My Husband Bob And I Are Getting An Anullment

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I work part time at Chaz’s Bar as a barista.

My name is Anne. I am 23 years old, 5’2”, petite, 36d, bubble butt, long curly brunette hair with hazel eyes. I have a college degree in Computer technology, IT and AI. My day job is working for a large corporation in computer technology. I still work part time as I did in college for Charles at his bar and club named Chaz’s. He is a black businessman. He is 6’6”. He is a big man. He loves to work as a bartender at his club. Busy nights at the club are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. I fill drink orders for the tables while Charles handles the bar orders. We are both conscientious in satisfying the customer. If I catch up on the table orders I help Charles at the bar. He is a good man. He has asked me to move into his estate because he trusts and loves me. He said, “I would have no strings attached. I will come and go as I pleased.” He added, “I will have to get an annulment from my husband to live at the estate.” I agreed.

When my husband got home from a long haul trip we sat down and talked. I told him the names of his women who called at our house looking for him. He was surprised. I told him, “ I wanted an annulment to get on with my life.” I told him, “we can share a lawyer and split the savings and checking account.” We have no other expenses. He apologized but agreed to my request. We filed for an annulment and two weeks later we were legally divorced.

Thursday night I worked at the Club and told Charles the good news of my annulment. We were behind the bar. Charles picked me up kissing me and congratulating me. I had my arms around his neck hugging him. He asked me, “when are you moving into my estate?” I said, “Saturday morning if it is okay?” He replied, “Of course girl. If you need help I will send a mover to you.” I thanked him and said “yes, please.” Friday night was busy at the Club. There was a popular band Charles had hired. The Club was full of patrons.

Charles paid to have my clothes and my other possessions moved to his estate in the morning. I put everything away and settled in. Charles has a retired US Army Green Beret Captain named Billy. He has blonde hair with silver mixed. Billy is Charles’s bodyguard and chauffeur. He lives on the estate. He is very nice and respectful. He drove us to the Club. There is armed security at the Club also.

Saturday night was exceptionally busy at the Club. Charles had a famous DJ to provide his skill with the music. There was a waiting line outside as we had to control the number of patrons for fire regulations in the Club. I made a lot of tips and Charles did very well at the cash register. We closed at 1AM. When we arrived home there were a lot of cars parked in the estate. When we got inside the employees were there applauding me. There was a banner hanging from the ceiling reading, “With Love, Welcome Anne.” I got a lot of hugs and kisses. I felt like a part of a big family. I held Charles’s hand. There was food and open bar on the outside lanai with plenty of seating. The night air on the mountain was cool and pleasant. We partied all night.

I laid on Charles’s bed. I fell asleep. It’s Sunday morning 6AM. I woke up looking at Charles laying on his side sleeping facing me. We are both still dressed. I kissed him and he awakened. He kissed me. I said, “good morning.” We kissed again. He said,” what is the plan?” I said, “I am going to take a shower.” He replied, “would you like some company?” I said, “yes, anytime.” We showered together. On my knees with the warm shower on my body I sucked his 10 inch thick black cock and his huge balls. He is now ready for me. This is our first time together for sex. He said, “get on your hands and knees.” He tapped my pussy a few times with his cock. I took off my wedding ring and told him to put it into my pussy. He used his fingers pushing it deeply into my pussy. I told him, “ to officially fuck my wedding ring and marriage goodbye.” He asked me, “ if I wanted him to use a condom?” I said, “No. Squirt my pussy full of your love sperm.” He pushed his cock into my pussy and I pushed my body back to receive it. He is a very physically powerful man. He fucked deeply into my pussy and I loved every thrust of his cock. I moved my body back and forth to meet the thrusts of his cock. He stopped pushing his cock as I rode it faster and deeper. I was panting and squealing as I started orgasming. He squirted my pussy and I experienced multiple orgasms causing my body to spasm. Charles while still fucking my pussy picked me up off of my hands held me against his chest. His hands were on my breasts while he continued fucking me. He kissed my cheek. He whispered in my ear how much he loved me. He said, “ later I want to fuck your beautiful round bubble butt ass. I know you have an overactive libido and like to fuck.” Charles squirted copious streams of warm sperm flooding my pussy overflowing down my inner thighs. I continued orgasming. Charles pulled his cock from my flooded pussy. He laid me on my back kissing me and fingering fucking me keeping me orgasming. He French kissed me. I put my arms around his neck. He licked, sucked my breasts and nipples. This big man totally stimulated my body making me wanting more sex. When he finished stimulating me, I asked for a cup and spoon. I wanted to save his sperm from my pussy and thighs to eat it. Charles insisted on spooning the sperm into the cup for me. I asked him to watch me eat his copious sperm from the cup. He kissed my forehead. As I ate the sperm he became aroused. When I licked the cup empty he rolled me over on my stomach. He pulled my ass up high on pillows. He lubricated his cock and my anus. He spread my ass cheeks as he pushed his 10 inch thick cock into my ass. He slowly entered me. I pushed back against his cock to receive it to go deeper. It was tight and I made straining sounds as I pushed. He was deep inside of me. The lubrication helped me fuck myself on his cock. I eventually increased my speed fucking his large cock and enjoying the stimulations. When he was ready to squirt me he pulled me to his chest fucking me fast and hard. He kissed my cheek and lips as I turned my head towards him. I put my arms and hands up around the back of Charles neck. His strong hands held my hips as he continued fucking my ass.

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