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Mums friends son part 2

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touching his dick i was scared and did not no what to do he told me to pit my hand around it i did not no what masturbate was or a hand job as i moved my hand up and down his shaft he made a nosie and the white cream come oit of the end (what i now know was spunk and i have lots of that now) i was embarrassed and he told me to clean up and to put my clothes back on out of the tumble dryer he was taking me back to my mums it was a few day later till i saw him again where he got me a present it was a wig and girls clothes and matching girls underwear his mum was out he told me to take a shower and the was a razer and told me to shave my publc hair off i was nervous 20 mins later it was smooth i put the panties on and the bra put could not do it up and the wig and the skirt i went down stair and he laughed at me anyway he sorted me out and made me dinner and wine i soon got light headed so i went so sit down on the sofa i must have fallen asleep because when i woke up i was been pulled down by his hand and he pulled the panties aside and my small cock started to get hard as he gave me a hand job and then he started to suck on it i tryed to push his away bit he was strong

To be continued

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