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School Camp Surprise

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This is how me and my current Girlfriend started dating.

This all happened in 2016. It was our schools leadership camp so all of us in grade 6 had to go. On our way to the camp I was sitting next to my best friend Emma (not using my Girlfriends real name). We were talking and playing cards because we didn’t know what to do on the way there. We would always play video games together online. She was always smiling at me and laughing at my not really funny jokes.

We arrived to the camp and then met the camp leaders. We were setup into groups where there was 2 rooms for the boys and 2 rooms for the girls. My room was the best because we all would walk around naked and because a lot of use were bi so we would masturbate together and sometimes fuck each other when everyone was asleep. This was also the first time I was fucked by a 8.3 inch black cock.

We were all called to the main hall for the activities for the next few days. Me and Emma were sitting next to each other after the announcements for lunch as all of us were hungry. She was telling me that her room was almost like ours where the girls would kiss and fucked and even walk around naked. It turned me on and Emma saw my bulge and just gave me a smile.

It was the next day and we just finished our first activity which made all of us sweaty and tired, so the camp leaders told us to change into our swimming costumes and jump in the pool. So all of us went to our rooms and got dressed. When I bent down to get my swimming pants one of the boys put there cock in me and fucked me for a bit then they were taking turns fucking me. I enjoyed it and then finally got dressed. Me and Emma were swimming together in the pool which was massive and had a slide.

Her hand hit my crotch and turned me on. I was thinking to myself did she do it on purpose, does she have feelings for me. I just said to myself it was just an accident. She then touched my crotch again but this time her hand stayed on my crotch. She smiled when she felt my cock get erect. She started to stroke my cock through my pants. She went faster until I came.

When then got out and I walked her back to her room as we had to get ready for the next activity which is going to happen at night. She told me that she had feelings for me and gave me a kiss on my cheek then she went in her room. I walked to my room were all the boys of my room were watching me and Emma. The one boy that is fully gay said that she would always talk about me as he is friends with her. I sat on my bed which was the bottom bunk and was shocked. He said that she knows that I am bi and she is okay with that.

I got hard again and asked the full gay guy if he wants to help me and he replied yes. So we just took turns fucking each other until we both came. We all met at the bonfire so we could be put in teams as this activity was a trust and puzzle for us. Emma and I were put in the same team. We were walking together and confessing feelings for each other. When we finished the activity me and Emmas went somewhere hidden and started to make out with each other. She was about to take her bra off when we were called for dinner.

After dinner we were all went to our rooms. It was our last day at the camp and you know us guys we have morning wood so we all would masturbate, fuck each other or suck each other off. The day went on and we were in 2 groups where the girls group will be by the pond doing an activity and us boys went into the forest. It was the afternoon and we all were told to get our blankets and pillows as we were going to meet the girls as the top of the mountain. We all were walking up the mountain and arrived with the camp fire ready.

We were told to set up our blankets/sleeping bags around the fire. Me and Emma put ours together so we would we sleeping together that night. We were playing cards with my friends and her friends. The camp leader forgot something at the main camp so they had to go get it. Which meant we had about 40 Minutes to do what ever we wanted. So we all agreed to play Truth or Dare. It was fun as some people we dared to strip or when you are dared let anyone fuck you for 30 seconds. The camp leaders arrived back and we were told to go to sleep.

So me and Emma got together and fell asleep. I was woken up by Emma in the middle of the night and said if I wanted to fuck. I said yes. She unzipped her PJ’s to reveal her 34c breasts and then she revealed her tight virgin pussy. She then slowly pulled me pants down and grabbed my decent sized cock(7.2 inch) and started to stroke it. I then kissed her and I asked her if she wanted to suck it. She said yes. She stared to suck it deeper and deeper, it felt amazing.

She then said she is ready. So I told her to lay on her back and I went over her. I slowly put the head of my cock in her and gave me a soft moan. I then went deeper and deeper with every thrust. She looked like she was possessed. She started to cum after 8 minutes and asked me for more. So I went faster and faster. After about 27 Minutes I was about to cum when she said I must cum in her mouth. So I pulled my cock out and she started to suck me off until l came in her mouth and she swallowed it all.

We still meet each other now because I started homeschooling. But she is not far as she lives about 5 minute walk from me. We even met during the lockdown.

Hope you all enjoyed my true story and I still have a few more.

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