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Teen Babysitting a Curious Boy

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True story between a young boy, Reese, and a 17 year old, Bea.

As a lot of other teenagers, I would babysit to get an allowance for myself. I was 17 when I said yes to babysitting for a family I didn’t know and it didn’t go as I would ever expect.

To start off the family was super wealthy, the couple needed to go on a business trip and needed a babysitter.
They offered a generous amount for just a weekend babysitting, not to mention it’s beginning to feel like a paid vacation for me.

The father was a attractive man, his eyes were mature and entrancing, his deep emeralds eyes read my every movement it seemed. The man was kind though, very genuine.
Much like the father, the mother was gorgeous, her caramel skin and curly hazelnut hair. She was just breathtaking to look at, her curves and her style screamed sex.

The couple had asked me to come to the house on Friday, their 12 year old son, Reese is staying the night at his friends, they offered me to stay the night in the house. Like I said, very generous.
Reese was expected to come home tomorrow at about noon, I was sleeping in the guest room and I had the house to myself for a night.

I got to the house whist before they left, I helped pack a few things into the car before I was alone in the house of my dreams. I wasted my night snacking a bit and exploring the beautiful home. I watched a movie or two before getting tired, it was later than I expected to go to sleep, I went up to the guest room, I and saw it was almost 3am.I got ready in the connected bathroom quickly before getting in bed I sank in the soft mattress and dozed off fast.

The next morning I woke up at 8 and realized I had a few house before Reese came home, so I went back to sleep. I had a dream that I was pleasuring myself and it was just orgasmic. The way I would rub my tight little pussy and it would just get so wet. I touched myself and I could almost feel the warmth for real. I started to wake up, I kept my eyes closed as I woke up. Immediately I was hit with intense pleasure. My dream was coming true,

I opened my eyes and looked down to see a young boy laying along my body, his calves wrapped around my right leg keeping it open, his hard cock pressed into my hip, his small mouth open sucking hard on my nipple. His face so peaceful as he did. His young fingers rubbing my clit perfectly, like he had done this a million times. I had no idea what I was waking up to, i for some reason didn’t open my mouth and say anything, my body reacted to his touch, and he hadn’t opened his eyes to even check if I was awake.

“W-what are you doing! You can’t be doing this” I finally spoke, I sounded not certain. Obviously it was because I was tired. Reese continued to rub me as he looked up at me as his lips pulled my large breast in his mouth. I know my pussy was soaked, I opened my mouth to say something but the only thing that came out was a raspy moan. Reese seemed to smile innocently, he pulled away from my nipple letting it go with a popping sound from his mouth.

I got off the bed and pulled down my shirt, I adjusted my sweatpants and stood at the edge of the bed.

“I don’t know what you think you were doing but it won’t happen again.” I said sternly, I instantly filled with guilt and I felt like a terrible person. He’s young! But then again I am not the one who encouraged or taught him..

“Look, this happens with almost all of my babysitters.” He sounded like his dad, he spoke with maturity, even with his age. It took me off guard. “This is what ends up happening.” He slipped of the bed. I am 5’4, this ‘young boy’ is about an inch taller than me already. He really has his parents genes. He’s extremely handsome but 12. I wasn’t exactly sure if this was some sort of set up, it didn’t seem real.

“You’re going to deny me, maybe for a few hours, but at night you’ll be begging for me to touch you again.” He shrugged. “I’ve had two other babysitters, the first, taught me, the second loved me but was about to get married.” He smiled when I looked shocked. He nodded his head, “yeah you’ll want me too I’m sure.” He then simply walked out of the room.

I couldn’t get the look of astonishment off my face. The rest of the day I avoided him, he pretty much fended for himself I have no clue why his parents needed a sitter. He was so well behaved, mature and smart. It was.. nothing. It was nothing and will never be anything.

