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Maya – A true story

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Maya is sex deprived lady staying in an apartment in my building. When a fuck opportunity appears, this is how she seizes it with both hands and legs

Hello everyone. I have been reading, many stories in in this site. In these days of lock down this site has become a kind of life saver. I have been learning many techniques of seducing and fucking, which I hope to to try out once this lockdown is over. Today I would like to to share with you recent experience which I had add just a couple of days before the lockdown was implemented.
I live in a small building comprising of 9 flats. And in one of these flats stays Maya. Maya is a cute lady, 42 years old. She is about 5 feet 5 inches tall and has a slender body with medium sized boobs and a welcomel rounded ass. Though I have to confess that she is quite ordinary to look at. For some weird reason she has been married to a person who is 65 years old. I think it is not really required to tell you what kind of sex life the couple is having. I guess someone would be taking advantage of the situation and it turned out to be me.
Maya is second wife. She has a grown up stepson and a stepdaughter. Both are married and have their own families. Maya’s husband, Anil often visits his son’s or daughter’s house and open stays back there for the day. Every time loses temper with his wife, he walks out of his home and takes off to one of his children’s house. And I am praying that he loses his temper very often. Maya’s standing is very low in front of her step children. They treat her very shabbily and ignore her most of the time. While she is a persona non grata in her step sons house, stepdaughter makes her run various errands for her. The step daughter stays quite far at the other and of the city and is a working woman. So every time she needs something to be done at home while she is in her office, she remembers het stepmother Maya. And that is where the story begins.
As the new session for my child’s school was supposed to begin I had to go to College Street, the main book market in Calcutta to buy new books. As I was walking down the stairs I found Maya locking her door. So we started to walk down together and chat. I learnt that she was going to her step daughter’s house as a plumber would be coming there to do some repair works. It meant that we would be going in the same direction and the same bus. When we reached the main road we had to cross over to the other side of the road to catch the bus. Now everyday in the morning I drop my child to the bus stop from where she takes the school bus. And I catch hold of hand while crossing the road. As a matter of habit I did the same with Maya. It was only after crossing the street I realised that it was Maya’s hands that I was holding. Before I could say anything the bus came and we quickly got into it. And luckily we managed to get two seats side by side. We quickly sat down.
Once we were seated I apologized for holding the hand. I told her why I had made the mistake and she understood. As I did not notice any grudge in her about the incident, I decided to try my luck further. I told her that though I took her hand by mistake, I actually liked holding it. I then asked her if I could hold her hand again. When she did not what reply, I took the answer as yes, and took her hands into mine. Then I started to stroke her hands with my fingers. As she did not pull away I put one hand over her shoulder and moved closer to her with my thighs pressing hard against her. And when no one was looking I quickly kissed her fingers. She quickly looked around in alarm but relaxed when she saw that no one was watching. I then asked what she planned to do once the plumbing work was over. Since she did not have any plan, I asked if she would come with me to College Street. After buying the books we could go home together. She agreed and also asked me to accompany her to her step daughter’s house. I knew we were in for something now and I was determined to make the best use of this opportunity. What I did not know was that she too was determined to make the best of the opportunity.
Once our bus reached the stop, we got down. Maya immediately called the plumber and asked him to reach the house. When we reached the house the plumber was already standing at the gates. Maya unlocked the place and we all went in. The plumber was an expert in his job and finished it in about 10 minutes and left. Now we were all alone in the house. Maya asked if I would like to have a cup of tea. I agreed as I wanted sometime to think and plan my next move. I told her that I didn’t take sugar in my tea and she went to the kitchen to make the tea. Sitting in the sofa of the drawing room my eyes fell on on a showcase which was placed opposite to the kitchen door. What caught my eye wasn’t anything in the showcase but the reflection of what was going on in the kitchen, on its glass. What I saw really surprised me. For I saw Maya holding an empty cup near her lips. She then stuck out her tongue and started licking the rim of the teacup. Then she pushed her tongue even deeper and licked the the entire cup on the inside. I watched amused as she poured tea into it.
She then brought the tea cups and handed one to me. As the two cups had different designs I knew that she had given me tea in the cup she had licked. I took a sip of the tea then put the cup on the table. I looked at her accusingly and said that she had made the tea sweet even though I had told her that I didn’t take sugar. She looked confused and said that she had not put any sugar. I insisted that the tea was definitely sweet। Then I said that it seemed as if it wasn’t the tea that was sweet, but the cup. She looked at me even more confused. I then quietly pointed towards the showcase and she understood that I had seen what she had done. She gasped in embarrassment and covered her face with her hands. She apologized profusely and wanted to take away my cup. But I stopped her and said the tea was very tasty and I was really loving it. While she stood quietly not knowing what to do or say, I quietly held her hand and made her sit beside me. Then I said that if this cup was so tasty, her lips must taste like heaven. And I started kissing and then licking her lips and finally sucking at them. As our kisses got more and more deep and wet, my hands started playing with boobs. First it was over her dress and then my hands moved under her dress to reach her soft boobs under her bra. While I was doing all this she quietly sat and enjoyed.
