mouth. She has her other hand in her mouth biting down on it to keep from screaming. I reach up and snatch her hand out of her mouth and tell her.. “good little sluts DONT try to stay quiet” as I plunge a finger into her tight dripping cunt. Jenny immediately starts to cum. Jenny begins begging me to pull my dick out. As soon as I do she gets on her knees above him and slowly lower her pussy on to my dick. Jenny begins to ride him while my hips start working up and down matching her rhythm. I whisper in her ear if you keep this up I won’t be able to stop from filling you up. An evil little grin comes across her face and she whispers as much as I want that it wouldn’t be right as she begins to pick up the pace. A few minutes later she can feel my cock swelling inside of her ready to explode. As she comes up she pulls herself off of my dick and shoved him into her mouth. “Oh you dirty fucking slut you afraid to get your pussy flooded huh I bet you’re fertile as hell ARENT you! Poor little slut doesn’t wanna risk it you’d rather eat my kids than have one WOULDNT you!!!!” As she moans on my cock …. “keep going you little slut I want to hear you gag as you try to take my cock down your fucking throat !!!” Jenny begins to gag as she tries to deep throat me. I wrap my hand around her throat and squeeze …. you want me to cum down your throat don’t you slut …. she raises her head and begs “yes!!!! Pleaseeeeee!!!!!” And goes back down on me . I can’t take it anymore “I’m fixing to cum you little slut DONT YOU WASTE A FUCKING DROPPPPPP…. FUCKKKKKKKKK” I explode down her throat her gagging intensifies as she swallows and sucks my cock at the same time. As she finishes swallowing her phone rings …. it’s her mom “hey mom yeah sorry this parking lot is packed I couldn’t find a place to park I’m fixing to walk towards the hospital now. As she hangs up she goes back down on me to clean me up. Put a her tights back on and as she goes to get out of the truck she looks back over her shoulder and says
“Same time and place tomorrow “ she gives me a wink closes the door and heads towards the hospital.

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