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My slutty sister

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My sister (Stephanie) was a beautiful girl, aged 17 was in the school cheerleading team. And she also wanted to date the hottest boy at school but she couldn’t. Stephanie had a bestfriend i think her name was Bella or so…… I’d noticed my stepsister taking longer time to shower, and always getting the heated water almost out. So one day i decided to take a peak at what she doing… not that i had thoughts of doing any sexual things to her i just wanted to know why she always had a lot of shower time. Well i went into the bathroom when she was bathing through the window. Then i saw her using the shower cap to masturbate she put it on her clit letting the water run through and she was letting out soft moans, this made me so hard cause i was kinda like a sex freak but I’d never thought I’d be seeing my sister doing this. Then i left and went to my room to watch some porn and jerk off.
Later, at school I’d seen my sister and bella go into the girls locker room during class and i was very much curious why, then i sneaked in and what i saw made me very hard. My sister was fucking Bella with a cucumber i guessed it was the one mom had given us for lunch..Bella’s pussy was dripping wet from cum and she let out really hot moaning…….Then my sister told her to turn around and they started scissoring each other, Stephanie was enjoying it so much she put her finger in Bella’s mouth to stop her from screaming and then Bella was holding stephanie nipples and caressing them, I could see how creamy Bella pussy was. Then Bella let out a huge shout as she orgasmed on my sister’s belly. Stephanie was mad because Bella had orgasmed when she told her not to and she did it on her shirt. Stephanie picked up her skirt and wore it and left out the locker room in anger. I had been watching from the back of the pillar behind the locker room. Then i saw Bella get up clean herself and picked up the cucumber and put it in her bag and left for class. I wondered what i was gonna do next because i had already came in my pants. At home i went into my room and started remembering what I’d seen at school and it made me very hard!
I then resorted myself to the bathroom to jerk off because my mom had broken my room lock. While i was jerking off in the toilet my dad came to remind me to come for dinner. I tried to finish it off fast then my sister came in through the window and saw me stroking my dick. I was amazed and kinda freaked out. Then she came closer and put her finger on my mouth and told me to be quiet…..and she said “i always wanted to know her it feels to have a dick inside of me” .

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