I then told her that even if she had applied the juice of her pussy, on the cup, I would have still enjoyed drinking the tea and tasting her pussy juice. Though she looked embarrassed she did not stop me when I plunged my hands inside her leggings right to her pussy. It was real wet so I just wettened my fingers and pulled them out to taste them. I repeated it a couple of times and then told her that my fingers were getting wiped dry when I was pulling them out because of rubbing against her panties and leggings. And then I pulled both of them down exposing her wet pussy. I then started playing with it with my fingers and then started licking and sucking at it. What surprised me was the amount of pussy juice that would appear every time I sucked at it. Now I had one hand on her boobs, my mouth on her pussy and my other hand unbuttoning my trousers. I would like to add here that every time I seduce someone, in the first fuck, I don’t waste much time in foreplay and get inside her before she might change your mind. So the moment I got rid of my pants I mounted on her and shoved my dick into her pussy.
She caught hold of me tightly with her hands and and her legs with her thighs almost crushing me. I started humping at her wildly. It was then that Maya spoke after a long time. She asked me to go slow so that we did not fall off the sofa. I slowed down to a slow, gentle and rhythmic fuck. While I was at it I could hear her moan every now and then with her nails trying to dig into my back. Slowly I started to increase my speed and she responded well. Soon we were hearing our breathing together which then turned into regular moans and finally into calibrated groans. I could feel her teeth digging into my shoulder and that is when I cummed. I pulled out my dick in the nick of time and picked up a cushion towel, to catch the semen which gushed out. We both lay down in that position for around 5 minutes before sitting up.
I now pulled up my trousers which was still entangled on my feet but she stop me. I think it will be much better if we did it in the bed. So I asked her to lead to the bedroom. When we got up to go to the bedroom I picked up the towel on which I had collected this season earlier. “What do you want that for”, she asked. I told her that I had collected my semen in this towel and would do it again. She immediately took it from my hand and licked every bit of semen that was there on it. “Mmmmm” she said. “You did not want me to enjoy this”. “I did not know no you like to eat semen so much. From now on every drop of semen that will come out of my dick when we fuck will go into ur mouth”, I promised. ‘That’s exactly how I want it to be”, she said.
Then we went to her bedroom and removed whatever clothes we still had on our body. While she removed her kurti I removed my t-shirt and baniyan. I then unhooked her bra and released her breasts. Though we had already fucked each other once this was the first time we stood absolutely naked in front of each other. I was really surprised by her body. I would see her almost everyday but never realised she had such a fine body under those loose clothes she wore. Her boobs were of medium size but firm and rounded. Nipples were brownish pink in colour and covered quite a large area of her boobs. Her tummy wasn’t really flat. Just a little rounded. But what got my eyes was the large well rounded ass. I mentally made a note of it promising myself to have that on a future date. Today was the day for just some nice gentle pussy fucking.
