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My Gay Dad

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True story of a gay dad and straight son

I am willingly posting this story.

Growing up with my dad was a nightmare, he’s a raging drunk. When I stayed with him and it was complete torment. He would physically and sexually abuse me.

It all started one night when I was 10 years old.
I was watching tv in the living room when I heard my dad in the bathroom. He was coughing and gasping for air, it sounded like he was coughing up water. I thought we was drowning, I ran up the stairs,

“Dad are you okay?” I asked, my heart racing. It was quiet for a second. His gruff voice shouted through the closed door, “Wesley get in here.” He slurred. Maybe he had hit his head on something.

I opened the bathroom door and looked at the scene. Alcohol bottles on the counter and Dad in the bath. I felt extremely uncomfortable as I stood there, I only thought my dad was hurt.

“Close the fucking door.” He growled. I stepped in the bathroom closing the door behind me. I stood close against it not looking at him.

“Do you need anything?” I asked bluntly, I just wanted to get out of the bathroom as soon as possible. I heard huffing and loading breathing then the sound of rushing water and feet on the tiles. His tall old body too close for comfort, I squeezed my eyes shut feeling his lips blow hot alcoholic breath on my neck.

“Daddy would love your help baby boy.” He chuckled and gripped my soft blonde curls. He pulled me over to the bath and threw me into it. I hit my head as I went under water, my legs hanging over the edge of the bath I lifted myself up. I gasped for air and coughed. I opened my eyes to see my dads larger cock hanging in my face just before he shoved me under water again. I tried to fight back. The more I did the longer he held me under.

Finally he grabbed my throat and ripped me out of the water. My small frail body landed on the soaked bathroom floor.

“Now, we should have no issues should we baby boy?” My dad grunted as he shook his cock over me. I began crying. He got into his knees and faced away from me.

“Eat it.” He growled. I started wide eyed at his dirty ass in front of my face. The old hairy ass in front of my innocent face. He turned halfway and gripped my curls again, he pulled practically ripping my hair out of my scalp.

I closed my eyes as he slammed my nose into his dirty asshole. I cried and he slammed my head into his ass again.

“EAT” his loud voice boomed. I cried as I opened my mouth and moved it against his ass. I was a Virgin. I had no idea what to do.

“Boy if you don’t shove your tongue in my ass and suck like your life depends on it I’m going to strangle the fuck out of you.” He threatened as he took a sip of his bottle. He pulled my face against him and I stuck out my tongue.. his force sent it straight into his hole. It was tight and it didn’t taste good. I gagged as he rammed my face into his ass over and over grunting like a dog.

I cried wishing for it to be over my face hurting and my stomach ready to spill its contents. Finally he let go and I scurried back and threw up. I wiped my mouth and I was shoved to the ground.. my pants were ripped off and my hips here held in placed as he leaned down and sucked my tiny penis super hard. It hurt and it struggled to form some kind of erection. I cried and pushed at his head attempting to wiggle free under his weight. He sat up and punched he in the face.

I held my head and cried, i laid on the floor helpless as my dad lowered himself onto me and shoved my semi hard kid dick deep in his ass. He sat on me. The wind leaving my
Body as he sat there. Then he started to moved back and forth and jerking his cock, his saggy balls slapping onto my stomach. I squeezed my eyes shut. He moaned and rolled over. His weight sent me rolling with him. His legs trapping me in. I fell against his body and he held me in place. My dick was fully soft inside him now. He used it the best he could.

He grabbed hold of my neck and squeezed. “FUCK ME BOY!” He screamed as he gripped tighter and tighter before letting go of my throat. Tears kept falling but I couldn’t make any noise anymore.. My muscles are tired and I simply give up. I collapse and lay limp. I feel paralyzed as I can’t even blink.

He fingered my soft cock into his ass before it all slipped out. He growled in anger and tossed me off of him. My body slammed to the ground and my dad quickly jumped on top of me he lowered his dick over my face and forced open my mouth. He got his cock wet in my saliva before he positioned himself in between my legs and shoved his 7 inch cock inside my tight little asshole. The pain was immense but I couldn’t even move. Tears fell from my eyes as my dad grunted, left bite marks on my ass, he chocked me and screamed at me as he pumped his dick in and out of me.

He headed up getting so hard my head just started bumping the side of the tub. He growled and groaned “mmmmmm fuck I’m going to cum, deep in your ass you’ll have me in you for weeks.” He huffed twice more before slamming his cock into me once more. Heat filled my asshole and my head hit the hub so hard I closed my eyes.

My dad was a sick man. I’m willingly posting this story and I hope you enjoy.

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    Lol, the stories are all just that..STORIES!!! The shit aint true nor real.

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      Big surprise

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      Shut the fuck up,it’s just fantasy most likely nothing else

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    Daddy use to rape me too before he went to jail

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