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Lesbian sex triangle

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As I got to my girlfriends house she opened the door and I was greeted by the site of her in a tight tube top and a mini skirt and I was reminded that she doesn’t wear underwear as I could see her nipples pointing out she invited me in we were sitting on her couch making out when her mom came down the stairs holding two dildos I recognized them as the ones I had bought my gf for her birthday the site of her mom holding them got me quite wet but then she told us to go upstairs into her bedroom once there she told us that she wanted to make sure we were using them right so she told us to take off our pants and panties and lay back we did and then my girlfriends mom started to rub our pussys I couldn’t believe that I was laying on my back with my legs in the air next to my gf as her mom fingered us once we were very wet she slowly slid the dildos in it was amazing my gf came first and I was close to squirting and then her mom started to go faster sliding the dildo in and out of my pussy I then squirted all over my gfs mom’s suit she pulled the dildos out of our pussys and I lay there holding on to my girlfriend we started to kiss but her mom got in between us we moved so that I was eating my gfs pussy she her mom’s and her mom eating mine we were all close when her dad came in and got covered in our cum the site of him made us all embarrassed but my girlfriend and her mom took the lead we walked up to him and started to take off his clothes. I hope u like this story this is only my second so pls be kind I’m not a girl but from other stories and real accounts from real women I’ve made it as close as I can get pls enjoy and have fun

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  • Reply like2watch1576 ID:45mkogc3k0d

    You have a dirty mind, And that’s a good thing. And though I’ve posted a number of stories here that are all based on true experiences I still liked yours. My wife is bi and I’ve seen her lots of times with other girls and it was hot as hell. If you or anyone else like to correspond and hear about some of our experiences such as MFM, MFMM, FFM, FFF, groups, wife swapping w/ cpls with bi wives, public sex, adult theaters & ABS with gloryholes, exhibitionism and more I love sharing as well as hearing what naughty things others have been doing or have fantasized about get in touch at: [email protected]

  • Reply Jake the 15yr old ID:5tz7a6yd4

    Hey pussy gaper I’ll think about they fetish oh and I loved your story personal sex edd if you’d like to contact me to talk or maybe brain storm about my next story wrote to me at [email protected] thx

    • The Pussy Gaper ID:fx7itchrd

      Don’t worry I’ll message you, if you want to read more than we have a bunch, most are from Yuri but she is a sweet heart. Otherwise thank you and please reply more here.

  • Reply Nick freaky daddy ID:5madji8j

    if u wanna horny ever…my snapname im_steve26

  • Reply The Pussy Gaper ID:vuf1mnqi

    I wonder if you three lesbians are interested with a fetish called pussy gaping?

  • Reply Anon ID:bkc6gcfxib

    Written by a lesbian called jake lmao

  • Reply Jake ID:5tz7a6yd4

    Hey I hope u like this story pls like and comment ? if u would like to get in touch with me u can text me at [email protected] thanks

  • Reply Dave ID:8ojjuckd9d

    Fake shit. Got it from a porn!

    • the 15yr old ID:5tz7a6yd4

      No I didn’t get it from porn and I never said it was real did I if u don’t like then I’m sorry but don’t give accusations that u can’t backup