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So Hot

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Anonymous sex between a young girl, and a strange man, on a bus. #Public #Stranger #Frottage

“Huh!” It was hot, but at first, I’m not talking about hot, and wet, or sexy at all. I mean, it was pushing 90, and I guess I wasn’t used to it.

Partly because we all kinda skipped right past Spring to Summer, staying shut in, but then the City decided that they had everything under control, so if you took precautions, it was safe to come out.

Also, because some time between last fall, and this May. It wasn’t exactly Summer, but it sure felt like it, and I’d gone through some growth spurts. I guess since I turned 13, I’d already had my period for a couple years, but it all went to my hips, before it went to my bra.

So, basically, I wasn’t used to wearing them, not really, in this heat. Also, I don’t want you to think that I was “Asking for it.” You know what they say, creepy guys, when they get in trouble for, stuff. “Look what she was wearing!”

I didn’t unbutton my school shirt to show off my boob. Honestly, I wasn’t even thinking about having boobs, other than the sweat running down my neck, and running between them, to soak into my bra. I just had to dress for school, which means no short skirts, no low cut, or sleeveless tops, let alone strapless ones.

I was dressed for school, dress code, but then when I got out, it was hot. So, I unbuttoned my blouse, and it wasn’t even low enough for you to see anything, really. Then, I sat down, and forgot all about it, until He got on. First, he dropped a bunch of change in the box by the driver. Then, he saw me, and smiled big enough to see it through his mask.

Like I said, sensible precautions. He just wore a plain old blue mask. I don’t know, the kind my dad gets from the hardware store, for sanding. Just in case the wood is polished with something that might be toxic, like lead paint, or asbestos, but speaking of which.

When he smiled, I saw lines appear in the corners of his eyes, which looked down when he walked bye. Turning to come around the seat I was sitting in, and stand behind it. That’s when I realized that my top was unbuttoned, and standing up, he could look right down the open neck. I hadn’t gotten a whole lot of sun yet, since the pool was closed, and even if it wasn’t, there’s no way my mom would have let me go down there, to sunbathe.

No, not nude, in the middle of the apartments, but still. Even in my bathing suit, I even fantasized about how it would look. The boys coming out to look at me over the handrail, or through the bars of the fence. Maybe even come in to splash around, and say they’re sorry for getting me wet.

“Oops!” Oh, that’s okay, I’d dive in, and play around with them. You know, to break the ice? I’m not just making this up, I’d seen the exact same thing happen before. In fact, that’s how my brother met his girlfriend, but that was last year. Last summer, when I was only 12 years old, and ashamed of my thunder thighs. My super broad hips, that made my butt look big, and my whole body in general, but now I’m a teenager, and I’ve got a nice perky little pair of eye catchers, to balance all that out.

Then, I realized that he didn’t sit down. In fact, looking around, he had his pick of over half the seats, being empty. He didn’t have to stand up, he especially didn’t have to stand up right behind me, but he did, to keep looking down my top.

“Huh!” My mask didn’t help any either, it made my face hot, and caught my breath. I was even breaking out around it, so I wanted to take it off. Even more than my top, and bra, which just gave me images of running around topless. Laughing, and probably splashing in the sallow end of the pool, so the boys would come, and talk to me.

Not some creepy guy, who’s old enough to be my dad, and yeah I look older now, but not like, well. A teenager, but not like a high school sophomore, or junior, which I’d have to be if I was 17, and old enough to consent to sex.

Jail bait, under age, and hot. Not just hot hot, but starting to feel hot, and wet. Noticing that my pale chest, where the sun hadn’t shown since last summer, turning red as if it was sun burned, but it didn’t hurt, and every ragged breath just made them swell up even more, as if they wanted to pop the rest of the buttons, and bust out of the bra, for everyone to see.

“HUH?” Yup. Sure enough, that’s a boner. Right over my shoulder, and I almost feel like it’s my first. Boner, I mean I can get a hard-in, but I can’t feel it without my fingers, so I can barely even imagine what it must feel like to have a schlong hanging out in front of him. Let alone swelling up with blood, and lust, and sperm swimming around excitedly in his balls, just waiting for the chance to be free!

I shook my head, and got up. “Oh, sorry.” He was muffled, and backed up, when I turned around. Untucking his shirt, to hide his boner, as if he didn’t see me looking right at it, and for a moment, I was torn between busting him, and humiliating him in front of everyone, but then I thought about going home.

Alone, and wondering what would have happened. What I would have done, and could have done, not to mention feeling bad about him getting arrested, even though I hadn’t even done it.

“Oh, no. Don’t be.” I tuned around, and shook my head. I wanted to look up, check and see if anybody was watching, but afraid of what i’d see in their eyes. Especially the old ladies, with their groceries, and their judgemental stares. It was the beginning of the month, so as per usual, they went out to spend their checks, like Grandma did, only she had a car, and it must suck to take the bus, with a month’s worth of groceries.

“Huh?” He bumped my back, and I didn’t feel it. Mostly just his legs, bumping my butt through the back of my skirt, but then he put his hands on my hips, and I looked around.

Nope, nobody paying attention, but then he sat down. Sideways, I sat in the last seat, of the forward facing rows, so the ones behind me were turned sideways. He didn’t let go of my hips, and he could have pulled me down, into his lap if I hadn’t just followed his lead, and sat down.

“HhuhHhuh!” His breath was muffled, through his mask, and I had to imagine it on my hair. “I wish I could smell you.” He kept his voice down. “Especially your tight young pussy, are you wet?”

