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Public train ride (continued)

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I got her again and then some cum to top it off

After the train ride, we sat down next to each other and chatted. Her voice was audibly shaken. She gave me short responses to my questions, but I could tell she was concentrated on not crying. For some reason it really turned me on. I think because I essentially fingered her in public and she wasn’t brave enough to say no, or anything at all.
So I decided to ask her to get off with me for a coffee on a stop in downtown. After some convincing she agreed. She takes the train to school so she called to say she would be late because of a dr visit. It gave us a few hours together as I called my work for the same reason. We went to the park near the train stop as we waited for the coffee shop to open. Mind you this is about 6:30 in the morning. She never adjusted her panties in the train as to not draw attention. We sat down and I asked what was wrong, as if I didn’t know. She told me that she was scared and began to cry a bit. She told me what the other guy did. He stood in front of her and once the train moved, he began his assault. He was bold, probably because he got away with it the first time. He forcefully shoved his hand up her skirt and was rubbing her pussy from outside the panties. She said the was trapped she could not do anything but move her legs and cross them. But the guy forced his hand up and wedged it between her legs. His nails began to scratch her leg, that she had a cut. It hurt and relaxed her legs by accident and the guy was able to get in. From the side of her panties he was able to get to her clit, but he was pulling her public hair because of the tight space and force of his hand. That was when she admitted that she was rubbing up against me. She began to apologize for that. So I decided to give her a bit of a guilt trip. I said “oh no! You mean I assaulted you?” I can’t believe this! No wonder you are so shaken. ” She promptly began to blame herself. “It was my fault, I shouldn’t have been doing that i was just trying to move away from this guy.” I said “why didn’t you say something or move his hand away? That was pretty stupid not to do anything. Now I’m an assailant. ” She said “what I did was dumb but its not your fault, I led you on and you couldn’t have known. “I acted relieved, and asked was this the first time this happened? She said no that the guy groped her ass 2 weeks prior and came on her. I asked why she hadn’t told anyone and her is where I both felt bad and super turned on at the same time. She said she lives with a foster family that has 5 other foster kids, she being the oldest. The parents are a couple in their 60’s and this helps augment their income. But she does most of the work taking care of the kids. So she has noone to tell. It was quiet for about a minute because I was really struggling inside. Should I be noble or have my way.
I decided to take a different approach. I asked if her cut was bleeding. She checked and said yes. I said ok, pull off your panties and we can go and put something on it. I took her to a CVS nearby and bought gauze, peroxide and bandaids and tape, the we returned to the beach. It was still dark as it was the fall , and the sun didn’t come up until 7:30 to 8ish. I poured some peroxide on the gauze and instructed to her to sit on the edge. I told her to take my hand and put it where the cut is. It was right on her thigh just under her slit. I began to wipe and she immediately tensed up .I said you really need to open your legs wide ok. She did and I wiped and had a finger slide to her slit and pushed a knuckle in a bit. She gasped as my knuckle was rubbing her clit. I kept it there and held my hand still but moving my knuckle in a bit deeper each time. I saw the agony on her face as she was very uncomfortable. I asked her to give me a bandage, but she was so in a hurry and clumsy that she tore it open and they popped out. I pretended to be annoyed and said pick them up and put them in the box, then give me one. As she moved forward toward me I was able to sink my knuckle deeper and began to move it. I felt that he was getting wet. She collected them and opened one and gave it to me. I kept my right hand still with the knuckle in her and used the other hand to put it on. I pushed open her slit and she jolted up and closed her legs. I said “Hey I know it is uncomfortable but you need to relax.” She was getting wetter as I continued to rub with my knuckle. She said, “It hurts a little”, ok, I said, just relax. She opened her legs again and put the bandage on, but it wouldn’t stick as her thighs were damp. “Man, you are fucking wet, Are you enjoying this or something?” She blushed really red and said “Oh no.” “It sure feel like it”, I said. I could see her eyes well up. I asked have you been fingered before? Yes, she said lowly. Moved my hand out to straighten my hand then pushed my finger in. She clutched her legs again. “Look, just relax.” And fingered her first with one finger then, 2, then 3. She was really tight. I said “you are really wet but very tight” I began to finger her faster and deeper. She moaned a bit and heard a silent whisper from her to stop. But I acted like I did not hear and continued. Damn, Emily you really do like this. “Open your legs more” and rubbed her clit that was now swollen. “Damn baby, You like this, huh” Again she gave a silent whisper, “Stop” I used my other hand to push her hips toward me and get deeper. My cock is so fucking hard baby. “Put your hand on it”. I grabbed her hand and put it on my cock, She squeezed it and rubbed it. I instructed to unzip my pants, and put her hand in my pants. “Rub it,” I said and get under my underwear. She did and as she did, I came on her hand. I let out a sigh of relief. “Damn, Emily”, I said “you are a crazy, slutty girl”. That isn’t the end of the story though. As her story is she told me later on really knocked me off my feet.

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