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I really hate horses

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I get taken kidnapped while at the park.

Me and my friends used to play at the park every friday afternoon until it got dark. I live in a small neighborhood a few blocks away so I usually walked home from the park alone.

One day after I was done playing at the park I started walking home alone it was fall so it had gotten late quickly. After a few minutes of walking I heard footsteps behind me and stopped walking I looked behind me and saw a black man I got scared and ran off but he grabbed me and put something over my face and I passed out.

A few hours later I woke up in a barn and my head was pounding. I felt a weight on my lower body and realized that I wasn’t wearing any clothes. I panicked and looked to see a small girl, she was about three years younger than me so a 2nd grader. She was moaning and rubbing her pussy against mine and bouncing up and down. I tried to push her away and told her to stop but she didn’t and told me to shut up and called me a slut.

Once we both had orgasmed she moved and I watched her walk over to the black man I had seen earlier. I started crying as he walked over to me I knew he was going to rape me just like that girl did. I closed my eyes but nothing happened, that’s when I heard something clicking. I opened my eyes to see a horse. I was really confused as to what was happening because at the time I didn’t know anything about sex with animals.

The horse sniffed me and started get closer to me, that’s when I felt his giant cock graze my womanhood. I started crying again and begged them to stop. I told them I was a virgin and that I was just a child. They ignored me and I felt my body rip in half as the horse pushed itself inside of me all 13″ filling up my tiny 11 year old pussy. I screamed in pain as it’s cock pumped in and out of my tiny body. It felt like a fist was inside me.

Next the black man walked up to me and opened up my mouth sticking his big dick into my mouth and mouth fucking me hard. My throat was sore and I felt completely numb after a while as I was raped in both my mouth and pussy. That little girl came up and slapped me whenever I started slipping into unconsciousness. Soon the horse came inside of me and moved back. The man took his cock out of my mouth and started fucking my tiny virgin asshole. I almost passed out again from the pain. He soon released in me and told me to put my clothes back on.

I could barely walk so it hurt to get dressed. Once I got my clothes back on the man took me back to where he had kidnapped me from and I slowly limped my way back to my house. It’s sad what happened because horses used to be my favorite animal, now I really hate them.

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  • Reply Sandy ID:2bgosnwoic

    Poor little girl was not having a great time

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    Whether it is true or not I like it

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  • Reply Ben ID:bpcjnotv3

    I know it’s not your fault having a horse’s penis inside you had to hurt it’s not the horse’s fault either is the man’s fault I hope you find some help for you this has to be traumatizing for you.

    • Sebastien ID:5py2z533oid

      My dude I very much doubt this is a true story.