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Hyperactive niece (Part 3)

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This is the continuation story of my “Hyperactive niece” which she was about to turn 9 on Saturday, July the 10th and I had just turned 15 on April the 30th of that same year which was in 1976. For me, the 70’s were groovy and teen girls wore mini skirts or bell bottoms with gogo boots or platform shoes, yup, those were the days. I’ll be honest, my little niece wasn’t so innocent as she appeared because, for one, the first time she saw my cock she would have either run out of my room knowing it wasn’t right and could have even told my mom about the incident which I would’ve been in a heap of trouble but instead she stayed and wanted to see more. As you know by reading the previous stories she wanted to touch and more. Shoot, when I was her age I was just as curious with my anatomy as well as my sister, my niece’s mom, if you know what I mean. My niece’s birthday was on a Saturday so she spent the night Friday to get everything ready for her party. Saturday morning came and my niece ran into my room and jumps on me while I’m still under my cover and I’m sure she could feel my morning woody. She grabs my hardon through the cover and says, “uncle, I think I need to do what I did last weekend” and I told her that this wasn’t the time for that. She gives me a big hug and kisses me on the cheek and says, “I love you uncle” and I told her that I loved her too. She runs out of the room and I quickly get up and take a showe to get things ready for her party. My mom baked her a cake and my niece helped her decorate it. 3 o’clock came around and 5 of my nieces classmates showed up and they all had a great time in the pool. I cooked hotdogs on the pit and all her classmates enjoyed the food especially the cake. The party ended about 6:00pm and her classmates left so we started cleaning up and went into the house to relax a little. Mom went to bed early and my sister went out on a date with a friend while I stayed home with my niece ready to watch a movie in my room. We get into our night clothes, which consisted of panties and a tshirt for her and tshirt and boxers for me. We laid on our tummies watching Saturday night at the movies and as we got comfy I felt my niece grab my hand and place it under her tummy slowly moving it to her crotch area. I peeked my eyes to her face and she was focused on the tv so I just went with it. I felt her waist lift up slightly as she slipped my hand inside her panties and I knew what she wanted me to do so I slowly flipped my hand and with my middle finger I slowly slid it between her smooth bald pussy lips. I felt it to be slippery and without me or her saying a word to each other she, again, lifted her waist up so I could get better access. The only light that was on was the tv and I slowly moved my finger up and down her slit and after a few minutes she got wetter and wette and more sloppier. She was really getting turned on that she started bucking on my hand and, by now, inward getting so turned on that I felt the most raging hardon I’ve ever had. I whispered in her ear to roll over on her back and I quickly got on my knees besides the bed and between her legs. As I felt her panties, they were soaked with her own juices. She laid there with her eyes closed and I slowly pulled her soaked panties off and with just the light of the tv I could see her glistening puffy pussy lips. I gently got my trembling thumbs and opened her lips apart where I could see her pee hole and her swollen upper lips. I started to caress her with my index finger going up and down her slit and when I would hit the top of her swollen lips she would buck her hips just like earlier. The more I played with it the more she got sloppier and wetter. I wanted to see what it smelled like so I got my nose really close and I got the smell of a little pee but different so I decided to get a taste and I slowly slid my tongue from the bottom of her lips up to the top where they were puffy, when I did, she would again buck her hips. I slid my tongue for about 2 to 3 minutes and before I knew it she put her hands behind my head and gently pushed me into her. I knew that what I was doing to her made her feel really good so I continued pleasuring her that way every chance we had for the next few months and everytime she wanted more…..ahhhh, those were the good old days..
Will continue with part 4

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  • Reply Detail police ID:2wcg5n86id

    Please let part 4 be more detailed

  • Reply Cumgulper ID:h48n1dv9a

    Nice story. My great granddaughter was nine and was going to be 10 in about 3months when I awoke and found her lips wrapped around my dick.

    • The Pussy Gaper ID:fx7itbv9j

      How fucking old are you? Dude!

    • Dave ID:1dapuylv9k

      Cool you fuck her