It was wrong and he should not be doing that. I need to tell someone.. I can’t, that would look terrible on me. My record. Oh my. My heart raced and my pussy throbbed. I gasped and grabbed my crotch. It was already getting wet just thinking about it again. I cannot be turned on by this!

I sat in the living room and turned on the tv. I decided not to talk about it ever again and just ignore him. Unless of course he needed something not relating to the events earlier.

I watched whatever was on while my mind played back the images and the feelings in my head. I don’t think my pussy has ever stayed this wet before in my life. I haven’t had sex ina While and I know I’m just stressed.

“Mind if I sit here?” I snapped out of it when Reese sat down beside me. He was a reasonable distance and I didn’t mind so I continued watching the show.

About an hour or so went by before Reese huffed.

“Do you mind if I change it? I’m sick of this show?” I didn’t answer kept my head forward. It was childish of me to ignore him considering I’m the babysitter but frankly I had no idea how to speak to the kid. I felt his stare at the side of my head for a minute before he waved his hand to grab my attention. I looked at him and looked back the the tv with no expression. He laughed, “oh you’re ignoring me, funny.”

He sighed, “it’s okay I’ll change it.” He reached for the remote on the coffee table, I watched as he deliberately knocked it onto the floor by my feet. He bent down and got onto his knees. Readjusted my legs with ease and crawled in between them looking up at me.

“You can say the words, that is if you aren’t ignoring me.” The boy smirked and I mentally rolled my eyes. He knows exactly what he’s doing, I kept my mouth shut. I don’t know why but I did. He raised his eyebrows at me, “hmm?” He questioned.

Still I stay silent and look at the tv. He knows my focus won’t be On the tv for long as he shoves his face up into my crotch, his nose on my clit and his mouth on my lips. I gasped and sat up instinctively moving away slightly. He ran his hand up my leg and I now watched him. I couldn’t help but just let him touch me, I can’t explain what it was or what he made me feel but it was consuming.

The boy grabbed the waistband to my pants and gently tugged them off. I didn’t resist. He laughed lightly to himself, “I told you.” He said just before he pulled my panties to the side revealing my tight shaved pussy, he licked his lips before locking eyes with me. I watch him stick dip his head, my heart dropped, his tongue stuck out and he licked the side of my pussy lips. I bit my lip forgetting about everything I was repeating in my head completely.

As he watched me he began to tease me more, my eyebrows tightened together as his hot breath blew into my soaked pussy. He dipped his head and licked my pussy keep just once and smiled. “You’re practically cumming already.”

I gasped as he began eating my pussy like he hadn’t eaten the entire weekend. His lips and tongue worked like magic, his bright green eyes closed peacefully eating on my pussy. I could help but moan. With this it got more intense. He pulled away watching my hips as they thrusted forward impulsively to reconnect the feeling. I felt my face get hot and I forced my hips back on the couch.

Reese smiled and sucked his fingers before watching me as he shoved them into me one by one and thrusting them in and out. I could just about cum right now. He started sucking on my clit gently. I moaned loudly, his hot mouth and skilled tongue worked in harmony with his fingers. I moved my hips against him and he seemed to just bury himself feeling inside me. I was a moaning mess and I was glad I didn’t have to worry about anyone being a witness to such a thing.

I threw my head back as Reese flicked his tongue against my clit fast. I felt my stomach tighten, I grabbed Reese’s curly head a dug my fingers into his hair. My legs wrapped around his young face as continued his work. My body twitched against him. He wrapped his other arm around me and placed it on top of my stomach forcing me to stay down as he attacked my clit. I’m going to explode! I tried to push his head away from my sensitive pussy but he stayed starched to me. As shook from my intense orgasm I tried to get him to stop

“Reese pl-“ was all I could get out before I was screaming with the hardest orgasm I have had in my entire life. It entire body was convulsing, Reese sat into his knees and presses his fingers against my pussy. The pressure alone sent me jumping.

He laughed and stood up.

