My stranger bus rape (my true story)

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Here’s my true story for all you sick- o’s to get off On I was on a walking at night with a friend on my 19 birthday when we saw a bus go by and stop ahead of us. The driver and doorman waved us over friendly like. We got on the bus . ( stupid idea ) After driving for a bit we realize we are being taken in the wrong direction and asked the to stop the bus. The two men in front and in charge of the otherwise empty bus let my friend off first, but as she exited the doorman pushes her hard off the bus. He slammed and locks the door closed as the driver simultaneously drives off.
I lunged for the doors forgetting the doorman had locked them and was met with being thrown back across the bus seat and being slapped hard across the face. With a very large and scary knife being shoved in my face and a stern look to impart without words to behave or get stabbed. So I behaved.
They stripped me after parking the bus and sent me to the back of the bus where they took turns raping me in every way they could think of. oral, vaginal ,anal I was in shock and completely obedient, but dead to the world about it. They kept me alive and they dumped me off after they were both finished with .
I suffer with the fear of stranger danger every single day.

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  • Reply Romeo ID:mzi5khr9l

    Amy am so sorry to hear this. It felt so sad reading this. i would love to have a conversation with you Amy. I would really appreciate if you could mail me on [email protected] or write me up on Hangout. Thanks Amy.

  • Reply Bill w ID:30rxnvr8rb2

    I really wish your story was longer and more Detail and what was going thru your mind

  • Reply H ID:161rn6rpd9i9

    Call or text me if you want to rape a virgin (614) 758-7928

    • Pussywercker ID:fzq6riehj3

      Is thst a real number

  • Reply Bobby ID:30rxnvr8rb2

    I wish you had more detail

  • Reply Jenn ID:fx7itbeqlo

    Now you become a slut

  • Reply Jefferson ID:2a74ithb0ao

    I’m very sorry what happened, Amy. There’s nothing arousing about your experience. I hope you find help. I have to ask, considering the nature of this forum, what made you want to post your experience here?

    • Amy ID:30rzguf5d34

      It feels good to let it out , let go of my past

  • Reply ? ID:7ylvmikv9bj

    So you had your 1st 3 some I am sure you will have more. So neither one of them knocked you up dam that’s to bad you would enjoyed it more if you had a keep sake like a baby from them.

  • Reply Jackie ID:4phnbafzm1

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  • Reply critic101 ID:88pyqout0ao

    why would they let your friend go?