I nodded, but I didn’t have to ask if he was till hard. I could feel it, pushed up straight in my lap, from when i sat down, and scooched to work it in between my butt cheeks.

“A virgin?” I nodded again, and felt a little, hot shiver? I waited to feel goose bumps, or something, but all it was was, well? I don’t know, really. I mean, yeah, it was creepy, and sexy at the same time. He was creepy, but I was sexy, so. I know that’s no excuse, to stare at a girl, my age, and there’s no telling how many he freaked out before I felt so willing, but I knew I shouldn’t encourage him.

I tried to think about that, even while my mind was whirling with all the few times I’d gotten creepy looks from guys. I mean men, when I was a little girl, and too young to feel anything but scared, and grossed out, as soon as I realized Why they were looking at me.

My mom caught one, and after she chased him off, shaking her finger, she told my not to bend over like that. In my dance dress, and tights, so he could see the outline of my underwear under the short frilly tutu like skirt, and what was he hanging around the dance class for in the first place, when he didn’t have a daughter there.

To look at the little girls, because he’s a pedo, and probably a child molester for all I know, but there’s no way I would have sat in his lap even if I had the chance. I just tried to remember that, scared, confused, and disgusting feeling I got. The first time, and that wasn’t even the last.

Now, here I am, looking around to make sure nobody’s watching, so I can hump a big boner with my butt, through my skirt. “Huh!” I stopped, and tried to look natural, but I couldn’t help turning away.

“It’s okay, she’s not looking.” He felt down my legs, and rubbed them through my skirt, with both hands, and now the sweat was running down my sides. mostly, i’m not sure if I was soaking through the crotch of my undies yet, but I knew full well that wasn’t just sweat. “You’re so hot. Huh! NGHM!”

“Uh!” I felt it? Twitch, I had no idea that it could twitch, hard enough to beat the bones at the base of my spine, even through his pants. Not a whole lot of material in the skirt, let alone the panties, because I put on the lightest ones I could find to cover my knees, but the first day back at school, and now this happened?

I felt proud? Proud enough just getting a boner with my eye catchers, but now the big butt I always hated payed off, and I got my first orgasm, from a guy. I mean, out of him, I wasn’t even close to finishing, but I couldn’t see any way of doing it here, in front of the little old ladies, and their groceries, right across from us.

“Disgusting.” They got up. Grabbing their bags by the home-sewn handles.

“Have you no shame?” It hit me, all at once, and I knew they’d be like that if they saw us, but why didn’t they say something sooner? I just ran for the back of the bus, then grabbed the bars when the bell dinged, and the driver stepped on the brakes.

“What? She’s 18!” He tried to tell them, but they just kept picking up their grocery bags. Like big old quilted purses, with shoulder straps, or Ikea bags made out of patchwork denim, and corderoy.

“Pervert,” one said.

“Don’t engage him, Maud. He’s not worth it.”

“Filthy fucking pervert.” They left, all three of them. The little old ladies down the back stairs, while he ran up, and out the front door as soon as we stopped, but I sat down in the back. All the way in the corner, behind the next to last seats, and even with all that to kill the mood. It didn’t take long to get warmed up again, my hands up my skirt, and in my panties. My fingers inside me, trying to imagine.

Well, him having long nails for one. I’d never been fingered before, but I’d done it more than enough to avoid scratching myself, and I just tuned them out. Remembering his hardon, especially when it started twitching, and shooting in his underwear. Wondering if he was circumcised, boxers, or briefs, how much he shaved down there, and everything else I could imagine while my fingers did the fucking, and I had to hold my breath so I didn’t moan out loud.

“Huh! Huh! HuhuhuhuhuhH!”

When I blinked, and shook my head, there was a boy there. Staring at me, and rubbing his crotch under his shirt.

“Oh, huh!” I was so busy, I didn’t even see him get on, let alone come back, and sit back to watch me. All the way over in the other corner, but I pulled my shirt out. By the collar, to let the hot sweaty air out. He grinned, and picked up his shirt. Showed me his boner, and grabbed it, to pull the skin up. So, it bunched around the pink head, and squeezing it until it swelled, and turned purplish, and a little clear drop welled up on top.

“Huh!” I started unbuttoning my blouse, without even thinking about it. Then, to give him something to look at. Some inspiration to start pumping, then fapping. Nodding excitedly, and expecting the big finish to cum. Of course, I’d seen cum shots before, in porn. Come on, it’s not like PG-13 has any meaning any more, when practically anybody can get all the porn they want on their phones.

“Uh, ah fuck.” He didn’t even bother keeping his voice down, then he lowered it. “Yeah, fuck yeah.”

Just like that, he came for me. Not anybody else, but me, and my half naked tits.

“Huh!” It was the most amazing thing I ever seen in my whole entire life, and for a minute there, I felt like the sexiest woman in the whole world. A porn star, that thousands, no millions of men would whack off to every minute of every day.

Just as soon as I turn 18, but you never forget your first…

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      You have written well in the past. This is just copied and pasted shite

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    Weird!.. it wasn’t so sexy at all

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      Sorry? I pretty much write for me, and my tastes are a little weird. I tend to focus more on the emotions than the meat piston action. Like the natural confusion, disassociation, and fumbling I’d expect from a tweenage virgin catching her mom in the act of cuckholding her dad, and blackmailing her into watching her give up her virginity to her gaslighting boyfriend.

      When the normal fantasy basically boils down to “Fuck me daddy!” However, I can understand how this isn’t sexy for you.