“Now, next time you come to ‘babysit’ you won’t hesitate twice to let me sink my cock into you” he made a nonchalant smile before stuffing his hands in his pockets and walking out of sight.

I didn’t see him the rest of the day, I say on the couch for what felt like hours before my body managed to gain control again. I can’t help but feel dirty, but when I think of it all, it was fully consensual and I was certainly not perusing.

But of course I’m sure it’s something i day to make myself feel better. I do have to admit, he was right, I was scheduled for another weekend. And I seemed to take it happily when the family called me, they can’t wait to have me back.

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  • Reply Blackcountry chap ID:rpvr1ozm

    i got a 16 year old girl to babysit my twin 11 year old son’s, she had been recommended by neighbours. i was out for three hours, got home and the boys were watching the TV “Where’s Karen”/ i asked “Up stairs” they answered, i went up looking for her, found her naked and tied to the bed, gagged and covered in cum, let her free, she screamed telling me what the boys had done and she was going to tell her parents and have me black listed with all the babysitting in the area. offered her cash to keep it between us, ended up giving her a hundred pounds. needed a babysitter a few months later, called Karen, said she would come but only for a hundred pounds, had to agree. got home and the boys were watching TV, “Karen’s up stairs” They said, i went up preying it hadn’t happened again, found her on the bed naked, she held her hand up “fuck me” she said.
    she spent the night with me, told me in the morning she had let the boys feel her up and she had sucked their cock’s didn’t need blackmailing the next night as she came on her own and choice, she’s pregnant with my child.

  • Reply Buddythecat222 ID:nnmsptehj

    Yes babysitting is the best time . With babies and pretend kids. You can play sexual games with them. If you like to know more email me [email protected].

  • Reply Steven ID:2vn9ytnhm

    I was the same age, except my baby sitter was a 45 year old female and your story included some of the sexual acts which brought it all back and turned me on. She babysitter me for a week at a time and we did so much naughty stuff. Mmm

  • Reply Daddy ID:15ey4wnbfij

    Mhmm sounds good

  • Reply JD ID:5xrpkcv99

    I would love to fuck you!

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    I’m so turned on by this, I wanna be fucked

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      Are u a boy or girl. I’d fuck u either way I’m a boy

  • Reply Neighborhood Asshole :) ID:14gt70kw49i

    I really appreciate your writing. You don’t half ass it. You give details. Thank you <3

  • Reply CastielTheStud ID:145e852um9b


  • Reply Henry ID:1idzqf7dm9k

    Yo!!!! Part 2 is great 🙂

  • Reply Macy ID:61jyxoti8

    Love it!!!

  • Reply The 15yr old ID:5tz7a6yd4

    Hey great story I wrote my own called sex in the gym and I would love it Bea if u could read it and tell me what u think and maybe we could get in touch write to me at [email protected] thx

  • Reply Bea. ID:61jyxoti8

    Hello, for anyone that enjoyed this story, I wrote a part two, it should be published soon. I hope you like that one too! Thanks

    • Horny perv ID:30rzguer40

      Not up yet but I can’t wait!

  • Reply A ID:cxsjt9sd99

    That was so hot

  • Reply matt ID:7spa6yzm

    we want a part 2 girl

    • Bea ID:14gt70kw49i

      I’ll get right on it

  • Reply Wj ID:fx6w3br43

    I think you should continue with a part 2 & tell us about the sex you guys had

    • Ryan ID:45mj9yw3m9c


  • Reply Mommy ID:14gt70kw49i

    Wow such a perverted boy. I’d love to hear more stories

    • Bernard ID:bo2qeo08i

      Hi mommy my name is bernard if you would like to hear about my sex story text me at 2034944923

    • Steven ID:2vn9ytnhm

      Hello I was younger than the story boy the couple next door used to babysit me over all weekend and I would like my parents drive away we will take our clothes off and be naked and I was even more perverted… I loveD the story too