As soon as I laid down on the bed, she caught hold of my dick. “There is some semen still smeared on ur dick”, she said. “Let me lick them off first”. Once done, she mounted over my body and pressed her body against mine with all strength. I thought she wanted to crush me into pulp. She then turned her attention towards my mouth. We now started making out as she went around sucking at my lips and then my tongue. I followed suit and did the same. Soon we wear kissing, sucking and chewing each others mouths. Then she moved upwards and shoved one of her breasts on my face. As I licked at her nipples she quickly moved it away and dangled the other one in front of my mouth. The moment I would try to lick one of them she would replace it with the other. She played with me for some time like this and then pressed one hard against my mouth. “Suck them hard” she said. I got hold of it and started sucking at it. “Harder” she said and caught hold of my head, pressing it against her breast with all her strength I sucked with all my strength and used my hands to crush them. I then nibbled at her nipple very slightly. She yelped in pain and in pleasure. She asked me to bite all over her breast, which I did as softly as possibly. But she kept asking me to bite harder. I bit as hard as I could without hurting her. After what seemed like ages, she moved her other boob to my mouth. And once again the game was repeated. Now she insisted that I leave a bite marks on her boob. I promised her I would leave a deep bite mark on her ass later on, but she wouldn’t take no for an answer. So I bit hard at the lower part of the boob and while I did it she shuddered with pleasure. But as it was on the lower part of her boob, she couldn’t see the mark. I finally had to take a pic of the bite mark on my mobile and show it to her. But even that wasn’t enough for her. She then put the other boob on my mouth and asked me to put a matching mark on it too. This time I really bit hard. She cried out in real pain. But then she asked me angrily, why I didn’t bite the other boob as hard as this one. I told her we would have lots of opportunities to bite each other later. Let’s get going. She nodded and got up. And before I knew what was going on she sat on my face, with her wet hairy pussy pressing on her mouth. In my earlier fuck I was just too excited to notice it during my earlier fuck, but now I was hit by the heady smell of her pussy. It had the strong aroma of a mix of pussy juice, slightly stale sweat and a very light trace of pee. It was a heady smell and I just kept taking deep breaths to enjoy it. Maya impatiently pressed her pussy against my mouth and started rubbing at it. “Lick it! suck it!” she cried. I can hardly remember ever I had seen a girl with such a wet pussy. I could see the juice dripping down her thighs. I gave a hard suck and my mouth was filled with her pussy juice. I started sucking harder. With every suck a large amount of juice filled my mouth. She seemed to have an unending supply of it. I then started to lick at it as my tongue tried to gain entry. Since it couldn’t do much on its own, I used my fingers to open her vulva. Now my tongue had a free run in the pink vulva as well as her swollen clit. I could feel her body shuddering and hear her soulful moans which only turned me on further. Suddenly she shifted a little forward and thrust her ass against my mouth. I opened her crack with my fingers and pushed my tongue as deep as possible. As my tongue was busy cleaning her asshole, she made weird pleasurable sounds, which only made me probe deeper. Maya too was highly excited and kept pressing her ass on my mouth with all her strength. Soon I had to ask her to stop as I was getting suffocated.
She now got off my face and turned her attention to my dick. She held it and played with the skin. There was a drop of pre cum on it which she licked off promptly. Then she took it in her mouth and slobbered all over it. Then she started deep throating it. She kept plunging down and up trying to give me a throat fuck. Then she got up and changed her position. Now she lay down at a right angle to me on the bed, resting her cheek on my tummy. Then she put one hand between her legs to play with her clit and the other arm to hug me. In that position, she took my dick into her mouth again, slipping back the foreskin with her teeth, and then just swirl her tongue around my glans. No bobbing, no hands, no nothing, just swirling her tongue. Every now and then, she paused, and tightened her lips for a moment. Or she gave the shaft a gentle tiny bite just behind the glans, or a little suck. Then she again swirled her tongue. All this happened with so much gentleness that I almost couldn’t bear it, any longer.
And then without any warning she stopped and mounted over me. She got into a cow girl position and started rubbing her pussy against my dick. I am now totally inpatient and can bear no longer. I tell her that enough is enough. Now just start fucking. She seemed to be enjoying my plight and deliberately delayed while stroking my body with her fingers Finally after what seemed like ages she put my dick inside her. As her soft warm pussy enveloped my dick, I let out a grunt. She now started bobbing up and down slowly at first and then increasing his speed. But the moment Il pulled her, closer, my dick slipped out of her pussy, which was now again filled with juice. I asked her to get off me and lie on on the bed while I mounted over her. As she lay down with her legs spread wide, I climbed over her. She guided my dick into her pussy and I gave a hard deep plunge. Then i started fucking her ever so slowly and gently. As I started increasing my speed, she asked me not to. She asked me to just go slow and on and on and on. As I was fucking, I saw a drop of sweat forming on forehead. I licked it of drawing smile from her. I now started kissing and biting softly all over her face and neck. Next my hand reached her boobs and started to fondle them. I could hear moans which thrilled me even more. As we went on and on I felt we were floating in the air. Every thrust felt like a crest of a wave while every pull felt like a trough. The room was now filled with our moans and grunts. If I had to explain everything ine in one word I would say heavenly.
It was then my dick decided that it had had enough. As it started to release its load I suddenly had the feeling as if I was falling down in a free fall from some great height. Instinctively yelled out and heard Maya do the same. After a minute or so once the feeling subsided we just lay motionless on the bed exhausted. Exhaustion was more due to the feeling of our free fall rather than all the physical exertion.
I don’t know if I had fallen asleep right on her body or I had slid down. I quietly slept for sometime and she did the same. Sometime later she awakened me up with a cup of tea in her hands. When I looked at the cup she smiled knowingly. “Don’t worry”, she said. “This time I have not put anything in the cup.” “However you can be sure that someday I will wash the cup with my pee and then give you tea.” “You can make the tea with your pee if you want to”. “I will enjoy drinking it”. “We will see” she said. She did see that very evening but that would be another story at another time.

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